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Full text of "1st and 2nd Annual Reports of the Board of Registration of Nurses (1910 and 1911)"

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Public Document No. 91 


Board of Registeation 
OF Nurses. 

For the Year ending Dec. 31, 1910.— 


18 Post Office Squabe. 

Public Document 

No. 91 


' Board o f Registration 
OF Nurses. 

Foe the Yeak exding Dec. 31, 1910. — 


18 Post Office Square. 

DhC 1918 


Approved by 
The State Board of Publication. 

<!>ommonrocaltl) of ittassacljusetts. 

Board of Registratiox of Nurses, 
State House, Boston, Dec. 31, 1910. 

To His Excellency Eben S. Draper. 

Sib : — In compliance with section 9 of chapter 449 of the 
Acts of 1910, the Board of Registration of Xurses submits the 
following report. Said chapter 449, quoted in full, provides 
as follows : — 

Section 1. A Board of Registration of Nurses is hereby established 
to consist of five members. One member shall be the secretai-y of the 
board of registration in medicine, ex officio; the other four members shall, 
within sixty days after the passage of this act, be appointed by the 
governor with the advice and consent of the council. Thi'ee members 
shall be nurses holding diplomas, each from a different training school 
for nurses giving at least a two yeai"^' coui-se in the theoiy and practice 
of nursing in a hospital, and they shall have had eight years' experience 
in nursing the sick. The fifth member shaU be a physician who is 
superintendent of a hospital having a training school for nurses. The 
foui' appointive members shall be appointed to serve as follows: one 
member for one year, one for two years, one for three years and one 
for four }-ears from the first day of October, nineteen hundi'ed and ten, 
and until their respective successors are appointed; and thereafter the 
governor, with the advice and consent of the council, shall annually, 
before the first day of October, appoint one person qualified as afore- 
said to hold office for four years from the first day of October next ensu- 
ing. Vacancies in said board shall be filled for the unexpii-ed term in 
the manner of the oiiginal appointment. Any member of the said 
board may be removed, for cause, by the governor with the advice and 
consent of the council. 

Section 2. The membei-s of said board shall meet at the office of 
the board of registration in medicine on the second Tuesday of October, 
nineteen hundred and ten, and annually hereafter, and shall immediately 
proceed to organize by electing a chairman who shall hold office for the 
term of one year. The secretary of the board of registration in medi- 
cine shall be secretary of the board of registration in nursing, and shall 
receive as compensation therefor such sums as may be fixed by the 
governor and council, to be paid from fees received hereunder. The 
said board shall hold three regular meetings in each year; one on the 




second Tuesday of January, one on the second Tuesday of April, and 
one on the second Tuesday of October at the ofl&ce of the board of regis- 
tration in medicine, and it may hold additional meetings at such times 
and places as it may determine. 

Section 3. It shall be the duty of said board, immediately upon its 
organization, to notify all persons engaged in the practice of nursing 
the sick in this commonwealth of the times, places and subjects of the 
examinations for registration, by publication in one or more newspapers 
in each county. Application for registi'ation shall be made upon blanks 
to be furnished by the board, and shall be signed and sworn to by the 
applicants. An applicant for registi-ation who shall furnish satisfactory 
proof that he or she is at least twenty-one years of age, and of good 
moral character shall, upon payment of a fee of five dollars, be exam- 
ined by the said board, and, if found to be qualified, shall be registered, 
with a right to use the title Registered Xurse, and shall receive a cer- 
tificate thereof from the board signed by the chainnan and secretary. 
An applicant who fails to pass an examination satisfactory to the board, 
and is therefore refused registration, shall be entitled, within one year 
after such refusal, to a re-examination at a meeting of the board called 
for the examination of applicants, without the payment of an additional 
fee. The said board may, after a hearing, by vote of a majority of its 
members, annul the registration and cancel the certificate of any nurse; 
and, without a hearing, may annul the registi'ariou and cancel the cer- 
tificate of a nurse who has been found guilty of a crime or misdemeanor. 
All fees received by the board shaU once a month be paid by its secretary 
into the treasury of the commonwealth. 

• Sectiox 4. Examinations shall be partly in writing in the English 
language and partly in practical work, and shall include the piinciples 
and methods of nursing. Due credit shall be given for examinations in 
special branches. 

Section 5. Any resident of this commonwealth who shall make appli- 
cation for registration within one year after the passage of this act, and 
who shall prove to the satisfaction of the board, by affidavit or other- 
wise, that he or she was actnally engaged for five years next prior to the 
date of application in nursing the sick in a competent manner or has 
had snch experience in a hospital or training school as, in the opinion 
of the board, woidd justify registration, shall be registered without 
examination on the payment of a fee of five dollars. 

Section 6. The board shall have power to register in like manner, 
without examination, any person who has been registered as a profes- 
sional nurse in another state under laws which in the opinion of the 
board maintain a standard substantially similar to that of this act. 

Section 7. Each member of the board, except the secretary, shall 
receive five dollars for every day actually spent in the performance of 
his or her duties: provided, however, that in no event shall the total 




sum paid to any member of said board exceed one hundred and fifty 
dollars in any one year, and the necessary travelling expenses actually 
incurred in attending the meetings of the board, not exc-eeding three 
cents a mile each way. The said compensation and travelling expenses 
and any incidental expyenses necessarily incurred by the board or any 
member thereof shall, if approved by the board, be paid from the treas- 
ury of the commonwealth, but only from the fees paid into the said 
treasury by the board. 

Sectiox 8. The board shall investigate aU complaints of violation of 
the provisions of this act, and report the same to the proper prosecuting 

Sectiox 9. The board shall keep a record of the names of all persons 
registered hereunder, and of all money received and disbursed by it, and 
a duplicate thereof shall be open to inspection in the office of the secre- 
tary of the commonwealth. Said board shall annually, on or before 
the first day of January, make a report to the governor of the c-ondition 
of professional nursing in this commonwealth, of aU its official acts 
during the preceding year, and of its receipts and disbursements. 

Section 10. Whoever, not being authorized to practise as a registered 
nurse within this conmionwealth, practises or attempts to practise as a 
registered nurse, or uses the abbreviation, K. X., or any other words, 
letters, or figures to indicate that the person using the same is such a 
registered nurse, shall for each offence be punished by a fine of not more 
than one himdred dollars. Whoever becomes registered or attempts to 
become registered, or whoever practises or attempts to practise, as a 
registered nurse under a false or assumed name, shall for each offence 
be punished by a fine of not less than one hundred nor more than five 
hundred dollars, or by imprisonment for three months, or by both such 
fine and imprisonment. 

Secttox 11. This act shall not apply to gratuitous nursing of the 
sick by friends or members of the family, or to the acts of any person 
nursing the sick for hire who does not asstmie to be a registered nurse. 

Sectiox 12. The board may make such rules and regtdations with 
reference to procedure hereimder as it may deem expedient, provided 
that the same are not inconsistent with this act or with any other law of 
the eommonwealth- 

Sectiox 13. For the purpose of the appointment of said board and 
of the registration of persons by it hereimder. this act shall take effect 
upon its passage, and it shall take fuU effect on the first day of October 
in the year nineteen hundred and ten. [Approved April 27 ^ 1910. 

The Board consists of four appointive members and the sec- 
retary of the Board of Kegistration in Medicine ex-officio. Sec- 
tion 2 of the said act provide? that the said secretary shall he 
the secretary of the Board of Kegistrarion of Xurses. 




Membership of the Board. 
Mary M. Riddle, R.N., of Newton, appointed for the term of four 

Lucia L. Jaquith, R.N., of Worcester, for the term of three years. 
Mary E. Shields, R.N., of Boston, for the term of two years. 
Charles A. Drew, M.D., of Worcester, for the term of one year. 
Edwin B. Harvey, M.D., secretary; address. State House, Boston. 

The Board met at the office of the Board of Registration in 
Medicine, Room 159, State House, on the second Tuesday in 
October, as required by law, and organized by the election of 
Mary M. Riddle, R.i^^., as chairman of the Board. 

Section 5 provides for the registration of two classes of 
nurses without a test examination of fitness to practise, — the 
untrained nurse, with five years of so-called actual experience, 
evidently being regarded by the law as an equal in professional 
ability and fitness for service in the sick room to the trained 
nurse, with three years of constant drill and experience in a 
general hospital. This classification, in the opinion of the 
Board, is very unjust, both to the trained nurse and to the pub- 
lic; nevertheless, such is the law given to the Board to admin- 

At the first meeting of the Board in October it was decided 
to limit registration to the provisions of section 5, until they 
should become inoperative, on April 27, 1911. No examina- 
tions, therefore, have been held, and will not be until the expira- 
tion allowed for the preliminary registration provided for in 
the said section. 

Since the organization of the Board in October, 630 applica- 
tions for registration have been received ; 592 have been ap- 
proved, 31 are still under consideration and 7 have been 

Certificates have been issued to the following : — 

Abbe, Grace Josephine. 
Adaras, Helen Louise. 
Adams, Marion Frances. 
Adams, Mary. 
Abler, Olga Emilie. 
Aitken, Helen Harper. 
Alger, Mary Louisa Warren. 
Allen, Bertha Winnifred. 

Allison, Elizabeth Louisa. 
Anderson, Grace Taft. 
Anderson, Janet. 
Anderson, Sophia. 
Ashby, Mary Edith. 
Asman, Louise. 
Atchison, Lottie Jane. 
Ayer, Lucy Ellen. 

1911.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 91. 

Babcock, Mary Ann. 

Bagley, Etta May. 

Bailey, Margaret Stuart. 

Baker, Barbara Hisman. 

Baker, Harriet Celia. 

Baker, Lulu Jane. 

Barber, Fidelia Edna. 

Barnes, Louisa. 

Barnes, Susan Martha. 

Barr, Anna Elizabeth. 

Barrett, Margaret Anna. 

Barrie, Annie Jane. 

Barry. Mary Alice. 

Batchelor, Bertha Gertrude. 

Baxter, Laura. 

Beach, Fannie Julia. 

Beals, Martha Alice. 

Beckwith, Alice Maud. 

Bedell, Alice Evelyn. 

Bell, Fannie Chandler. 

Belyea, Ella Augusta. 

Bemis, Anna Edith. 

Bennett, Blanche Irene. 

Bennett, Lettie Amenia. 

Berry, Daisy May. 

Berry, Jennie Saida. 

Bickerstaff, Agnes Lousic Bernard. 

Birks, Louise. 

Bixby, Helen Augusta. 

Blackman, Ellen Maria. 

Blanchard, Eva Cora. 

Bliss, Abbie Angeline. 

Bogren, Anna Karin. 

Bolger, Elizabeth "Winifred. 

Borrowdale, Lorenzo John. 

Bourne, Gertrude Weller. 

Briggs, Juliette Augusta. 

Brooks, Florence Mary. 

Brooks, Winifred Helen. 

Brouse, Bertha. 

Brown, Katherine Elizabeth. 

Browne, Alice Delphine. 

Brownlee, Jennet Ann. 

Bryant, Ella. 

Budlong, Floss Sarah. 

Bulmer, Maude. 

Bunker, Jessie Belle. 

Bunting, William. 

Burnham, Fannie. 

Butler, Rose Kate. 

Cahill, Hannah Maria. 
Callaghan, Alice Holman. 
Callahan, Hattie A. Dubois. 
Campbell, Anna Louise. 
Campbell, Lutie Fern. 
Campbell, Margaret Jane. 
Campbell, Margaret Josephine. 
Campbell, Marie. 
Campbell, Sarah. 
Cann, Harriet May. 
Carden, Amity Mabel. 

Carey, Elizabeth Ann Cecelia. 
Carey, Margaret Catherine. 
Carleton, Clara Blanche. 
Carmody, Mary Agnes. 
Carroll, Marj' Theresa. 
Cartwright, Jean Campbell. 
Cartwright, Margaret Elizabeth. 
Casey, Joanna Berchmans. 
Cass, Nellie Josephine. 
Catton, Jessie Elizabeth. 
Cavanagh, Margaret Teresa. 
Chittick, Rebecca. 
Christie, Annie. 
Church, Mary Cushman. 
Churchill, Helen Gertrude. 
Churchill, Mary Stevens. 
Churchill, Sarah. 
Clark, Aletta A. 
Clark, Margaret Mary. 
Clarke, Emily Florence. 
Clarke, Louisa. 
Cleland, Alice Caroline. 
Cleland, Rebecca Helen. 
Clement, Anna G. 
Cochrane, Fervilla May. 
Cochrane, Margaret. 
Cockburn, Frances "Webster. 
CoffiU, Ruble Ann. 
Colby, Florence. 
Cole, Mary L. 
Coleman, Helen Cecily. 
Connolly, Elizabeth Morgan. 
Connolly, Mary Elizabeth. 
Cook, Susie Rich. 
Cooney, Mary Josephine. 
Corrigan, Mary Anna. 
Cotton, Blanche Corene. 
Cowan, Mary Jameson. 
Coyle, Margaret. 
Cramer, Katherine "Winifred. 
Crawford, Sarah Adams. 
Creelman, Susanna. 
Cronin, Frances Celia. 
Cronin, Mary Agnes. 
Cronk, Bertha May. 
Crosby, Hannah. 
Crowell, Miriam Howes. 
Cullen, Anna Mary. 
Cummings, Cora Nellie. 
Currier, Delia May. 
Cushing, Georgia Langdon. 
Cutter, Susan Martine. 
Cyr, Laura Blanche. 

Daly, Eleanor Mary. 
Daniels, Nellie Lavinia. 
Dart, Agnes Clark. 
Dart, Esther. 
Davis, Bertha Maria. 
Davis, Carrie "Whitney. 
Davis, Edith Alberta. 
Davis, Louella. 




Devitt, Emma. 
Dewar, Adeline Christina. 
Dewey, Martha Jane. 
DeWitt, Mabel Hilton. 
Dick, Mary Ford. 
Dickinson, Martha Kellogg. 
Dodge, Florence Cecilia. 
Dodge, Lillie Edna. 
Dolan, Frances Agnes. 
Douglas, Allie Urilla. 
Douglass, Mary Arvilla. 
Douglass, Minnie Grant. 
Downes, Helen Bayly. 
Downey, Frances Jean. 
Doyle, Alice Mary. 
Drake, Lida McKenzie. 
Drake, Nellie Freeman. 
Drake, Ruth Eliza. 
Draper, Lillian Adeline. 
Duncan, Clara Catherine. 
Dunn, Minnie Frances. 
Durant, Mary Georgina. 
Duthie, Robina. 
Duval, Marie Antoinette. 
Dwyer, Anna Belle. 
Dwjer, Caroline M. 

Eddy, Relenza. 
Edwards, Minnie Almina. 
Eicke, Betty. 
Ellis, Alice May. 
Erskine, Satia. 

Fairbank, Elizabeth Clark. 
Faircloth, Mary EUenor. 
Farwell, Addie Eusebia. 
Faulkner, Myrtie Leo. 
Pay, Elizabeth Jane. 
Ferry, Edith Severance. 
Fitzpatrick, Nora. 
Flash, Alice Hill. 
Foss, Mary Eliza. 
Foster, Bessie Clyde. 
Foster, Celemna Edith Tower. 
Eraser, Minnie. 
Eraser, Sarah Olive. 
French, Susan Warren. 
French, Towneley Thorndike. 
Frye, Edith Violet. 
Frye, Ethel Vanessa. 

Galloupe, Carrie Allen. 
Galvin, Catherine Ellen. 
Gamwell, Helen Sears. 
Gates, Ellen Wooler. 
Gero, Jennie Tryon. 
Gibson, Anna Lemira. 
Goodwin, Frances Elizabeth. 
Gookin, Jane Winifred. 
Gookin, Katherine. 
Gordon, Josephine Maxwell. 
Graham, Elizabeth Severn. 

Grainger, Elizabeth. 
Grant, Anna Edith. 
Gray, Marian Eloise. 
Green, Emma Etta. 
Green, Marion Emogene. 
Griffin, Clara May. 
Griffin, Ellen Veronica. 
Griffin, Margaret. 
Gutberlet, Louise Henrietta. 

Haggerty, Martha Anna. 
Hall, Carrie May. 
Hall, Pansy Burt. 
Hamilton, Elizabeth Wiley. 
Handley, Sarah Etta. 
Hanington, Janet Abercromby. 
Hannum, Bertha Wilson. 
Hardy, Lydia Maria. 
Hare, Catherine Margaret. 
Harnish, Effie Melvina. 
Harper, Eleanor Calhoun. 
Harrington, Eva Maria. 
Harris, Anne Theresa. 
Harris, Ellen Elizabeth. 
Harrison, Jean Augusta. 
Harvey, Flora. 
Haskell, Annabel. 
Hatch, Lida May. 
Hathaway, Christena Sutherland. 
Hawkinson, Nellie Xenia. 
Hayes, Amelia Irving. 
Hayes, Minnie. 

Hayward, Maud McLanathan. 
Hazelton, Alice May. 
Hearsey, Alice Gates. 
Henders, Ethel May. 
Hewitt, Elizabeth Nancy. 
Hewlett, Louisa Ann. 
Hickey, Mary Agnes McCarthy. 
Hicks, Anna McKay. 
Higgins, Josephine Larrabee. 
Hill, Aurora. 
Hilton, Annie Jane. 
Hinkley, Josephine S. 
Hirtle, Clara Jane. 
Hoag, Elizabeth. 
Hodgdon, Nellie Chapin. 
Hogle, Alma Catherine. 
Hogle, Elizabeth Casson. 
Hoisington, Mary Caroline. 
Holmberg, Anna Louise. 
Holmes, Gertrude. 
Holmes, Katharine Wheeler. 
Holmes, Rosella Spencer. 
Hooper, Mabel. 
Hossack, Annie May. 
Howson, Mary Madeline. 
Hughes, Eleanor Miller. 
Hull, Annie Georgina. 
Hunt, Elizabeth Ann. 
Hunt, Helen A. 
Huntley, Elsie Marie. 

1911,] PUBLIC 

DOCUMENT — No. 91. 

Hutson, Frances Alice. 
Hyde, Frances. 

Ibbetson, Emma. 
Irving, Annie Edna. 
Irwin, Eliza Blanche. 

Jaquith, Lucia Lavinia. 
Jarvis, Annie Morgan. 
Jeffrey, Jane. 
Jewell, Helen Agnes. 
Johansen, Ingeborg Christine. 
Johnson, Augusta Elizabeth. 
Johnson, Henrietta D. 
Johnson, Susan Bard. 
Jones, Alice. 
Jones, Belle. 
Jones, Fannie Alice. 
Joyce, Mary Elizabeth. 

Kelley, Katherine Evelyn. 
Kelly, Anna Allison. 
Kelly, Josephine. 
Kelly, Margaret Anna. 
Kelsey, Freda Farrar. 
Kenney, Katharine Anna. 
Kienle, Rosa. 
Kier, Marie Sophia. 
Kilduff, Mary Elizabeth. 
King, Flora Katherine. 
King, Mary Anna. 
Kjernan, Wahlborg Cecilia. 
Knight, Florence Olive. 
Kuhn, Anna Mary. 

LaBrie, Annie. 
Laidlaw, Cora Annette. 
Lantz, Mary Anne. 
Lausmann, Alvena Frances. 
Leach, Julia May. 
Lee, Lillian Viola. 
Leedham, Alice L. 
Libby, Marjie Burbank. 
Linehan, Mary Agnes. 
Lockwood, Cora Augusta. 
Loomer, Ella Leantine. 
Lovell, Grace Gertrude. 
Luce, Martha. 
Ludwig, Charles Edward. 
Lundwall, Annette Louise. 
Lupien, Clara Eliza. 
Lyman, Stella Luella. 

McBrien, Rose. 
McCarthy, Elizabeth. 
McCarthy, Margaret Josephine. 
McCloskey. Margaret Mary. 
McCrae, .Annabella. 
McCumber, Mabel S. 
McDonald, Annie Gertrude. 
McDonald, Flora Finlayson. 
McEachern, Laura Eugenia. 

McHugh, Ellen. 
McKay, Mina Aileen. 
McKenzie, Mary Ellen. 
McKillop, Flora. 
McLaughlin, Clare Mary. 
McLelland, Maud. 
McMackin, Rachel Agatha. 
McMahon, Frances. 
McMahon, Mary Alice. 
McMillan, Myrtle M. 
McXeil, Ida Ann. 
Macdonald, Amanda Elizabeth. 
Macdonald, Elsie. 
MacKen2iie, Christine Mary. 
MacKenzie, Martha. 
MacKinnon, Almira Etta. 
Maclauchlin, Zillah. 
Macleod, Georgina Agnes. 
MacNaughton, Nellie Maude. 
MacRae, Christena. 
Magruder, Frank Gilmore. 
Mahony, Helena Teresa. 
Maltby, Annie Lassey. 
Manague, Marion Plaisted. 
Manning, Caroline R. 
Marcy, Mary Matilda. 
Marion, Jennie. 
Marriner, Jessie Luella. 
Martin, Maria Gertrude. 
Masterson, Margaret A. 
Mattice, Brenda Florence. 
Maynard, Angeline Bigelow. 
Mayo, Elsie Putnam. 
Meates, Edith Louise. 
Meek, Martha Whilemina. 
Meikle, Jessie Willena. 
Merriam, Emma. 
Milne, Daisy Ettawanda. 
Mitchell, Annie Maria. 
Mitchell, Emily Louise. 
Moody, Ida Charlotte. 
Mooney, Cora Diana. 
Mooney, Mary Elizabeth. 
Mooney, Susan Sibelia. 
Moore, Belle Frances. 
Moore, Mabel Maude. 
Moore, Mary Eva. 
Morris, Harriet Lee. 
Morris, Lilian Hope. 
Moses, Elizabeth Lucelia. 
Mowry, Julia. 
Mumford, Louise Alice. 
Murley, Emily Blanche. 
Murphy, Mary Annette. 
Murphy, Stella May. 
Murray, Helen Catherine. 
Murray, Mary Isabel. 
Murtha, Grace. 
Myers, Maude Elizabeth, 

Nichol, Nellie Myrtle. 
Nichols, Emma Maria. 




Nicholson, MaiT Harriet. 
Neal, Mattie Jane. 
Newcomb, Gertrude Sophia. 
Newton, Lulu Italia. 
Noyes, Ursula Clark. 
Nugent, Grace. 

O'Brien, Mary Ellen White. 
O'Connor, Josephine Margaret. 
O'Loughlin, Annie Augusta. 
O'Mahony, Jane Theresa. 
O'Neill, Mary Adelaide. 

Paige, Minnie Roselle. 

Parke, Adelaide Augusta. 

Parker, Jane Elizabeth. 

Parker, Mabelle Wilson. 

Parmenter, Alice Howe. 

Parsons, Kate. 

Parsons, Sara Elizabeth. 

Partridge, Nellie Grace. 

Paton, Mary Steele. 

Patterson, Charlotte Anna. 

Patterson, Emma Melissa. 

Pearson, Eureka Christina. 

Pearson, Helen Foster. 

Peck, Clara Bartlett, 

Peck, Helen Chesley. 

Peckham, Minerva Anna. 

Peirce, Mary Elta. 

Perley, Lizzie Hartt. 

Perry, Martha Genevieve. 

Phelps, Grace Appleton. 

Phillips, Mary Martin. 

Pickett, Sarah Harriett. 

Pierce, Margaret Wright. 

Pine, Emily. 

Pingree, Winnifred. 

Polley, Ida Belle. 

Potter, Lucy Jeannette. 

Prudham, Margaret Frances Gertrude. 

Quistt, Anna Pauline. 

Radford, Annie Edith. 

Rafuse, Ada May. 

Rainsford, Eleanor Francis Hilton. 

Rainville, Anna Osila. 

Rand, Lucy Harriet. 

Rand, Sarah Elizabeth. 

Ray, Annie Lee. 

Raynes, Annie. 

Reader, Mary Anne. 

Redfern, Helen Louise. 

Reichert, Lillian. 

Rice, Gertrude Gene. 

Richardson, Minnie. 

Riddle, Mary Margaret. 

Riley, Anna Amelia Palfrejonan. 

Riley, Jane Frances. 

Rines, Gertrude Mae. 

Riordan, Mary Louise. 

Roach, Albert James. 
Roach, Sophia Ruth. 
Robbins, Mary Amelia. 
Robert, Malvina. 
Robertson, Margaret Grace. 
Robertson, Mary Ann. 
Robinson, Harriette. 
Robinson, Harriot Louise. 
Rogers, Agnes Josephine. 
Romkey, Ascenath Rebecca. 
Rooney, Mary Teresa. 
Ross, Effie Flora. 
Ross, Elizabeth. 
Ross, Elizabeth. 
Ross, Elizabeth Anne. 
Ross, May Emily. 
Rothrock, Anna Ely. 
Ruder, Sidonia Amelia. 
Ruefli, Elise. 
Ruggles, Alice Kimball. 
Russell, Alice Emery. 
Russell, Emma Frances. 
Russell, Jane Allan, 
Ryan, Hannah Agnes. 
Ryan, Katherine Agnes, 
Ryan, Margaret Elizabeth. 

Sackett, Helen Hicks. 
Safford, Edith M. 
Saunders, Cora Fitzgerald. 
Savage, Eulalie Augusta. 
Scanlan, Belinda. 
Scarlett, Mary. 
Scott, Catharine Mary. 
Sears, Maude Elizabeth. 
Shannon, Ethel Maud. 
Shattuck, Gertrude Anna. 
Shaw, Gertrude Christine. 
Shea, Jennie Ella. 
Shears, Winifred Mary. 
Sheehan, Margaret Mary, 
Sheffield, Rosa Marie. 
Shekleton, Mary Jane. 
Shepard, Katherine Mary. 
Shepherd, Ella Elizabeth Bascom. 
Shields, Mary Elizabeth. 
Sibley, Caroline Root. 
Sister Amy Margaret, S. S. M. 
Sister Caroline Margaret. 
Sister Mary Coletta. 
Sister Mary Florence. 
Sister Raphael. 

Sister Susanna Margaret, S, S. M. 

Sister Veronica. 

Small, Ina May. 

Smith, Bertha Genevieve. 

Smith, Edna Beatrice. 

Smith, Elsie Frances. 

Smith, Emma Margaret, 

Smith, Harriet Alice. 

Smith, Ida Cutler. 

Smith, Juletta. 

1911.] PUBLIC 

DOCUMENT — No. 91. 

Smith, Julia Agnes. 
Smith, Mabel Florence. 
Smith, Mary Lucy. 
Smith, Sadie Lillian. 
Smithers, Yesta Belle. 
Spear, Mabel Georgia. 
Speirs, Ellen Calvert. 
Speirs, Jennie Hamilton. 
Spelman, Lillian Margaret. 
Spencer, Cynthia Anna. 
Spragg, Minnie. 
Springer, Lydia Jean. 
Stainforth, Maria. 
Starkey, Emily Jane. 
Stebbins, Lila Esther. 
Steinhaur, Effie Rocelia. 
Steinway, Annie Elizabeth. 
Sterling, Elizabeth. 
Stevens, Winifred Leslie. 
Stevenson, Katharine Irving. 
Stewart, Annie Barclay. 
Stewart, Elizabeth. 
Stewart, Mabel Croffit. 
Stoddard, Alma Davidson. 
Stone, Janet Elizabeth. 
Stothart, Margaret EUen. 
Strawser, John Harrison. 
Strong, Annie Belle. 
Strong, Isabel Lawrence. 
Strong, Minnie Elizabeth. 
Sullivan, Alice Louise. 
Sullivan, Bessie Adelia. 
Sweeney, Nora Jennings. 
Synan, Nellie Theresa. 

Taft, Grace Eleanor. 
Tanski, Auguste. 
Taylor, Sarah Lavinia. 
Thayer, Blanche M. 
Theobald, Alice May. 
Thrasher, Sibbel Plympton. 
Thurlow, Josephine Estelle. 
Tidy, Annie Freeman. 
Tierney, Josephine Frances. 
Tisdale, Elizabeth Jane. 
Titcomb, Lois Ada. 
Todd, Effie May. 
Tompkins, Jemima Williamson. 
Tompkins, Lena Bertella. 
Tourtillotte, Elizabeth Vivian. 
Tourtillotte, Gertrude Evelyn. 

Troxell, Hattie Idora. 
Turnbull, Ethel Bloomfield. 
Tuttle, Lucy Johnson. 

Underwood, Gertrude Andell. 
Urquhart, Jennetta. 
Usher, Margaret Woods. 

VanCor, Nellie Jane. 
Vickers, Charlotte Teresa. 

Wallace, Lena Marion. 
Warren, Esther. 
Warren, Florence Bertha. 
Warren, Louella Ashton. 
Watts, Mabel Louise. 
Webster, Maud Isabel. 
Weir, Margaret Gilfillan. 
Wells, Amy Helena. 
Whitcomb, Fred Lincoln. 
White, Ann Elizabeth. 
White, Annie Frances. 
White, Elizabeth Radburn. 
White, Kate. 
White, Martha. 
Whiteside, Elizabeth. 
Whiteside, Martha. 
Whiting, Elizabeth Guildford. 
Whitmore, Mary Lilly. 
Whiton, Laura Ernestine. 
Wiggin, Maude Laura. 
Williams, Hattie Eliza. 
Williams, Lucy Ann. 
Williams, Sarah Jennie. 
Willis, Katherine Mary. 
Wills, Frances. 
Wink, Georgina Leslie. 
Win slow, Louise Burdett. 
Wolff, Minna. 
Wood, Mary Edith. 
Woodbury, Annie M. 
Woodworth, Nellie Edith. 
Wooldridge, Ella Jean. 
Worthing, Mabel Jessie. 
Wright, Margaret Jessie. 
Wyatt, Donna Rosetta. 

Yancey, Ellen Condie. 
Young, Addie Mabelle. 

Zwicker, Alice Olivia. 



Financial Statement. 

Salaries of the Board, $175 00 

Incidental exj^enses of the Board, . . . . 35 30 

Advertising, 41 61 

Engrossing certificate's, 52 20 

Postage, 70 00 

Office supplies, printing and material, . . . 157 54 

$831 65 


592 registi-ation fees received and paid into the treasury of 

the Commonwealth. $2,960 00 

Respectfully submitted, 

MARY M. RIDDLE, Chairman. 
EDWIN B. HARVEY. Secretary. 

Public Document No. 91 



Board of Registration 
OF Nurses. 

For the Year ending Dec. 31, 1911. 


18 Post Office Squaee. 

i.up. 13 

Public Document 

No. 91 



Board of R egistration 

OF Nttrkes. 

For the Year ending Dec. 31, 1911. 


18 Post Office Square. 


DEC 31 1918 


Approved by 
The State Board of Publication. 

(c>l4. ?.4/^5 

<3:i)e Commontocoltli of ittassochusetta. 

Board of Registration of Nurses, 
State House, Boston, Dec. 31, 1911. 

To His Excellency Eugene N. Foss. 

Sir: — In compliance with section 9 of chapter 449 of the Acts 
of 1910, the Board of Registration of Nurses respectfully submits 
the following as its annual report for the year ending Dec. 31, 

The said chapter, quoted in full, reads as follows: — 

Section 1. A Board of Registration of Nurses is hereby established 
to consist of five members. One member shall be the secretary of the 
board of registration in medicine, ex officio; the other four members shall, 
within sixty days after the passage of this act, be appointed by the gov- 
ernor with the advice and consent of the council. Three members shall be 
nurses holding diplomas, each from a different training school for nurses 
giving at least a two years' course in the theory and practice of nursing 
in a hospital, and they shall have had eight years' experience in nursing 
the sick. The fifth member shall be a physician who is superintendent 
of a hospital having a training school for nurses. The four appointive 
members shall be appointed to serve as follows: one member for one 
year, one for two years, one for three years and one for four years from the 
first day of October, nineteen hundred and ten, and until their respective 
successors are appointed; and thereafter the governor, with the advice 
and consent of the council, shall annually, before the first day of October, 
appoint one person qualified as aforesaid to hold office for four years from 
the first day of October next ensuing. Vacancies in said board shall be 
filled for the unexpired term in the manner of the original appointment. 
Any member of the said board may be removed, for cause, by the governor 
with the advice and consent of the council. 

Section 2. The members of said board shall meet at the office of 
the board of registration in medicine on the second Tuesday of October, 
nineteen hundred and ten, and annually hereafter, and shall immediately 
proceed to organize by electing a chairman who shall hold office for the 
term of one year. The secretary of the board of registration in medi- 
cine shall be secretary of the board of registration in nursing, and shall 
receive as compensation therefor such sums as may be fixed by the gov- 
ernor and council, to be paid from fees received hereunder. The said board 




shall hold three regular meetings in each 3'ear; one on the second Tuesday 
of January', one on the second Tuesdaj' of April, and one on the second 
Tuesday of October at the office of the board of registration in medicine, 
and it may hold additional meetings at such times and places as it may 

Section 3. It shall be the duty of said board, immediately upon its 
organization, to notify all persons engaged in the practice of nursing 
the sick in this commonwealth of the times, places and subjects of the 
examinations for registration, hy publication in one or more newspapers 
in each county. Application for registration shall be made upon blanks 
to be furnished by the board, and shall be signed and sworn to by the 
applicants. An applicant for registration who shall furnish satisfactory 
proof that he or she is at least twenty-one j^ears of age, and of good moral 
character shall, upon pajTiient of a fee of five dollars, be examined hy the 
said board, and, if found to be qualified, shall be registered, with a right 
to use the title Registered Xurse, and shall receive a certificate thereof 
from the board signed b}' the chairman and secretar3\ An applicant who 
fails to pass an examination satisfactory to the board, and is therefore 
refused registration, shaU be entitled, within one year after such refusal, 
to a re-examination at a meeting of the board called for the examination 
of applicants, without the pajTnent of an additional fee. The said board 
may, after a hearing, by vote of a majoritj^ of its members, annul the 
registration and cancel the certificate of any nurse; and, without a hear- 
ing, may annul the registration and cancel the certificate of a nurse who 
has been found guilty of a crime or misdemeanor. All fees received by 
the board shall once a month be paid by its secretary" into the treasury of 
the conmionwealth. 

Sectiox 4. Examinations shaU be partly in writing in the English 
language and partly in practical work, and shall include the principles 
and methods of nursing. Due credit shall be given for examinations in 
special branches. 

Section 5. Any resident of this commonwealth who shall make appli- 
cation for registration within one year after the passage of this act, and 
who shaU prove to the satisfaction of the board, by affidavit or other- 
wise, that he or she was actually engaged for five years next prior to the 
date of application in nursing the sick in a competent manner or has 
had such experience in a hospital or training school as, in the opinion 
of the board, would justify registration, shall be registered without exami- 
nation on the pajTnent of a fee of five dollars. 

Section 6. The board shall have power to register in like manner, 
without examination, any person who has been registered as a profes- 
sional nurse in another state under laws which in the opinion of the board 
maintain a standard substantially similar to that of this act. 

Section 7. Each member of the board, except the secretarj^, shall 
receive five dollars for every day actually spent in the performance of 
his or her duties: provided, however, that in no event shall the total sum 

1912.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 91. 


paid to any member of said board exceed one hundred and fifty dollars 
in any one year, and the necessary travelling expenses actually incurred 
in attending the meetings of the board, not exceeding three cents a mile 
each way. The said compensation and travelling expenses and any in- 
cidental expenses necessarily incurred by the board or any member thereof 
shall, if approved by the board, be paid from the treasury of the common- 
wealth, but only from the fees paid into the said treasury by the board. 

Section 8. The board shall investigate all complaints of violation of 
the provisions of this act, and report the same to the proper prosecuting 

Section 9. The board shall keep a record of the names of all persons 
registered hereunder, and of all money received and disbursed by it, and 
a duplicate thereof shall be open to inspection in the office of the secre- 
tary of the commonwealth. Said board shall annually, on or before 
the first day of January, make a report to the governor of the condition 
of professional nursing in this commonwealth, of all its official acts during 
the preceding year, and of its receipts and disbursements. 

Section 10. Whoever, not being authorized to practise as a registered 
nurse within this commonwealth, practises or attempts to practise as a 
registered nurse, or uses the abbreviation, R. N., or any other words, 
letters, or figures to indicate that the person using the same is such a 
registered nurse, shall for each offence be punished by a fine of not more 
than one hundred dollars. Whoever becomes registered or attempts to 
become registered, or whoever practises or attempts to practise, as a 
registered nurse under a false or assumed name, shall for each offence 
be punished by a fine of not less than one hundred nor more than five 
hundred dollars, or by imprisonment for three months, or by both such 
fine and imprisonment. 

Section 11. This act shall not apply to gratuitous nursing of the 
sick by friends or members of the family, or to the acts of any person 
nursing the sick for hire who does not assume to be a registered nurse. 

Section 12. The board may make such rules and regulations with 
reference to procedure hereunder as it may deem expedient, provided 
that the same are not inconsistent with this act or with any other law of 
the commonwealth. 

Section 13. For the purpose of the appointment of said board and 
of the registration of persons by it hereunder, this act shall take effect 
upon its passage, and it shall take full effect on the first day of October 
in the year nineteen hundred and ten. [Approved April 27, 1910. 

The Board consists of four appointive members and the secre- 
tary of the Board of Registration in Medicine, ex oflScio, as pro- 
vided in section 1 of the act. 



Membership of the Board. 

Mary M. Riddle, R.N., superintendent, Newton Hospital, Newton. 
Lucia L. Jaquith, R.N., superintendent, Memorial Hospital, Worces- 

Mary E. Shields, R.N., superintendent. Shields' Hospital, Boston. 
Charles A. Drew, M.D., superintendent. City Hospital, Worcester. 
Edwin B. Harvey, M.D., secretary, address. State House, Boston. 

The registration act was approved by His Excellency April 27, 
1910. Section 13 provided that the act should take effect upon 
its passage, for the purpose of the appointment of the Board and 
for the registration of persons under it, and that it should take 
full effect on the first day of October foUomng; but by a provision 
in section 2 the members of the Board were required to meet on 
the second Tuesday in October, two weeks later, for organization. 
The only way out of the dilemma caused by such conflicting pro- 
visions in the law was to regard strictly the time fixed in section 
2 for organization. It was therefore near the close of the year 
before the Board could meet for organization, preliminary to 
entering upon its duties as outlined in the law. Consequently, 
only comparatively few applications for registration could be 
considered before the opening of this year. 

The law requires that the Board shall annually, on or before 
the first day of January, make a report to the Governor of the 
Commonwealth of its official acts during the preceding year, includ- 
ing a statement of receipts and disbursements. But inasmuch as 
so little had been accomplished, and so few registrations granted, 
before the beginning of this year now^ closing, it is deemed wise 
to include in this report a summary of the doings, receipts and 
expenditures of the Board from the date of its organization, late 
in the year 1910. 

The number of persons registered to date is •5,304. Of this . 
number, 5,208 were registered under the provisions of section 5 
of the registration act. This section, which became inoperative 
last April, one year after the passage of the act, provided for the 
registration of two classes of nurses without requiring any exam- 
ination test whatever as to their fitness to care for the sick. 'One 
class included applicants who had been engaged in nursing as an 




occupation during the five years next prior to the date of applica- 
tion; the other class included applicants who had "had such 
experience in a hospital or training school as in the opinion of the 
board would justify registration." This classification the Board 
regards as very unjust, both to the trained nurse and to the pub- 
lic. A knowledge of nursing acquired solely by an experience of 
five years in intermittent caring for the sick cannot in any instance 
be justly regarded as an equivalent of three, or even two, years 
of constant preparation in a hospital training school. 

Of the number, 5,208, registered as provided in section 5, with- 
out an examination, 588 belong to the five-year class. The names 
of persons registered in each class are arranged alphabetically and 
printed in this report as classified. 

Since registration without an examination, under section 5, 
ceased last April, the Board has held but one examination, for 
which 106 applications w^ere filed. One hundred and two of the 
applicants took the examination, of whom 96 passed successfully, 
and received certificates of registration; 6 submitted unsatisfac- 
tory papers and were refused registration; 4 were absent, their 
names being on the delinquent list. 

The Board will hold at least three examinations in each year, 
one in January, one in April and one in October. Nurses desiring 
to take an examination must file their applications not later than 
five days before the examination date. An appHcation blank will 
be mailed to any address on request. 

Nurses who have secured registration through an examination 
in another State, and who locate in this State to engage in pro- 
fessional nursing, can apply for registration under section 6, which 
provides that the Board " shall have power to register, . . . with- 
out examination, any person who has been registered as a pro- 
fessional nurse in another state." This Board, however, strongly 
recommends such persons to apply for registration in this State 
under section 3, and take the required examination. A registra- 
tion secured in this manner receives the highest commendation. 




Financial Statement. 


Amount of fees paid into the treasur^^ of the 
Commonwealth received from nurses, 5,208, 
registered under section 5, .... $26,OiO 00 

Amount of fees paid into the treasury' received 
from 106 appUcants for registration by exami- 
nation, 530 00 

S26,570 00 


Amount expended for salaries, incidental expenses of the 
Board, advertising, postage, printing and material, and 
other office supplies, 4,661 46 

Balance in treasury standing to the credit of the Board, . 821,908 54 

The following classified lists of names, alphabetically arranged, 
comprise the total registration of nm^ses to date: — 

Names of Graduate Nurses registered withoui an Examination, as provided 
in Section 5 of the Registration Act. 

Abbe, Grace Josephine. 

Alexander, Margaret May. 

Abbott, Elizabeth Garland. 

Alger, Mary Louisa Warren. 

Abbott, Josephine. 

Allan, Anna Mahoney. 

Abbott, Lucy Ballard. 

Allan, Edith Marion. 

Achenbach, "Wilhelmina. 

Allan, Georgina. 

Adams, Alice Mae. 

Allan, Walterina McDay Colguham. 

Adams, Anna Marie. 

Allard, May Lo%'ica. 

Adams, Eva Gertrude. 

Allardice, IsabeU. 

Adams, Helen Eliza. 

Allen, Alena Agusta. 

Adams, Lucy Diana. 

Allen, Bertha Winnifred. 

Adams, Marion Frances. 

Allen, Elbridge. 

Adams, Margaret. 

Allen, Elizabeth Robinson. 

Adams, Marj-. 

Allen, Ella Maude. 

Adams, May Gene\'iere. 

Allen, Ellen Maria. 

Adams, Ruth. 

Allen, Gertrude Henderson. 

Ahem, Catherine Martha. 

Allen, Grace Norwood. 

Ahler, Olga Emilie. 

Allen, Lenore. 

Aikman, Agnes Emily. 

Allen, Marj-. 

Aitken, Ida Cora. 

Allen, Susan C. 

Aitken, Lena Mildred. 

AllejTie, Florence Bouverie. 

Akeroyd, Clarinda Beatrice. 

Altham, Marj- Janet. 

Albee, Geraldine Baker. 

Alvaney, Margaret Vincentia. 

Alber, Dorothea. 

Amann, Elizabeth Kentzel. 

Albro, Mabel Howland. 

Ambrose, Katharine Elizabeth. 

Aldred, Laura Esther. 

Ambrose, Margaret Josephine. 

Aldrich, Lillian Rogers. 

Ambrose, Nora. 

Alexander, Emma Catherine. 

Amirault, Mary Emily. 



Ancoin, Mary Elizabeth. 
Anderson, Anna Katharine Dorethea. 
Anderson, Jennie Nichol. 
Anderson, Elizabeth Sophia. 
Anderson, Florence Edith. 
Anderson, Georgina. 
Anderson, Grace Leanora. 
Anderson, Grace Taft. 
Anderson, Hedvig Sofia. 
Anderson, Janet. 
Anderson, Jessie Drillio. 
Anderson, Margaret Ann. 
Anderson, Margaret Isabella. 
Anderson, Sarah Ellen. 
Anderson, Sophia. 
Andrews, Grace Muriel. 
Andrews, Jennie Prudence. 
Andrews, Mary Isabel. 
Angus, Alice Viola. 
Angus, Florence Mabel. 
Angus, Roberta Jean. 
Annes, Lottie. 
Annis, Mary Louise. 
Anslow, Grace Elizabeth. 
Appleby, Estella. 
Applebee, Hattie Arabella. 
Archibald, Mabel Sarah. 
Ardrey, Luella Marble. 
Arey, Lisa Treat. 
' Annitage, Mabel Agnes. 
Armitstead, Florence Ada Louisa 

Armstrong, Clare Maud. 
Armstrong, Emma Gertrude. 
Armstrong, Grace Elva. 
Armstrong, Mae. 
Armstrong, Marguerite. 
Armstrong, Mary Ethel. 
Armstrong, Rose Custer. 
Ashley, Mary Edith. 
Ashley, Maria Louisa. 
Ashley, Mildred. 
Asman, Louise. 
Atchison, Lottie Jane. 
Atherton, Herbert Ellis. 
Atkinson, Margaret May. 
Austin, Bertha Buist. 
Austin, Lenah Belle. 
Austin, Minerva Irene. 
Avard, Martha Jane. 
Avery, Florence Efford. 
Ayer, Lucy Ellen. 
Aylward, Elizabeth Winnifred. 

Babcock, Edith Ann. 
Babcock, Ethel Louise. 
Babcock, Harold Snow. 

Babcock, Lena Abbie. 
Bacon, Mary Grace. 
Bacon, Minnie Isabel. 
Bagley, Etta May. 
Bailey, Elvina Knight. 
Bailey, Irene Blanche. 
Bailey, Margaret Adelaide. 
Bailey, Margaret Stuart. 
Baillie, Catherine Grant. 
Bain, Bessie Parker. 
Baird, Barbara Eleanor. 
Baird, Mary Henrietta. 
Baker, Barbara Hismen. 
Baker, Bertha Lydia. 
Baker, Bertha May. 
Baker, Clara Morton. 
Baker, Cartlandt Edwin. 
Baker, Evelyn Lillian. 
Baker, Gertrude Eleanor. 
Baker, Harriet Celia. 
Baker, Hattie Emeline. 
Baker, Lulu Jane. 
Baker, Sarah James. 
Baker, Zillah. 
Balboni, Lillian Dobie. 
Balch, Adela May. 
Baldwin, Bessie Eliza. 
Baldwin, Edith Catherine. 
Baldwin, Emily Lucia. 
Baldwin, Jessie Priscilla. 
Baldwin, Mary Ethel. 
Ball, Mary Alice. 
Ballantyne, Elizabeth Roy. 
Bamford, Annie. 
Bannerman, Margaret Ann. 
Barber, Fidelia Edna. 
Barbour, Edith Mary. 
Barbrick, Laura Helen. 
Barker, Jane Audrey. 
Barker, Mabelle Crawford. 
Barker, Mary. 
Barlow, Frances Roberta. 
Barnaby, Marietta D. 
Barnes, Abbie May. 
Barnes, Bessie Lee. 
Barnes, Charlotte Hart. 
Barnes, Clara Alberta. 
Barnes, Jennie Forster. 
Barnes, Louisa. 
Barnes, Sadie Cornelia. 
Barnes, Susan Martha. 
Barney, Ida Frances. 
Barnum, EUena Lucilda. 
Barr, Anna Elizabeth. 
Barr, Mary Elizabeth. 
Barrett, Alice Eurilla. 
Barrett, Anna Vernica. 




Barrett, Elizabeth Rosa. 

Barrett, Lena Edna. 

Barrett, Margaret Anna. 

Barrett, Mary Agnes. 

Barrie, Annie Jane. 

Barrie, Gertrude Ethel Haggerty. 

Barry, Anastasia. 

Barry, Beatrice Euphemia. 

Barry, Florence Josephine. 

Barry, Mary Alice. 

Barry, Mary Jane Theresa. 

Barry, Sarah. 

Bartlett, Flora Eunice. 

Bartlett, Florence Lovey. 

Barton, Anna Marie. 

Barton, Charlotte Grace. 

Bascome, Grace. 

Bassett, Cora Adella. 

Bassett, Lovie Gertrude. 

Batchelder, Nellie Isabel. 

Batchelder, Sara Louise. 

Bates, Annie Tyler. 

Bates, Julia Gladys Burleigh. 

Bates, Mary Alice. 

Batson, Bessie Wilson. 

Baurle, Marie. 

Bawden, Mary. 

Baxter, Edith Blanche. 

Baxter, Laura. 

Baxter, Shirley. 

Beach, Fanny Julia. 

Beacham, Myra L. 

Beals, Martha Alice. 

Bean, Harriet Elizabeth. 

Beane, Edith May. 

Bearse, Helen Maria. 

Beaton, Josephine Veronica. 

Beattie, Catherine. 

Beattie, Grace Brow. 

Beatty, Sarah. 

Beckwith, Alice Maud. 

Beckwith, Annie Olivia. 

Bedell, Alice Evelyn. 

Bee, Margaret Ann. 

Beeby, Charles Benjamin. 

Beers, Gertrude Viola. 

Beers, Mary Josephine. 

Behr, Agatha Estelle. 

Belden, Carrie Josephine Bardwell. 

Bell, Annie Georgeana. 

Bell, Isle Delia. 

Bell, Fannie Chandler. 

Bell, Jennie Maud. 

Bell, Margaret Frances. 

Belyea, Ella Augusta. 

Belyea, Florence Matilda. 

Belyea, Margaret Selina. 

Bemis, Anna Edith. 

Bemis, Carrie Bidwell. 

Benedict, Oliverie. 

Benham, Minnie Rhuhama. 

Benjamin, Ethel Corinne. 

Bennett, Amelia Snow Coombe. 

Bennett, Edith Frances. 

Bennett, Delia Agnes. 

Bennett, Flora Myrtle. 

Bennett, Lettie Arrinia. 

Bennett, Louise Anna. 

Bennett, Olive Gordon. 

Bennette, Alice Foster. 

Bennington, Maude. 

Benson, Bertha Mabel. 

Benson, Caroline Lucy Woodward. 

Benson, Eliza Helen Green. 

Bent, Leona Althea. 

Berce, Alice Carey. 

Bergstrand, Carin Sophia. 

Bergstrand, Hanna. 

Bernard, Mabel Rachel. 

Berry, Daisy May. 

Berry, Edith Gertrude. 

Berry, Elizabeth Catherine. 

Berry, Emma Louise. 

Berry, Jennie Saida. 

Berton, Lucy Winslow. 

Bethel, Ada Bertha. 

Bethell, Louisa Stuart, 

Betteridge, Maud May. 

Bettis, Grace Helen. 

Betts, Adeliza Amelia. 

Betts, Margaret Jane. 

Bevan, Mary, 

Beveridge, Pauline Raymond. 
Beyette, Annie Louise. 
Biddle, Mary Jennie, 
Biebesheimer, Maxine Eleanore, 
Bigelow, Helen Almy. 
Billings, Bernice Winifred. 
Billings, Ella Gardner. 
Binkley, Mineita Ethel. 
Binns, Ellen Ann, 
Bird, Emma Maud. 
Bird, Josephine Theresa, 
Birge, Amy Ella. 
Birks, Louise. 

Birmingham, Mary Frances. 
Birrell, Mary Macintosh, 
Bishop, Bessie Judd. 
Bishop, Bertha May. 
Bishop, Helen Maud. 
Bittar, Thoria Essa, 
Bixby, Helen Augusta, 
Black, Bessie Alma. 
Black, Elizabeth Morgan. 



Black, Nellie Wright. 
Black, Rebecca Rice. 
Blades, Edith May. 
Blair, Anna Laura. 
Blair, Annie Johnston. 
Blair, Austin Wilmot. 
Blair, Cora Annah. 
Blair, Evangeline Ellen. 
Blair, Jennie Grace. 
Blair, Lillian. 
Blair, Sarah. 

Blake, Bertha Euphemia. 

Blake, Helen Clara. 

Blanchard, Efl&e Frances. 

Blanterner, Josephine MacDonald. 

Bliss, Abbie Angeline. 

Blois, Hettie Mabel. 

Blond, Leantha Louisa. 

Blood, Rebecca Frances. 

Blossom, Allen Davis. 

Boa, Mary Helena. 

Bock, Freda Ottilie. 

Bodman, Fannie Dearden. 

Bogren, Anna Karin. 

Boland, Agnes Belle. 

Boles, Elizabeth Jane. 

Bolger, Elizabeth Winifred. 

Bolles, Charlotte Eva. 

Bollivar, Marie Agnes. 

Bolt, Anna Louise West. 

Bond, Amelia Maud. 

Bond, Anna. 

Bond, Anna Bella. 

Bonneau, Marie Alma. 

Bonney, Emma Wright. 

Booker, Anne Maria. 

Booker, Mary Elizabeth. 

Boole, Marie H. 

Booth, Elizabeth Emma. 

Borden, Annie Savage. 

Borden, Cora Robena Simpson. 

Borden, Caroline. 

Borg, Eda Axelina. 

Borrowdale, Lorenzo John. 

Bosnahan, Nora Anna. 

Boswall, Emily Oatvray. 

Bouley, Cora Deloraise. 

Bourdelais, Sarah. 

Bourne, Gertrude Weller. 

Bousfield, Mary Eleanor. 

Boutwell, Sarah Kimball. 

Bowen, Elizabeth Ann. 

Bowen, Mary Ellen. 

Bowen, Sara Alice. 

Bowers, Anne Frances. 

Bowie, Lizzie Maude. 

Bowlby, Sophie Kathleen. 

Bowman, Sara Elizabeth. 
Bowman, Winthrop Hight Mortier. 
Bowness, Rhoda Alice. 
Boyce, Carrie Hubbard. 
Boyd, Jennie. 
Boyd, Mary. 
Boyd, Sarah. 
Boyd, Sarah L. 
Boylan, Marg^et. 
Boyle, Florence Gertrude. 
BojTiton, Georgianna Gertrude. 
Boynton, Mary Abby. 
Brackett, Eva Stewart. 
Brackett, Hazel May. 
Brackett, Lilla Winifred. 
Braddock, Lenna May. 
Braddy, Kathryn Henry. 
Bradford, Eliza Burleigh. 
Bradley, Evelyn Agnes. 
Bradley, Margaret Mary. 
Bradley, Mary Elizabeth. 
Brady, May Ellen. 
Brainerd, Rose Louisa. 
Braley, Alice Almira. 
Branch, Jessie May. 
Brandon, Louise Engel. 
Branscombe, Mary Etta. 
Breed, Jennie Andrews. 
Bremmer, Maud Isabel. 
Brennan, Emily Lorraine. 
Brennan, Florence Abby. 
Brennan, Katharine Agnes. 
Brennan, Margaret Mathews. 
Brennan, Mary Ellen. 
Brennan, Minnie Gertrude. 
Brennan, Pansey Julia. 
Breslin, Margaret Mary. 
Bresnshan, Helen Agnes. 
Brett, Ellen Teresa. 
Bridges, Minnie Henrietta Pope. 
Bridgman, Mary Ellen. 
Brierly, Margaretta Ellen. 
Briggs, Catherine Gladden. 
Briggs, Charlotte Ella Arnold. 
Briggs, Juliette Augusta. 
Briggs, Lilla Stebbins. 
Brigham, Ella Wilson. 
Brigham, Florence Sarah. 
Brinton, Charlotte Alexandria. 
Brittan, Helen Frances. 
Brock, Mary Ellen. 
Brogan, Mary Anne. 
Brooks, Ella Jameson. 
Brooks, Ethel Grant. 
Brooks, Florence Mary. 
Brooks, Helen Mabel. 
Brooks, Winifred Helen. 



Broomhall, Kate. 
Brouse, Bertha. 
Brow, Adeline Ardelia. 
Brown, Abbie Ella. 
Brown, Annie. 
Brown, Annie. 
Brown, Annie Ethel. 
Brown, Carolyn Abbott. 
,Brown, Christina. 
Brown, Edith May. 
Brown, Georgina Ramsden. 
Brown, Gertrude Locke. 
Brown, Jennie Reed. 
Brown, Jessie. 
Brown, Jessie. 
Brown, Jessie Leora. 
Brown, Katherine Elizabeth. 
Brown, Lilla Maud. 
Borwn, Louise May. 
Brown, Lucia Annette. 
Brown, Lucie Margaret. 
Brown, Maria Bond. 
Brown, Mary Dorothy. 
Brown, Mary Kelley. 
Brown, Mattie Williams. 
Brown, Pearl Vera. 
Browne, Alice Delphine. 
Browne, Pearl Elmina. 
Browning, Charlotte Esther. 
Brownlee, Jennett Ann. 
Bruce, Isabel Watson. 
Bruce, Jessie. 
Bruce, Jessie Grubble. 
Bruce, Mary. 
Bryant, Ella. 

Bryant, Fannie Elizabeth. 
Bryson, Maud Hazel. 
Bubier, Harriet Atherton. 
Buchanan, Delia Martha. 
Buchanan, Rebecca Mary. 
Buckley, Bernadetta Katherine. 
Buckley, Mary Frances. 
Budlong, Floss Sarah. 
Buehr, Pauline Josephine. 
Buerfeind, Meta. 
Buist, Jessie Matilda. 
Bullerwell, Etta May. 
Bulmer, Maude. 
Bulyea, Nellie Marshall. 
Bunker, Jessie Belle. 
Burbine, Vesta. 
Burdick, Effie Helen Sadler. 
Burgar, Donna Gertrude. 
Burgess, Annie. 
Burgess, Mary Alma. 
Burke, Alice Margaret. 
Burke, Ella Frances. 

Burke, Helen Louise. 
Burke, Ida Margaret. 
Burke, Mary Eleanor. 
Burke, Mary Ellen. 
Burkett, Edith Louise. 
Burkhardt, Marie Louise. 
Burnham, Fannie. 
Burnham, Mary Ella. 
Burns, Alice Blanche. 
Burns, Annie Threase. 
Burns, Caroline Frances. 
Burns, Emma Isabelle. 
Burns, Mabel Louise. 
Burns, Mary Ellen. 
Burnside, Fanny Gertrude. 
Burnside, Frances. 
Burpee, Jennie Frederica. 
Burpee, Minnie Emma. 
Burrell, Caroline Cayford. 
Burris, Mary. 
Burton, Annie Maria. 
Burton, Ethel. 
Burton, Edith Jane. 
Burton, James. 
Bushnell, Nellie Merriam. 
Bustard, Annie Mabel. 
Butler, Alice. 
Butler, Helen Margaret. 
Butler, Jessie Clare. 
Butler, Mary Vincent. 
Butler, Rose Kate. 
Butterfield, Caroline Louise. 
Butterfield, Gertrude May. 
Butterfield, Margaret Fulton. 
Butterfield, Nancy Abigail. 
Butterick, Ellen Christine. 
Buttinger, Helen Elizabeth. 
Buxton, Eunice Rebecca. 
BuzzeU, Florence Etta. 
Byrd, Lillian Allison. 
Byrne, Josephine L. 

Cadman, Georgie Olevia. 
Cahalan, Katherine Frances. 
Cahill, Catherine Agnes Theresa. 
Cahill, Hannah Maria. 
Cahill, Mary Ann. 
Cahoon, Sara Maria McCarty. 
Cail, Hilda. 
Cain, Hester Jacob. 
Cain, Margaret Mary. 
Cainns, Helen Winifred. 
Cairns, Margaret Georgina. 
Caldwell, Annie Adella. 
Caldwell, Florence Mildred. 
Caldwell, Helen Mae. 
Caldwell, Katherine Edith. 

1912.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 91. 

Caldwell, Louisa Archible. 
Caldwell, Mary. 
Callaghan, Julia T. 
Callaghan, Margaret. 
Callaghan, Mary Agnes. 
Callaghan, Mary Elizabeth. 
Callahan, Hannah Marie. 
Callahan, Hattie A. Dubois. 
Callahan, Idora Belle. 
Callahan, Sadie EJSie. 
Callahan, Sarah Francis. 
Callahan, Mary. 
Cameron, Ada Jean. 
Cameron, Annie Sophia. 
Cameron, Jean Kerr. 
Cameron, Jessie Percy. 
Cameron, Loretto Josephine. 
Cameron, Rebecca Gotabed. 
Cameron, Ruble Lester. 
Camp, Adelaide May, 
Campbell, Anna Louise. 
Campbell, Christine Stuart. 
Campbell, Clara Marie. 
Campbell, Cornelia Cain. 
Campbell, Elizabeth Bryans. 
Campbell, Ella Maude. 
Campbell, Elspeth Sutherland. 
Campbell, Florence Ethel. 
Campbell, Janette Frances. 
Campbell, Jean. 
Campbell, Katherine. 
Campbell, Lillian. 
Campbell, Lutie Fern. 
Campbell, Margaret Evelyn. 
Campbell, Margaret Jane. 
Campbell, Margaret Josephine. 
Campbell, Marie. 
Campbell, Martha Skinner. 
Campbell, Mary Florence. 
Campbell, Mary Sarah. 
Campbell, May. 
Campbell, Minnie. 
CampbeU, Minnie Lavina. 
Campbell, Sarah. 
Campbell, Susan. 
Canarie, Mary Elizabeth. 
Canavan, Agnes Cecilia. 
Canfield, Laura Adelaide. 
Cann, Clara May. 
Cann, Harriet May. 
Cann, Jessie May. 
Cant, Effie Margaret. 
Capron, Alice Bessie. 
Card, Carrie Delia. 
Card, Edna Alice, 
Cardall, Alice EUen. 
Garden, Amity Mabel. 

Carey, Agnes Irene. 
Carey, Bridget Augusta. 
Carey, Elizabeth Ann Cecelia. 
Carey, Margaret Catherine. 
Carey, Mary Ellen. 
Carlander, Elsa Wilhelmina. 
Carleton, Catharine Foxcroft. 
Carleton, Clara Blanche. 
Carlisle, Annie Cecilia. 
Carlstrom, Dorothea Allida. 
Carmody, Mary Agnes. 
Carnes, Minnie Emma. 
Carney, Anne Agnes. 
Carney, Katharine Anna. 
Carnochan, Annie Mabel. 
Carpenter, Edith May. 
Carpenter, Elva Beatrice. 
Carpenter, Eva Marjorie. 
Carr, Eleanor Anne Cochrane. 
Carr, Helen Frances. 
Carr, Theresa Margaret. 
Carroll, Julia Agnes. 
Carroll, Lucy Agnes. 
Carroll, Mary Theresea. 
Carroll, Nellie. 
CarroU, Rose. 

Carruthers, Dorothy Ethelinda. 
Carson, Helen Dorothy. 
Carstensen, Annie Catherine. 
Carter, Alice Maud Stevens. 
Carter, Alice North. 
Carter, Dorothy Norine. 
Carter, Elizabeth Florence Buck. 
Carter, Ida Loretta. 
Carter, Katherine. 
Carter, Mabelle Agnes. 
Carter, Mary Agnes. 
Carter, Omie Eleanor. 
Carter, Sarah Harriet. 
Cartwright, Jean Campbell, 
Cartwright, Margaret Elizabeth. 
Carvell, Bertha, 
Carver, Mary Luella, 
Casey, Amy Beatrice, 
Casey, Helen Agnes. 
Casey, Joanna Berchmans. 
Casey, Katherine Veronica. 
Casey, Sadie Amelia Eraser. 
Casey, Sarah Ellen. 
Cass, Mabelle Pfersick. 
Cass, Nellie Josephine. 
Cassidy, Anna Louise. 
Cassidy, Mary. 
Cassidy, Mary Ann. 
Casraneri, Therese. 
Cate, Bertha May. 
Cater, Elsie Esther. 


Catton, Jessie Elizabeth. 
Cavalier, F. Evelyn. 
Cavanagh, Margaret Teresa. 
Cawthorne, Bessie Allison. 
Chace, Anjenette. 
Chadwick, Helen Kate. 
Chaffee, Mabel Delight. 
Chamberlain, Annie Church. 
Chamberlain, Clara Elizabeth. 
Chamberlin, Ermina Luella. 
Chambers, Grace Isdale. 
Chambers, Mabel Rose. 
Chandler, Ralph Eugene. 
Chapin, Stella Elizabeth. 
Chapman, Agnes Hilliard. 
Chapman, Alice Mary. 
Chapman, Amelia Hatfield. 
Chapman, Etta Skull. 
Chapman, George Everett. 
Chapman, Helen Spencer. 
Chapman, Marian Loretta. 
Charlton, Jessie May. 
Charlton, Sarah Mae. 
Chase, Ada Bryant. 
Chase, Alice Gertrude. 
Chase, Edwina Magna. 
Chase, Ethel Mabel. 
Chase, Mabel Burleigh. 
Chase, Mabel Louise. 
Chase, Theodora. 
Chayter, Mary Ella. 
Cheever, Marguerite Osborn. 
Cheney, Adelia Belle. 
Cheney, Alice Maude. 
Chew, Isabella. 
Child s, Carolyn Helfenstein. 
Chipman, Grace Elizabeth. 
Chipman, Isabel Tupper. 
Chippendale, Mary Eleanor. 
Chisholm, Ida May. 
Chisholm, Margaret Ellen. 
Chrisholm, Margaret Jennie. 
Chittick, Rebecca. 
Christie, Annie. 
Christie, Jessie. 
Church, Edith Blanche. 
Church, Mary Cushman. 
Churchill, Helen Gertrude. 
Churchill, Lydia Frances. 
Churchill, Mary Stevens. 
Churchill, Sarah. 
Chute, Eugenie Josephine, 
Claire, Helen May. 
Clancy, Catherine Genevieve. 
Clancy, Mary Helena. 
Clapp, Hannah Fidelia. 
Clark, Aletta A. 

Clark, Caroline Gover. 
Clark, Dora Mildred. 
Clark, Edith Maria. 
Clark, F. Blanche. 
Clark, Mabel Frances. 
Clark, Marian Preston. 
Clark, Mary Ella. 
Clark, Mary Josephine. 
Clark, Myrtie. 
Clarke, Alice Maud. 
Clarke, Anne. 
Clarke, Annie Louise. 
Clarke, Caroline May. 
Clarke, Emily Florence. 
Clarke, Helen Gertrude Altimas. 
Clarke, Helen Katherine. 
Clarke, Jessie Ainslie. 
Clarke, Louisa. 
Clarke, Mary Ellen. 
Clarke, Ruth Caroline. 
Cleay, Anna M. 
Cleary, Jane Frances. 
Cleary, Mary Frances. 
Cleland, Alice Caroline. 
Cleland, Rebecca Helen. 
Clem, Effie May. 
Clement, Anna G. 
Clement, Fannie Fletcher. 
Clements, Eva Beatrice. 
Clements, Katharine Salome. 
Clements, Lydia Florence. 
Clements, Margaret Mary. 
Cleveland, Florence M. 
Cleveland, Grace Arvilla. 
Cline, Alice Wallace. 
Coakley, Eleanor Edith. 
Coakley, Johanna Agnes. 
Cobb, Alice May. 
Coburn, Mary Belle. 
Coburn, Maud Charlotte. 
Cochey, Mary Ann. 
Cochran, Lillie Loud. 
Cochrane, Alice May. 
Cochrane, Anna Margaret. 
Cochrane, Fervilla May. 
Cochrane, Florence Eva. 
Cochrane, Margaret. 
Cochrane, Mary Josephine. 
Cockburn, Frances Webster. 
Coderre, Annie Mae. 
Cody, Helen Genevieve. 
Cody, Mary Agatha. 
Coe, Alice Blair. 
Coffey, Mary Gertrude. 
Coffin, Rubie Ann. 
Coffin, Fannie Austin. 
Coffin, Rachel Bliss. 



Cogswell, Jennie Mabel. 
Colburn, Beatrice Emily. 
Colburn, Daisy Louise. 
Colburn, Edith Lillian. 
Colby, Florence. 
Colby, Grace Ethelwyn. 
Colby, Julia Anna. 
Cole, Isa Nina. 
Cole, LilKan Townsend. 
Cole, Mary Louise. 
Coleman, Catherine Frances. 
Coleman, Helen Cecily. 
Coleman, Laura Elizabeth. 
Coleman, Louise MacPherson. 
Coleman, Margaret May. 
Colleary, Gertrude. 
Colleary, Mary Frances. 
Collier, Caroline Elizabeth. 
Collingwood, Mary Ella. 
Collins, Anna Theressa. 
Collins, Arabelle. 
Collins, Bertha Etwina. 
Collins, Coral Grace. 
Collins, Ellen Agatha. 
Collins, Louise True. 
Collins, Maria Antonio. 
Collins, Martha. 
Collins, Mary. 
Collins, Mary Estelle. 
Colson, Martha Elizabeth- 
Colson, Mathilda Berhardina. 
Colton, Clara Edna. 
Comper, Anastasia Mary. 
Comstock, Grace Hannum. 
Condon, Margaret Mary. 
Connearney, Annie Gertrude. 
Connelly, Agnes Teresa. 
Conners, Bertha Violet. 
Conners, Ethel Blanche. 
Connolly, Elizabeth Morgan. 
Connolly, Margaret Anna. 
Connolly, Margaret Jane. 
Connolly, Mary Elizabeth. 
Connolly, Mary Gertrude. 
Connor, Anna Agnes. 
Cormor, Charlotte Mary. 
Connor, Frances Gertrude. 
Connor, Minnie Louise. 
Connor, Nora Margaret. 
Connors, Claudine Ellen. 
Connors, Mary EHzabeth. 
Connors, Mary Elizabeth. 
Connors, Nellie Agnes. 
Conrad, Laura Almira. 
Conrad, Roxie Mabel. 
Conroy, Helena Josephine. 
Conroy, Margaret Theresa. 

Conroy, Mary Cecelia. 
Converse, Julia Elizabeth. 
Conway, Elizabeth. 
Cook, Christena Madeline. 
Cook, Jennie Adams. 
Cook, Kate Winchester. 
Cook, Marion. 
Cook, Martha Reed. 
Cook, Susie Rich. 
Cooke, Florence Susan. 
Cooke, Frances Pearson. 
Cooke, Mary Anna. 
Coolidge, Annie Olive. 
Coolidge, EveljTi Lincoln. 
Coombs, Edna Caroline. 
Coombs, Georgiana Saltonstall. 
Coombs, Harriet Orilla. 
Coonahan, Mary. 
Coonej^ Mary Josephine. 
Copp, Edith Theresa. 
Copp, Grace Helen. 
Copp, Mae Isabella. 
Copp, Minnie Ada. 
Corbet, Adeline. 
Corbett, Lottie Estella. 
Corbett, Mabel Gertrude. 
Corbett, Margaret Lettia. 
Corcoran, Margaret Constance. 
Corey, Alida Mary. 
Corey, Elizabeth Hydom. 
Corkery, Maude Beatrice. 
Corkum, Cordelia Agnes. 
Corrigan, Mary Anna. 
Corson, Cora Ella. 
Cortee, Ella Zolette. 
Cosgrove, Ann Grace. 
Cosma, Elvira Augusta. 
Cosman, Cora Belle. 
Cossaboom, Helen Vale. 
Cossey, Grace Madolin. 
Costello, Margaret Theresa. 
Cote, Rosa. 
Cotter, Ethel Maud. 
Cotter, Margaret Regis. 
Cotton, Blanche Corene. 
Coughlin, Margaret A. 
Coull, Margaret Aimie. 
Courtice, Elsie Mabel. 
Courtney, Julia Gertrude. 
Courtney, Katherine. 
Courtney, Susan Harriett. 
Courtney, Susie Marie. 
Cousins, Edith Lucretia. 
Cowan, Bertha Jane. 
Cowan, Mary Jameson. 
Cowie, Emily Marion. 
Cowles, Katharine Hooker. 


Cox, Edith Isabel. 
Cox, Eva Laiira. 
Cox, Eva May. 
Cox, NelHe. 
Coy, Annie Frances. 
Coyle, Margaret. 
Coyle, Margaret Elizabeth. 
Coyne, Margaret Louise Claire. 
Cragg, Annie. 
Craig, Annie Mae. 
Craig, Bessie Mae. 
Cramer, Katherine Winifred. 
Cramond, Marjorie Edith. 
Crandall, Elizabeth May. 
Crane, Zilpha Maria. 
Craven, Blanche May. 
Crawford Eliza May. 
Crawford, Maud Millar. 
Crawford, Sarah Adams. 
Crawshaw, Blanch Isabel. 
Creaser, Edith Jane. 
Creech, Ethel Mary. 
Creed, Mary Elizabeth. 
Creeden, Anna Gertrude. 
Creelman, Bertha Pearl. 
Creelman, Margaret Frances. 
Creelman, Mary Ethel. 
Creelman, Susanna. 
Creighton, Jennie. 
Cribb, Sarah M. 
Crocker, Mertie Edna. 
Crockett, Eva Estelle. 
Crockett, Irene Sejonour. 
Croken, Virginia Camilla. 
Crompton, Margaret E. 
Cronin, Anna Edna. 
Cronin, Frances Celia. 
Cronin, Margaret Helena. 
Cronin, Mary Agnes. 
Cronin, Mary Agnes. 
Cronk, Bertha May. 
Cronkite, Mary J. 
Crosby, Floris Eugenia. 
Crosby, Frances Ethel. 
Crosby, Grace Greenwood. 
Crosby, Hannah. 
Crosby, Louise Winch. 
Crosier, Lula Sarah. 
Crosman, Arie Edna. 
Cross, Edith Albertha. 
Crosse, Celia McRay. 
Crowe, Edith Maud. 
Crowe, Marion Gertrude. 
Crowe, Mary, 
Crowell, Annie Charlotte. 
CroweU, Marion Howes. 
Crowell, Ruth Alice. 

Crowley, Ellen Agnes. 
Crowley, Joanna Augusta. 
Crowley, Margaret Ellen. 
Crowley, Mary Agnes. 
Crowley, Mary Ann Agnes. 
Crowther, Mary Ann. 
Cruikshank, Elizabeth Porter. 
Cudine, Mary Margaret. 
Cullen, Anna Mary, 
Ciillen, Katharine Agnes, 
Cullen, Margaret Ellen. 
Cullen, Mary Lauretta, 
Cullen, Teresa. 
Cullinane, Helen Frances. 
Gulp, Mary Harriet. 
Cummings, Marion Elizabeth. 
Cummings, Cora Nellie. 
Cummings, Sarah Florence. 
Cunningham, Annie Bridget. 
Cunningham, Agnes. 
Cunningham, Catharine Isabella. 
Cunningham, Emma Gertrude. 
Cunningham, Emma Maud. 
Cunningham, Mary Ellen. 
Cunningham, Marie Elizabeth. 
Cupolo, Isabel Carmel. 
Curley, Gertrude Veronica. 
Curley, Lauretta, Alicia. 
Curley, Margaret Catherine. 
Curley, Mary Anne. 
Curran, Elizabeth Jane. 
Curran, Htlen Teresa. 
Curren, Margaret Marie Josephine, 
Currie, Mary Catharine, 
Currier, Delia May. 
Curtin, Mary Honora. 
Curtis, Mary Alice. 
Curtis, Olive Almira, 
Gushing, Alwida Blanche. 
Gushing, Delia Rich. 
Gushing, Georgia Langdon. 
Gushing, Grace Whittier. 
Cushman, Alice Carrie Shurtleff. 
Cutler, Susan Martine. 
Cyr, Laura Blanche. 
Cyr, Mattie Rosanna Bourdelais. 

Dacey, Catherine. 

Dacey, Philomena Marie. 

Dadmun, Henrietta Tileston Watson. 

Dahl, Martha Lillian. 

Dahlman, Jennie Teare. 

Dailey, Elizabeth Colbert. 

Dailey, Elizabth Gertrude. 

Daily, Frances Chaffee. 

Daley, Florence Cecelia. 

Daley, Margaret Anne. 



Daley, Mary Ann. 
Dalton, Alice M. 
Dalton, Alice Madeline. 
Dalton, Helen Beatrice. 
Dalton, Mary Elizabeth. 
Daly, Edward Gladstone. 
Daly, Eleanor Marj-. 
Daly, Helena Madaleine. 
Daly, Julia Etta. 
Daly, Katherine Helena. 
Daly, Mary Cecelia. 
DalzeU, Edith Colter. 
Dalzell, Fannie Sarah. 
Dana, Charlotte Warren. 
Danehy, Helena Tasmond. 
Danforth, Ruth Slay ton. 
Daniel, Margaret Mary. 
Daniels, Gertrude Frances. 
Daniels, Mary Grace. 
Daniels, Nellie Lavinia. 
Danielson, Esther Therese. 
Darling, Mary Hubbard. 
Darmond, Alice Kimball. 
Dart, Agnes Clark. 
Dart, Christie. 
Dart, Esther. 

Dashwood, Florence May. 
Davenport, Myrtle Lorraine. 
Da^■idson, Gertrude Jane. 
Da\'idson, Grace Elizabeth. 
Da\'idson, Jean Beck. 
Davies, Jessie. 
Da\'is, Bertha Maria. 
Davis, Carrie Whitney. 
Davis, Catherine. 
Davis, Clara Lavenia. 
Davis, Edith Alberta. 
Davis, Ethel Belle. 
Da\ds, Eugenia Evangeline. 
Davis, Louella. 
Da\-is, Lucy Watson. 
Da^-is, Mabel Rodman. 
Da\-is, Marjorie Merrian. 
Da\-is, yiary Elizabeth Purdy. 
Da\-is, Maude Haskett. 
Davy, Jane Minerva. 
Dean, AHce Ward. 
Dean, Bertha Louise. 
Deane, Marj- Sedgewick. 
Deans, Hattie Luthera. 
Dearborn, Lurana Alice. 
Deary, Lina Minnie. 
Decker, Ruth Merlene. 
Deeg, Margaret Katherine. 
Deegan, Annie Beatrice. 
Delamere, Harriet Isabelle. 
DeLand, Edith Edna. 

Delaney, Anna Mabel. 
DeLaney, Gertrude. 
Delano, Estelle Forrest. 
Delano, Helen Louise. 
Demmings, Winifred Estella. 
Dempsey, Mary Catherine. 
Dempsey, Marj- Elizabeth. 
DeRusha, Lena Emma. 
Despins, Aurelia Agnes. 
Detour, Agnes Gertrude. 
Devaney, Bridget Agnes. 
Devannj-, Anne Mary. 
Devany, Marj-. 
DeVeber, Beatrice. 
DeVenne, Annie White. 
Define, Dolly. 
De^-ine, Elizabeth CjTilla. 
De\-ine, Minnie E. 
De\'itt, Emma. 
Devlin, Eleanor Travers. 
DeVoe, Gertrude. 
DeVoe, Marian. 
Dewar, Adeline Christina. 
Dewar, Charlotte. 
Dewar, Christine. 
Dewar, Effie Mcintosh. 
Dewar, Emma Sara. 
Dewar, Flora Ellsworth. 
Dewar, Mabel Elizabeth. 
Dewhurst, Tirzah May. 
DeWitt, Ethyl Gibbon. 
DeWitt, Mabel Hilton. 
DeWolf , Catharine Williams. 
DeWolf, Claudia Elizabeth. 
Dexter, Azubah Cannon. 
Diaz, Margaret Jean. 
Dibblee, Marion Beatrice. 
Dick, Barbara Victoria. 
Dick, Marj' Ford. 
Dickenson, Minna Belle. 
Dickert, Paul Carl. 
Dickinson, Annie Louise. 
Dickinson, Lottie Louise. 
Dickinson, Mabel Hattie. 
Dickinson, Marion Houghton. 
Dickinson, Martha Kellogg. 
Dickinson, May Bliss. 
Dickinson, Sara Helen. 
Didham, Marj- Anna. 
DiUett, Annie. 
Dillon, Anna Marilda. 
Dillon, Helen Jane. 
DUlon, Rachel Rosetta. 
Dillon, Teresa Beatrice. 
Dilworth, Elizabeth Catherine. 
Dimock, Lillian AdeHa. 
Dinsmore, Bertha. 




Dix, Jennie Rose. 
Dobbie, Lilian Faith. 
Dobson, Mary Jane. 
Dodd, Margaret Lea. 
Dodds, Marion Scott. 
Dodge, Ellen M. 
Dodge, Florence Cecilia. 
Dodge, Lena Mary. 
Dodge, Lillie Edna. 
Dodge, Minerva Troop. 
Doggett, Elizabeth DeWolf. 
Doherty, Anne Elizabeth. 
Doherty, Beatrice Elizabeth. 
Doherty, Ethel May. 
Doherty, Mary Martin. 
Dohney, Josephine. 
Dolan, Delia Aloysius. 
Dolan, Frances Agnes. 
Dolan, Katherine Frances. 
Dole, Sarah Goldsmith. 
Donahoe, Ellen Theresa. 
Donahoe, Mary. 
Donahoe, Mary EKzabeth. 
Donahue, Margaret Rose Buckley. 
Donaldson, Jane. 
Doncaster, Maude Elizabeth. 
Donica, Adelle E. 
Donle\'y, Elsie Carlisle. 

Donley, Helen Frances. 

Donlon, Mary Ellen. 

Donnell, Jennie Thorne. 

Donnelly, Katharine Teresa Paten. 

Donnelly, Mary. 

Donnelly, Mina. 

Donohoe, Mary Agnes. 

Donovan, Ellen. 

Donovan, Josephine Margaret. 

Donovan, Katherine. 

Donovan, Margaret Anna. 

Donovan, Mary Frances. 

Donovan, Mary Frances. 

Donovan, Mary Helena. 

Dooe, Elizabeth HHl. 

Dooe, Jane Ethel. 

Dooley, Josephine Leahey. 

Doore, Edith Evelyn. 

Doore, Sara Minerva. 

Dootson, Bertha Selina. 

Dorey, Edith Elizabeth. 

Dorey, Lottie Olive. 

Dorsey, Elizabeth Cecelia. 

Dorsey, Helena. 

Dorsey, Mary Elizabeth. 

Doucette, Anna Mary. 

Doucette, Madeline Alice. 

Douglas, Ada Carolyn. 

Douglas, Agnes Henderson Isabel. 

Douglas, Alice Gertrude Ray. 
Douglas, Allie Urilla. 
Douglas, Harriet Kerr. 
Douglas, Lena May. 
Douglas, Mary Agnes. 
Douglas, Mary Arvilla. 
Douglas, Mary Lina. 
Douglas, Zella King. 
Dow, Lilly May. 
Dow, Margaret Forsythe. 
Dowd, Ellen Elizabeth. 
Dowd, Jennie Frances. 
Dowd, Margaret. 
Dowden, Imilda Leona. 
Dowling, Cathryn Berchmans. 
Dowling, Daisy Irving. 
Dowling, Mary Teresa. 
Dowling, 011a Gertrude. 
Downer, Adeline. 
Downes, Helen Bayly. 
Downing, Helen Veronica. 
Downs, Sarah Emma. 
Doyle, Alice Mary. 
Doyle, Catherine Marie. 

Doyle, Hannah Agnes. 

Doyle, Julia Anne. 

Doyle, Julia May. 

Doyle, Kathryn Irene. 

Doyle, Leonora Mabel, 

Doyle, Margaret Estella. 

Doyle, Margaret M. 

Doyle, Martha Alice. 

Doyle, Mary Agnes. 

Doyle, Mary Eliza. 

Doyle, Rose Elizabeth. 

Drabble, Mabell Jane. 

Drake, Gertrude Blanche. 

Drake, Lida McKenzie. 

Drake, Nellie Freeman. 

Drake, Ruth Eliza. 

Draper, LiUian Adeline. 

Drea, Mary Frances. 

Drew, Lillian Ethel. 

Drew, Margaret Currie. . 

Driscoll, Agnes Mary. 

DriscoU, Mary Agnes. 

Drohan, Ehzabeth Ann. 

Drummond, Maud Isabell. 

Drynan, Jessie Jane. 

Drysdale, Annie. 

Dubran, Agnes Alice. 

Ducey, Martha. 

Ducharme, Flora Alice. 

Duffy, Rose Anna. 

Dufresne, Sadie Alice. 

Dunbar, Alice. 

Dunbar, Eliza. 

1912.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 91. 

Dunbar, Frances Belle. 
Dunbar, Hanna Williamson. 
Dunbar, Lillian Cameron. 
Duncan, Clara Catherine. 
Duncan, Emma Jean. 
Duncan, Isabel. 
Duncan, Margaret Mitchell. 
Duncan, Rachel Dalzell. 
Dunckel, Ula. 
Dunham, Susan A. F. 
Dunlop, Emma Jane. 
Dunn, Edith May Richardson. 
Dunn, Euphemia Carmichael. 
Dunn, Genevieve Agnes. 
Dunn, Kathleen Helena. 
Dunn, LilHan Ann. 
Dunn, Margaret. 
Dunn, Minnie Frances. 
Dunning, Mary Eulalie. 
Dunning, Sarah Lawrence. 
Dunton, Harriette Anna. 
Durant, Mary Georgina. 
Durgin, Mary Jackson. 
Dustan, Emily Ada. 
Dustin, Ethel Maude. 
Dutch, Dora. 
Dutcher, Ethelyn G. 
Duthie, Robina. 
Dutting, Katharine Rose. 
Duval, Marie Antoinette. 
Dwyer, Alice Maud. 
Dwyer, Anna Belle. 
Dwyer, Anna Dorothy. 
Dwyer, Annie Selina. 
Dwyer, Caroline M. 
Dwyer, Elizabeth Helena. 
Dwyer, Ellen Marcella. 
Dwyer, Etta May. 
Dwyer, Helen Frances. 
Dyer, Josephine Jessica Louise. 
Dyke, Josephine Francis. 
Dykeman, Myra Louise. 
Dyring, Hilma. 
Dysart, Mary McDonald. 

Eagar, Theodora Henrietta. 
Eames, Helen Augusta. 
Eastman, Alice Leonard. 
Eastman, Elizabeth Bartlett. 
Eastman, Gertrude Madelyn. 
Eastwood, Celia Rebecca. 
Eaton, Nellie Maria. 
Eaton, Olive Gray. 
Eddy, Alice Abigail. 
Eddy, Eugelia Louise. 
Eddy, Relenza. 
Edgecombe, Lillian Grace. 

Edgers, Sarah Alice. 

Edgett, Annie Laurie. 

Edwards, Effie Brainard. 

Edwards, Minnie Almina. 

Egan, Mary Pins. 

Egan, Nina Mildred. 

Egan, Sara Josephine. 

Ehlert, Irene Alberta. 

Eichhoff, Mabel Lillian. 

Elliott, Mary Lucy. 

Ellis, Alice May. 

Ellis, Cora Estella Payne. 

Ellis, Evelyn Horton. 

ElHs, Katherine Josephine. 

Ellis, Lillian Hannah. 

Ellis, Marion Dean. 

ElHs, Mary Elizabeth. 

Ellis, Myra. 

Ellison, Edna Elvenia. 

Elwell, AKce May. 

Embury, Emma. 

Emerson, Emma Hortense. 

Emmott, Susan Emma. 

England, Christine. 

Enholm, Thekla Olava Eugenie. 

Ericke, Betty. 

Erpestad, Asta Marie. 

Erskine, Satia. 

Erwim Clara Mabel. 

Etheridge, Ethel Blanche. 

Etherington, Ethel Bingay. 

Evans, Alice May. 

Evans, Catherine Josephine. 

Evans, John Lash. 

Evans, Mary Josephine. 

Evon, Agnes Evangeline. 

Ewin, Hannah Jane. 

Fahey, Anne Elizabeth. 
Fahy, Mary Elizabeth. 
Fairbank, Elizabeth Clark. 
Faircloth, Mary Ellenor. 
Fairing, Elizabeth Borland. 
Fairweather, Helen Pauline. 
Falconer, Jeannette Guthrie. 
Fales, Charlotte Anna Raitt. 
Fales, Julia Alice Reeves. 
Fales, Nellie Emily. 
Falk, Aurora Augusta. 
Fallon, Margaret Julia. 
Falvey, Helen. 
Fancher, Anna Bethiah. 
Fandel, Caroline Anna. 
Fanning, Katherine McDonald. 
Farley, Anna Celia. 
Farley, Elizabeth Cunningham. 
Farley, Mary Frederika. 




Farnham, Bessie Maria. 
Farnsworth, Aurilla. 
Farquhar, Margaret. 
Farr, Carrie Mary. 
Farrar, Gladys Laura. 
Farrell, Annie Belinda. 
Farren, Claire Marion. 
Farwell, Addie Eusebia. 
Faulkner, Carolyn Amelia. 
Faulkner, Myrtle Leo. 
Fay, Elizabeth Jane. 
Fay, Nora Elizabeth. 
Felker, Leon Lee. 
Fennelly, Marie Josephine. 
Fennelly, May Rose. 
Fenstad, Hansia'Elida Magdalene. 
Fenton, Ellen Loretta. 
Fenton, Helen Britta. 
Fenwick, Susie Pearl. 
Ferber, Louise Augusta- 
Ferguson, Annie Louise. 
Ferguson, Candace. 
Fergtison, Estella Grace. 
Ferguson, Lydia Reata. 
Ferguson, Mary Admina. 
Ferrari, Jennie Frances. 
Ferren, Mary Agnes. 
Ferrick, Sarah Mary. 
Ferry, Edith Severance. , 
Field, Gertrude Louise. 
Field, Sarah Gibbon. 
Fielding, Annie Mary. 
Finerty, Anna Mary. 
Finlayson, Florence Belle. 
Finley, Helen Maria. 
Finnegan, Catherine Frances. 
Finnegan, Lillian Frances. 
Finnerty, Clara Gertrude. 
Finney, Annie Freeman. 
Fish, Gretta Burnham. 
Fisher, Jennie Belle. 
Fisher, Julia Helen. 
Fisher, Maude Evelyn. 
Fisher, Nettie Lenore. 
Fiske, Annette. 
Fiske, Eugenie Haskell. 
Fiske, Eunice Annette. 
Fiske, Lena M. 
Fitch, Mabelle Eh^a. 
Fitts, Ethel Butt. 
Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Ruth. 
Fitzgerald, Kate Maria. 
Fitzgerald, Katherine Therese. 
Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth Frances. 
Fitzpatrick, Nora. 
Fitzsimmons, Edith Mary. 
Fitzsimmons, Georgena. 

Flanagan, Margaret Elizabeth. 
Flanders, Minnie Lizzie. 
Flannery, Frances Zeta. 
Flash, Alice Hill. 
Flatley, Sarah. 
Flavin, Ida Mary. 
Flaws, Helen Banks. 
Fleming, Mary Thecla. 
Flemming, Bessie. 7; 
Flemming, Julia Shiela. 
Fletcher Annie. 
Fletcher, Annie Irvine. 
Fletcher, Gertrude Louisa. 
Fletcher, Jenny Clapp. 
Fletcher, Katherine. 
Fletcher, Tecumseh Sherman. 
Flint, Annie Elizabeth. 
Flint, Bertha Steen. 
Flint, Leonora Mae. 
Flint, Mary Angeline. 
Floyd, Clara Lavina Manley. 
Floyd, Melatiah Barbara. 
Flusk, Elizabeth Alice. 
Flynn, Catherine. 
Flynn, Catharine Ellen. 
Flynn, Catherine Loretta. 
Flynn, Mary Jean. 
Fogarty, Catherine Marie. 
Fogarty, Margaret Agnes. 
Fogerty, Roberta Anna. 
Foley, Annie Josephine. 
Foley, Helen Loretta. 
Foley, Susan Margaret. 
Follon, Mary Carey. 
Fontaine, Louis Adolard. 
Foote, Catherine. 
Foote, Helen Isabelle. 
Forbes, Agnes Ellen. 
Forbes, Aris Elizabeth. 
Forbes, Helena Cecilia. 
Forbes, Marguerite Isabell. 
Ford, Agnes Clare. 
Ford, Harriet Augusta. 
Ford, Mary Margaret Lowe. 
Ford, Nellie Maude. 
Ford, Sarah Elizabeth. 
Forge, Jessie Winnifred. 
Forsythe, Leona Emmeline. 
Foshay, Jane Roberta. 
Foss, Annie Foote. 
Foss, Harriet L. 
Foss, Louise Blair. 
Foss, Mary Eliza. 
Foster, Bessie Clyde. 
Foster, Celemna Edith Towen. 
Foster, Minnie. 
Fowle, Grace Elizabeth. 



Fowler, Anta Lizette. 
Fowler, Delilah Dufferin. 
Fowler, Helen Roberta. 
Fowler, Mary. 
Fownes, Ora Maud. 
Fox, Mary Ashton. 
Foyle, Alice Armenia. 
Foyle, Elizabeth Harriet. 
Francis, Mary Belle. 
Fraser, Annie Elizabeth, 
Eraser, Annie Margaret. 
Fraser, Catherine Beulah. 
Fraser, Elda Jean. 
Fraser, Isabel Ross. 
Fraser, Jean Cameron. 
Fraser, Jemima. 
Fraser, Lena Ann. 
Fraser, Lillian. 
Fraser, Mabel. 
Fraser, Mabel Leona. 
Fraser, Margaret Mabel. 
Fraser, Martha. 
Fraser, Minnie. 
Fraser, Sarah Olive. 
Frawley, Bessie Julia. 
Frayn, Lillian Christeen. 
Frazer, Emma Louretta. 
Frazer, Katherine Mabel. 
Frazier, Elizabeth Ann. 
Freeman, Carrie May. 
Freeman, Florence Hussey. 
Freeman, Gertrude Louise. 
Freeman, Grace Eddy. 
Freeman, Sarah Mildred. 
Freeman, Suzanne Miles. 
French, Ciara Belle Soule. 
French, Florence Marion. 
French, Susan Warren. 
French, Tonneley Thorndike. 
Friend, Harriet Lucy Pearl. 
Frye, Edith Violet. 
Frye, Ethel Vanessa. 
Frye, Mercy Anna. 
Fuller, Edna Irene. 
Fuller, Ethel Gertrude. 
Fuller, Harriet Minerva. 
Fuller, Marion Elizabeth. 
Fullerton, Bessie. 
Fullerton, Miriam Bertha. 
Fulton, Helen Amelia. 
Fulton, Mabel. 
Furbush, Bertha Sabra. 
Furman, Ethel Eleanor. 
Fyfe, Hannah Garrett. 

Gaffney, Alice May. 
Gaffney, Eleanor, Edith. 

Gage, Marion Morton. 

Gaines, Mabelle Hurlburt. 

Gainey, Katherine Gertrude. 

Galbraith, Beatrice Purvis. 

Galbraith, Janet Davida. 

Galencia, Lillian Danforth. 

Gales, Anna Mae. 

Gallagher, Elizabeth Agnes. 

Gallagher, Margaret Theresa. 

Galligan, Agnes Jane. 

Galligan, Mary Helen. 

Gallivan, Anna Gertrude. 

Gallivan, Katherine Teresa Smith. 

Galvin, Catherine Ellen. 

Gamage, Mary Ida. 

Gamwell, Helen Sears. 

Garden, Irene Anna. 

Garland, Elizabeth Agnes. 

Garren, Gertrude. 

Garvey, Sarah Agnes. 

Gates, Corabelle Allen. 

Gates, Ellen Wooler. 

Gaudet, Marie Angelique. 

Gaul, Agnes Mary. 

Gay, Agnes Russell. 

Gay, Florence Cornelia. 

Geldart, Gertrude Grace. 

Genoud, Cecile Marie. 

Gentlee, Bessie Ella. 

George, Katharine Evelyn. 

Gerald, Maude Rodrick. 

Germain, Christina. 

Gerow, Mary Augusta. 

Gerrin, Mary Loretto. 

Gerrish, Louise Waters. 

Gerry, Julia Adelaide. 

Gibbons, Delia A. 

Gibbons, Margaret Jane. 

Gibbs, Florence Ora. 

Gibson, Anna Lemira. 

Gibson, Sarah Ethel. 

Gifford, Alice Edwards. 

Gifford, Edith Hussey. 

Gifford, Margaret Catherine. 

Gifford, May. 

Gilbert, Adelia Evelyn. 

Gilbert, Jeannette Caroline. 

Gilchrist, Miria. 

Gilday, Katherine Helen. 

Gile, Katie Evelyn. 

Gill, Mary Edna. 

Gillett, Harriet May. 

Gillette, Eliza Annie. 

Gillette, Lucie Winifred. 

Gillies, Annie Kathleen. 

Gillies, Lida Isabel. 

Gilligan, Mary Cecelia. 



Gillis, Annie. 
GiUis, Estelle Blanche. 
Gillis, Harriet Louise. 
GUlis, Katherine Elizabeth. 
Gillis, Katherine Marie. 
Gilman, Grace. 
Gilmore, Flora Louisa. 
Gilpatrick, Martha Ehdra. 
Gilson, Annie Elizabeth Doyle. 
Giroux, Ethel Lula. 
Gir\'an, Flora Jane. 
Givan, Nina May. 
Gjems, Margil. . 
Glass, Mary Jane. 
Glass, Sara May. 
Gleason, Margaret Isabel. 
Gleason, Winifred Elizabeth. 
Glidden, Harriet Belle. 
Glover, Emma May. 
Glynn, Katherine Elizabeth. 
Goddard, Alice Mary. 
Goddard, Emma Lewis. 
Godfrey, Vernie Geneva. 
Godsoe, Minnie Maria Clarke. 
Goldsmith, Pauline Marie. 
GoodeU, Annie Mossip. 
Goodell, Estelle Annie. 
Goodrich, Alice Bentley. 
Goodwin, Alixe LePearl. 
Good-win, Carrie Emma. 
Goodwin, Elizabeth Tappen. 
Goodwin, Emma Hall. 
Goodwin, Frances Elizabeth. 
Goodwin, Myra Hall. 
Goodwin, Violet Haley. 
Gookin, Jane Winifred. 
Gookin, Katherine. 
Gordon, Bertha Sophia. 
Gordon, Ethel MacLaren. 
Gordon, Josephine Maxwell. 
Gordon, Laura Jean. 
Gordon, Mary Elizabeth. 
Gordon, Rachel. 
Gorman, Agnes Evangeline. 
Gorman, Anne. 
Gorman, Elizabeth Theresa. 
Gorman, Wilhelmina Gertrude. 
Gormley, Annie Bridget. 
Goss, Persis Edna. 
Gotro, Emma Marie. 
Goudey, Eva Johanna. 
Goudy, Clara Jane. 
Gould, Elsie Dalton. 
Gould, Rosalind May. 
Gould, Sadie. 
Goulding, Frances Mary. 
Goyette, Caroline Mary. 

Grabert, Catherine. 

Graham, Elizabeth Severn. 

Graham, Frances Gertrude. 

Graham, Ida Hanna. 

Grainger, Elizabeth. 

Grainger, Emma Edith. 

Grampp, Lena Rose. 

Granfield, Katherine. 

Grant, Alma Edith. 

Grant, Cynthia Randall. 

Grant, Edith Augusta Borchardt. 

Grant, Edith Mary. 

Grant, Elizabeth Jane. 

Grant, Elizabeth Kathrjme. 

Grant, Jessie Ellen. 

Grant, Marion. 

Grant, Mary. 

Grant, Mary Compton. 

Grant, Nellie. 

Grant, Sophia Frances. 

Grasshoff, Wilhelmina Katherine. 

Grassie, Frances Elizabeth. 

Graves, Margaret Anne. 

Gray, Adelaide Chamberlain. 

Gray, Alma Tower. 

Gray, Eleanor. 

Gray, Marion Eloise. 

Gray bill, Claribel. 

Green, Emma Etta. 

Green, Nell Duncan Edgar. 

Greene, Effie Grace. 

Greene, Elsie Evans. 

Greene, Jessica Mabel, 

Greene, Julieth Augusta. 

Greene, Lulu Maude. 

Greene, Mary Ellen Brown. 

Greenleaf, Clara Hilda. 

Greenleaf, Grace May. 

Greenleaf, Laura Franklin. 

Greenwood, Anne. 

Gresswich, Sophia Augusta. 

Grey, Jane White. 

Grierson, Alice Maud. 

Griffen, Clara May. 

Griffin, Anna Gertrude. 

Griffin, Bertha. 

Griffin, Ellen Veronica. 

Griffin, Florence Choate. 

Griffin, Margaret. 

Griffin, Marion Agnes. 

Griffin, Mary Ann Josephine. 

Griffin, Mary Jane. 

Griffin, Regina Mary. 

Griffith, Clare Alexena. 

Griffith, Margaret Anna. 

Grignon, Lodina Alice. 

Grimes, Eva May Nichols. 



Griswold, Katherine Elizabeth Ratigan. 

Grogan, Theresa Abigail. 

Gross, Lucetta Jane. 

Grover, Edith Sj'lvester. 

Groves, Frances Arvilla. 

Guild, Esther Butler. 

Gunn, Elizabeth Aloyse. 

Gunn, Gertrude Emmelene Rebecca. 

Gunn, Helen McHugh. 

Guptill, Carrie Blanche. 

Gustin, Cora Belle. 

Gutberlet, Louise Henrietta. 

Guthrie, Mary Frances. 

Hackett, Grace Margaret. 
Haddow, Alice Brown. 
Halley, Anna Elizabeth. 
Hagar, Katharine McFadyen. 
Hagerty, Cora Maud. 
Haggart, Minnie Ida. 
Haggerty, Anna Burke. 
Haggerty, Martha Anna. 
Hahn, Mary Ann. 
Haines, Myrtle Pearl. 
Haley, Agnes Cynthia. 
Hall, Annie Farley. 
Hall, Carrie May. 
Hall, Maude Maria. 
Hall, Nellie Blanche. 
Hall, Pansy Burt. 
Hall, Virginia Carolyn. 
Hallahan, John Francis. 
Hallaran, Margaret. 
Hallaren, Elizabeth May. 
Hallett, Frederica Louise. 
Halliday, Alice Maude. 
Halliday, Lucy Belle. 
Hamilton, Alice Josephine. 
Hamilton, Elizabeth Wiley. ' 
Hamilton, Ella. 
Hamilton, Flora Mary. 
Hamilton, Margaret Josephine. 
Hammond, Elizabeth. 
Hammond, Mary Helen. 
Hampson, Jessie. 
Hancock, Mary Gertrude. 
Handley, Sarah Etta. 
Hanford, Lillian Adell. 
Hanley, Katherine Tresea. 
Hanlon, Abbie Louise. 
Hanlon, Catherine Clune. 
Hanlon, Joanna. 
Hannagan, Mary Frances. 
Hannah, Edna. 
Hannappel, Louisa Josephine. 
Hanney, Bridget Teresa. 
Hannum, Bertha Wilson. 

Hansen, Alma Helene. 
Hanson, Anna Louise. 
Hanson, Emma Frances. 
Hanson, Harriet Mabel. 
Harding, Grace Drake. 
Harding, Nellie Maria. 
Hardwick, Ellen Maria. 
Hardy, Clara. 
Hardy, Lydia Maria. 
Hare, Catherine Margaret. 
Harlow, Nancy Lohnas. 
Hamey, Ella. 
Harnish, EflEie Melvina. 
Harpell, Florence Mabel. 
Harper, Eleanor Calhoun. 
Harriman, Blanche Catherine. 
Harrington, Annie Frances. 
Harrington, Elsie Madelon. 
Harrington, Eva Maria. 
Harrington, Janet Abercromby. 
Harris, Anne Theresa. 
Harris, Bertha Almira. 
Harris, Elizabeth. 
Harris, Ellen Elizabeth. 
Harris, Etta Mabel. 
Harris, Harriet Louise. 
Harris, Ida May. 
Harris, Mattie Tilness. 
Harris, Maybelle Emma. 
Harris, Minerva Frances. 
Harrison, Bernice. 
Harrison, Edna Helena. 
Harrison, Jean Augusta. 
Hart, Anna Emma. 
Hart, Annie Julia. 
Hart, Bertha Cassidy. 
Hart, Grace Mary. 
Hart, Katherine Alphonsa. 
Hart, Margaret Agnes. 
Hartigan, Katharine. 
HartUng, Minnie Eliza. 
Hartling, Nettie Grace. 
Hartwell, Anna Louise. 
Hartwell, Hattie. 
Harvey, Annie Gertrude. 
Harvey, Ellen Virginia. 
Harvey, Flora. 
Harvey, Sarah. 

Harwood, Maude Harmona Julia. 
Hasenfuss, Agnes Julia. 
Haskell, Annabel. 
Haskins, Edna Ellen. 
Haskins, Lillian Evadna. 
Hassner, Frank Gilbert. 
Hastings, Ada Florence Wood. 
Hastings, Alice Maud. 
Hastings, Dorothy Mary. 




Hatch, Marietta Willis. 

Hatfield, Bessie Emilj- Armstrong. 

Hathaway, Christena Sutherland. 

Hathaway, Martha Fay. 

Hatherly, EUa J. 

Hatlow, Elizabeth. 

Hattersley, Ida Lilian. 

Hatton, Arthur John. 

Hatton, Francis James. 

Haven, Lena J. 

Havens, Ella Elizabeth. 

Ha\-iland, Sybella Thompson. 

Hawkins, Alice. 

Hawkins, Mabel Rebecca. 

Hawkinson, Nellie Xenia. 

Hay, Elizabeth Hill. 

Hayden, Anna Letitia Valentine. 

Haj'den, MjTtle Sutherland. 

Hayes, AmeUa Irving. 

Haj-es, Anna Gibb. 

Hayes, Emma Louise PettingiU. 

Haj-es, Helen Teresa. 

Hayes, Minnie. 

Ha\-man, Ella May. 

Haj-ward, Grace. 

Haj-ward, Maud McLanathan. 

Hazelton, Alice Maj-. 

Head, Mary Ameha. 

Healej', Man.- Agnes. 

Healj', Anne Martha. 

Healy, Marj- Agnes. 

Hearsey, Alice Gates. 

Heath, LiUian Carey. 

Hedin, Ellen Margarethe Yarl. 

Heffern, Lillian L'rsula. 

Hegan, Alice Parker. 

Heindl, Eleonora Marie. 

Heinemann, Elizabeth Eva. 

Helger, Mary Vincent. 

Hemenwaj-, Jennie Mason. 

Henders, Ethel May. 

Henderson, Anna Maria. 

Henderson, Robert Oliver. 

Hennessey, Anna. 

Hennessey, Katherine. 

Hennessey, Mary EUen Frances. 

Hennessey, NelHe L. 

Henr\% Laura Almira. 

Hentig, Elizabeth. 

Herman, Winifred Marj-. 

Hernan, Lucy Mabel Gertrude. 

Herrick, Clara Maria. 

Herrick, Lomse Paiiline. 

Hersej'', Anna Arhna. 

Hersey, Cecelia Dickson. 

Hervieux, Marguerite EUda. 

Hess, Emily Stearns. 

I Heustis, Lenora Eveh-n. 
I Hewins, Mabel Jane. 

Hewitt, Elizabeth Xancy. 

Hewlett, Louisa Anne. 

Heyer, ^Margaret Matilda. 

Hibbard, Florence Gillmor. 

Hibbard, Jessie Maj'. 

Hickey, Harriet. 

Hickey, Irene Frances. 

Hickey, Katherine Teresa. 

Hickej-, Margaret Alice Gabrielle. 
I Hickey, Mary Agnes McCarthy. 

Hickox, Ida May. 

Hicks, Anna McKaj*. 

Hicks, Daisy Bernice. 

Hickson, Bertie Ray. 

Hickson, Elizabeth Sprague. 

Higgins, Agnes Eleanor. 

Higgins, Daniel RajTnond. 

Higgins, Elizabeth Archer. 

Higgins, Eveh-n Claire. 

Higgias, Josephine Larrabee. 

Higgins, Sarah Xewcomb. 

Hight, ]\lildred. 

Higson, Marj- Elizabeth. 

Hill, Aurora. 

Hill, Mabel A. 

Hill, Millicent Sherbrook. 

Hill, Ruth Rankin. 

Hill, Susie J. 

Hillier, Eliza Annette. 

Hillman, Lucj- E\mis. 

Hills, Annie Dicks. 

HiUs, Mj-rtle Annie Olmstead. 

Hilton, Annie Jane. 

Himes, Marion Adelle. 

Hinckley, Flora Austin. 

Hinckley, Grace Brown. 

Hines, Marj- Elizabeth. 

Hinkel, Marj- Pauline. 
' Hiakley, Flora BeUe. 

Hinklej-, Josephine S. 

Hirtle, Beatrice Louise. 

Hirtle, Clara Jane. 

Hirtle, Lavenia Agnes. 

Hislop, Annie Maud. 

Hoag, Elizabeth. 

Hoare, Margaret. 

Hobson, ^Marion Jane. 

Hobson, Rachel H. 

Hockemier, Marion Har^-ey Himter. 
j Hodgdon, XeUie Chapin. 

Hodgdon, XeUie May. 

Hodges, Eunice Clark. 

Hodgins, Drusilla. 

Hodgins, Edith Mary. 
I Hodgson, Xina Evelyn. 

1912 ] PUBLIC DOCOIEXT — Xo. 91. 

Hodnett, Clara Jane. 
Hodsmj-th, Annabella Matilda. 
Hogan, Lallia Annie. 
Hogle, Ada Louise. 
Hogle, Alma Catherine. 
Hoglimd, Ada Ingeborg Xilson. 
Hoisington, Mary Caroline. 
Holbrook, Alma Matilda. 
Holden, Charlotte Marj*. 
Holden, Harriet Eliza. 
Holland, Clara Emma. 
Hollings, Annie Irene. 
Hollingaworth, Minnie Sue. 
Holmes, Elsie Young. 
Holmes, Gertrude. 
Holmes, Katharine Wheeler. 
Holmes, Linnie Beatrice. 
Holmes, Luna Jane. 
Holmes, Marion. 
Holmes, Sadie Ann. 
Holt, Emma. 
Honey, Julia Mabel. 
Hooker, Inez Maude. 
Hooper, Helena Jean. 
Hooper, Mabel. 
Horan, Ellen Veronica, 
Homcastle, Margaret Bradshaw. 
Hossack, Annie May. 
Houghton, Emma Margaret. 
Houghton, Xettie L'rsiila. 
Houghton, Olive Margaret. 
Houle, Gertrude Gardner. 
House, Charles Albert. 
Housel, Mary Virginia. 
Houston, Charlotte Mitchell. 
Houston, Clara Agnes. 
Houston, Emma Bro-vvn. 
Houston, Helen. 
Howard, Amy Josephine. 
Howard, Effie Hunt. 
Howard, Emma Al\-ira. 
Howard, Helen Gertrude. 
Howard, Sadie Matilda. 
Ho watt, Lucy Janet. 
Howe, Alice Agnes. 
Howe, Angeline Marie. 
Howe, Bertha Lillian. 
Howe, Clara Edna. 
Howe, Fannie Mary. 
Howe, Florence Louise. 
Howell, Lillian Moore. 
Howell, Margaret Boone. 
Howes, Luella Bangs. 
Howes, Luetta Frances. 
Howes, Mabel. 
Howison, Aileen Isabella. 
Howland, Anna Wood. 

; Howland, Emily Jeannette. 

Howland, Jane Da\-is. 

Howland, Raj- Randall. 

Howland, Susan Gardner. 

Hewlett, Gertrude Florence. 

Howlett, 01i\-ia Marj- Helen. 

Howson, Marj- Madeline. 
I Hoxie, Elizabeth Jennings. 
' Hoxie, George Elwin. 
I Hoxie, Lucy. 

Hoyle, Eva. 

Hoji;, Clara. 

Hoj-t, Grace Mae. 

Hoj-t, Josephine Eliza. 

Hubbard, Clifford LeRoy. 

Hubbard, Katherine Woodburj-. 

Hudson, Jewel Gladys. 

Hudson, Sarah. 

Hughes, Catherine. 
I Hughes, Clara Elizabeth. 
I Hughes, Eleanor Miller. 

Hughes, Katherine Elizabeth. 

Hughes, Laura Ann Cleophas. 
I Hughes, Laura May. 
j Hughes, Margaret Agnes, 
j Hughes, Margaret Ellen Trudo. 

Hull, Annie Georgina. 

Hull, IsabeUe Runciman. 

Hume, Jessie Macrae Claj-ton. 
I Himaphrey, Ethel Annie, 
i Humphrey, Eunice Mabel. 
! Humphrej-, Marion Louise. 

Humphreys, Ruth IsabeUe. 

Hunt, Alice Maude. 

Hunt, Annie. 

Hunt, Anna. 

Hunt, Elizabeth Ann. 

Hunt, Gertrude Annie. 

Hunt, Helen A. 

Hunt, Jessie Louise. 

Hunt, Katherine Love. 

Hunt, Lettie Claire. 

Hunter, Clara Isobel. 

Himter, Harriet McCoy. 

Hunter, Mabel Amelia. 

Hunter, Sarah Augusta. 

Huntley, Elsie Marie. 

Huntley, Lucy Hall. 

Huntly, Mabel Foster. 

Huntress, Edith Matilda. 

Hurd, Bessie. 

Hurley, Katherine Elizabeth. 

HurU, Jiiha Gushing Holmes. 

Hurst, Grace Vema. 

Hussey, Vesta Emma. 
I HutseU, Ida. 
' Hutson, Francis Alice. 



Hutt, Frances. 
Huxley, Edna Louise. 
Hyde, Frances. 
Hyde, Frederika Merrow. 
Hyde, Margaret Clavendon. 
Hyland, Alice Cecilia. 
Hynes, Cecilia Elizabeth. 
Hynes, Elizabeth Jane. 
Hynes, Mary Gertrude. 
Hynes, Mary Madeline. 
Hyson, Clara Melissa. 

Ibbetson, Emma. 
Ineh, Olive May. 
IngersoU, Eunice Leonore. 
Inglis, Clennie May. 
Inglis, Nellie Reid. 
Ireland, Eunice. 
Ironside, Isabella Burnette. 
Irvine, Ellen Mitchell. 
Irvine, Katherine. 
Irving, Annie Edna. 
Irving, Jennie Mabel. 
Irving, Martha Theresa. 
Irving, Nellie Edith. 
Irving, Nellie Moreland. 
Irwin, Agnes Mary. 
Irwin, Eliza Blanche. 
Irwin, Gertrude. 
Israel, Alida Ellen. 
Itherington, Ida Prescott. 
Ivarson, Marie. 
Iver, Lucy Caroline. 
Ivers, Leone Norton. 

Jackson, Marion Jane. 
Jackson, Susan Cutter. 
Jacobs, Ethel Beatrice. 
Jameson, Elizabeth Marion. 
Jameson, Mary Parsons. 
Jamieson, Harriet Pearl Hyde. 
Jansson, Josephine Pierce. 
Jaquith, Lucia Lavinia. 
Jardine, Frances Chandler. 
Jardine, Georgina Mary. 
Jarvis, Annie Morgan. 
Jeffrey, Jane. 
Jenkins, Annie Emma. 
Jenkins, Annie Maude. 
Jenkins, Gertrude Glover. 
Jewell, Helen Agnes. 
Jewett, Mina Stone. 
Jewett, Viola. 

Johansen, Ingeborg Christine. 
Johnson, Alice Sophia. 
Johnson, Augusta Elizabeth. 
Johnson, Caroline Ruggles. 

Johnson, Charlotte Euranta. 
Johnson, Clara Loretta. 
Johnson, Gerda Frederica. 
Johnson, Henrietta D. 
Johnson, Hortense Hannah. 
Johnson, Margaret Etta Archibald. 
Johnson, Mary Frances. 
Johnson, Minnie Estelle. 
Johnson, Sally May. 
Johnson, Susan Bard. 
Johnston, Edith Mary. 
Johnston, Harriet Alma. 
Johnston, Jessie Margaret. 
Johnston, Kathlee O'Moore. 
Johnston, Laura Elizabeth. 
Johnston, Margaret Isabelle. 
Johnston, Nellie Matilda. 
Johnstone, Jean Byron. 
Johnstone, Mary. 
Jolly, Hilda Mary Parker. 
Jolly, Margherita Bessie Parker. 
Jonah, Catherine Elizabeth. 
Jonah, Mabel Leota. 
Jones, Ada Barbara. 
Jones, Alice. 

Jones, Annetta Farnham. 
Jones, Eliza. 
Jones, Fannie Alice. 
Jones, Juva Ina. 
Jones, Katharine A. 
Jones, Laura. 
Jones, Margaret Ann. 
Jones, Margaret Sterns. 
Jones, Mary Ann. 
Jones, Mary Cakes. 
Jordan, Ella Beecher. 
Joseph, Anna Amelia. 
Joslin, Emma Frances. 
Josselyn, Emma Bemis. 
Joy, Daniel Albert. 
Joy, Mary Ellen. 
Joyce, Jessie Marion. 
Joyce, Martha Rose. 
Joyce, Mary Elizabeth. 
Joynes, Agnes Isabel. 
Judge, Anna Elizabeth. 
Judkins, Marie Forbes. 
Jules, Genevieve Rivers. 

Kane, Mary Anna. 
Karner, Clara Isabel. 
Kathan, Lucia PoUie. 
Kearney, Clara May. 
Kearney, Katharine Yardie. 
Keating, Annie Catherine. 
Keefe, Martha Harnett. 
Keefe, Minnie Adelaide. 

1912.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 91. 

Keefe, Nettie. 

Keeffe, Kate Amelia. 

Keegan, Helena Elizabeth. 

Keenan, Ellen Caroline. 

Keeping, Olive Charlotte. 

Kehoe, Annie Claire. 

Kehoe, Elizabeth Agnes. 

Keister, Louise Eleanor. 

Keith, Ethelena. 

Keith, Lulu Alice. 

Keith, Priscilla Louetta. 

Kelk, Mae Bertha. 

Kelleher, Agnes Gertrude. 

Kelleher, Julia. 

Kellett, Elizabeth Patricia. 

Kelley, Ada Freeman. 

Kelley, Agnes Meara. 

Kelley, Helen Margaret. 

Kelley, Katherine. 

Kelley, Katherine Evelyn. 

Kelley, Margaret Agnes. 

Kelley, Teresa Helena. 

Kelly, Anna Allison. 

Kelly, Anna Loretta Gertrude. 

Kelly, Anna Olive. 

Kelly, Eunice. 

Kelly, Josephine. 

Kelly, Julia Cecelia. 

Kelly, Katherine Agnes. 

Kelly, Katherine Francis. 

Kelly, KatherjTi Agnes Cummings. 

Kelly, Letitia Gasse. 

Kelly, Margaret Anna. 

Kelly, Mary Elizabeth. 

Kelly, Minnie. 

Kelly, Minnie Cecilia. 

Kelly, Teresa Mary. 

Kelsey, Freda Farrar. 

Kendall, Josephine Adams. 

Kendrick, Eunice Britton. 

Kennedy, Bessie Josephine. 

Kennedy, Catherine MacEachran. 

Kennedy, Katherine Annie. 

Kennedy, Margaret Edith. 

Kennedy, Mary, 

Kennedy, Mary Ellen. 

Kennedy, Mary Katherine. 

Kennedy, Mary Louise Hains. 

Kennelly, Margaret Wesley. 

Kenney, Annie Cameron. 

Kenney, Esther Lavinia. 

Kenney, Katharine Anna. 

Kenney, Margaret Ann. 

Kenney, Mary Agnes. 

Kenney, Mary Alma. 

Kenney, Mary Ellen. 

Kenney, Mary Gertrude. 

Kent, Agnes Julia. 
Kent, Ruth. 

Kenyon, Margaret Adelaide. 

Keough, Ellen. 

Kerans, Mary Lillian. 

Kerner, Rose. 

Kerr, Gertrude. 

Kerr, Laura Johnson. 

Keswick, Mary Harris. 

Keys, Mary Agnes. 

Kickham, Mary Maude. 

Kiely, Elizabeth Abraham. 

Kienle, Rosa. 

Kier, Marie Sophia. 

Kierstead, Annie Idora. 

Kilduff, Marj^ Anne. 

Kilduff, Mary Elizabeth. 

Kiley, Marion Greenwood Cassidy. 

Kiley, Mary Teresa. 

Kilgour, Alice Louise. 

Kilrain, Virginia Agnes. 

Kimball, Anna Maria. 

King, Anna Florence. 

King, Elizabeth Churchill. 

King, Ella Louise. 

King, Emma Harriet. 

King, Ethol Octavia. 

King, Flora Katherine. 

King, Gladys Rachel. 

King, Lucy Jane. 

King, Mary Anna. 

King, Mary Victoria. 

King, Winifred Veronica. 

Kingsley, Frances Maud. 

Kingston, Mary Cecilia. 

Kinloch, Elizabeth. 

Kinloch, Margaret Alice. 

Kinney, Daisy. 

Kinney, Mertie Nell. 

Kinsman, Bertha Anna. 

Kinsman, Reginald Price. 

Kipp, Elizabeth Frances. 

Kirby, Sarah. 

Kirkham, Edna Eliza. 

Kirkpatrick, Jennie Magdalene. 

Kirsch, Kathleen CjTene. 

Kittredge, Alice Ruth. 

Kittredge, Mary Ann. 

Kittson, Nora Gertrude. 

Kjerner, Wahlborg Cecilia. 

Kling, Anna Elizabeth. 

Knapp, Eliza Blanch. 

Knight, Florence Olive. 

Knight, Jennie May. 

Knight, Katherine Francis. 

Knight, Mary Frances. 

Knight, Rachel MacIntjTe. 




Knoch, Anna. 

Knowlton, Gertrude Ida. 

Knowlton, Gertrude Margaret. 

Knox, Anna Cora. 

Knox, Harriet Eliza Brown. 

Koegel, Florence Marie. 

Kosischke, Minnie. 

Kuhn, Anna Mary. 

Kuhn, Anna Wilhelmina. 

Kuhn, Flora Anna. 

Kuhn, Florence Johanna. 

Kuhn, Selma Lottie. 

Kuhtz, Ella. 

Kupkey, Muriel. 

Kyle, Isabel Agnes. 

LaBrie, Annie. 
Ladd, Addie May. 
Ladd, Mary Allen. 
LaFlamme, Emilie Elmira. 
LaFleur, Florence Adeline. 
Laidlaw, Annie Isabel. 
Laidlaw, Cora Annette. 
Laidlaw, Olive Marion. 
Laidlaw, Sarah Margaret. 
Laidley, Julia Marion. 
Lake, Alice Livea. 
Lake, Margaret Josephine. 
Lamb, Margaret Beatrice Magee. 
Lambert, Beatrice Mae. 
Lambert, Helen Stuart. 
Lambert, Mary Harriet Bowers. 
Lamont, Nellie Evelyn. 
Lamson, Annie Mae. 
Lander, Alice Marie. 
Landers, Mae. 
Lane, Eleanor Teresa. 
Lane, Emma Elizabeth. 
Lane, Margaret Amina. 
Lang, Mary Louise. 
Langin, Anna Strange. 
Langin, Sarah Ann. 
Langley, Ethel G. 
Langley, Mary Prondfit. 
Lantz, Mary Anne. 
Laporte, Louise Lillian. 
Lappage, Caroline Mary. 
Larkin, Margaret Cecelia. 
Larkin, Margaret Jane. 
Larned, Florence J. MacRae. 
Larrabee, Ephemia. 
Larson, Vinetta Desira. 
Latham, Jane Elizabeth. 
Latta, Bertha May. 
Latter, Rhoda. 
Laurie, Christy Anna. 
Lausmann, Alvena Frances. 

Law, Samuel Archibald. 
Lawless, Mary Jane. 
Lawrence, Alice Adams. 
Lawrence, Hannah Putnam. 
Lawrence, Henrietta Gordon. 
Lawrence, Mary. 
Lawson, Carrie. 
Lawson, Edna Faustena. 
Lawson, Hilda Olivia. 
Lawton, Edna Abbott. 
Lawton, Mary Aloysia. 
Lawton, Minnie Clark. 
Layne, Isabel Crawley. 
Layton, Adriana Robertson. 
Leach, Julia May. 
Leach, Mattie May. 
Leadbetter, Ella Anna. 
Leader, Ellen Eva. 
Leahey, Mary Ella. 
Leahy, Abbie. 
Leahy, Mary Alice. 
Learson, Katharine Rosemary. 
LeBlanc, Leonie. 
LeBosqnet, Jessie Farrington. 
Leddy, Gertrude Madeline. 
Lee, EmUy Leone. 
Lee, Emily Venetia. 
Lee, Esther Brown. 
Lee, Florence Adele. 
Lee, Lillian Viola. 
Lee, Margaret Irene. 
Lee, Myrna Clark. 
Lee, Ruth. 
Leedham, Alice L. 
Leeman, May Perkins. 
Legge, Gertrude Howard. 
Leishman, Agnes. 
LeLacheur, Bessie Serena. 
LeLacheur, Charlotte Jane. 
Leland, Ethel Maude. 
LeMay, Claire Josephine. 
Lemmer, Cecilia Agnes. 
Leonard, Edith Marion. 
Leonard, Julia. 
Leonard, Mary Elizabeth. 
Lerned, Marion Jackson. 
Lester, Adelaide Mary. 
Lester, Grace Elizabeth. 
LeVatte, Barbara Viola. 
Levensaler, Florence Nightingale Eliza- 

Lever, Anna Tressa Murray. 

Lewin, Mabel Eliza. 

Lewis, Flora. 

Lewis, Ida May. 

Lewis, Margaret Francis. 

Leydon, Elizabeth Marie. 

1912.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 91. 

Libby, Alice Ella. 

Libby, Marjie Burbank. 

Libby, Thamasina. 

Lieber, Elizabeth. 

Liese, Isabelle Emma. 

Lightle, Edith Gibson. 

Lilley, Elizabeth Forrest. 

Lilley, Sarah Ellen. 

Lincoln, Sarah Ann. 

Lindsey, Nellie Ava. 

Linehan, Elizabeth Veronica. 

Linehan, Mary Agnes. 

Linnell, Gertrude Alice. 

Linnell, Lillian Baxter. 

Linscott, Grace Isobel. 

Linscott, Mabelle Edna. 

Lipps, Helen Cornelia. 

Lipsett, Jennie May. 

Litch, Lucy Warren. 

Little, Elizabeth Margaret. 

Little, Euphemia Grace. 

Little, Janey Evans. 

Little, Margaret Anne. 

Little, Sara Williams. 

Littlefield, Alvaretta. 

Littlefield, Eva Adelle. 

Littlefield, Maude Esther. 

Littlewood, Arthur Lawrence. 

Livingston, Elizabeth Hamilton Risk. 

Livingston, Isabella. 

Livingstone, Agnes Wilson. 

Livingstone, Florence Stateira. 

Lloyd, Katherine Vincent. 

Lockary, Catherine Elizabeth. 

Locke, Georgella. 

Locke, Marinda Adams. 

Lockhart, Selina Rebecca. 

Lockward, Margaret Rose. 

Lockwood, Cora Augusta. 

Loewe, Josephine Seymour Church. 

Lofquist, Martin, 

Loftus, Julia Dorothy. 

Loftus, Mary Katherine. 

Logan, Annabelle Frances. 

Logan, Genevieve Loretta. 

Logan, Nellie Isabel. 

Logan, Nellie Palfrey. 

Logan, Sarah Elizabeth. 

Logue, Nellie Mary. 

Loiselle, Laure Extelle. 

Long, Amanda Pearl. 

Long, Ellen Frances. 

Long, Margaret Elena Horrigan. 

Loomer, Ella Leantine. 

Looney, Hannah Charlotte. 

Lord, Elizabeth Ellen. 

Lord, Inez Clarke. 

Lordan, Carolyn Irwin. 
Lordon, Cecilia Margaret. 
Loring, Jenny. 
Lotherington, Maude Lois. 
Loud, Mary. 
Louden, Anna. 
Loughran, Rosa Elizabeth. 
Lovejoy, Anne Louise. 
Lovely, Lillian Isabel. 
Loveren, Anna Gertrude. 
Lovering, Olive Rebecca. 
Lowe, Annie Teresa. 
Lowell, Mary Esther. 
Lowell, Retta Himes. 
Lowrie, Sarah Florence. 
Lowry, Leonilda F. 
Lucas, Sarah Elizabeth. 
Luce, Hattie May. 
Luce, Lydia. 
Luce, Martha. 
Ludwig, Charles Edward. 
Lufkin, Helen Gertrude. 
Lumsden, Isabelle McCrae. 
Lundwall, Annette Louise. 
Lunney, Helen Marion. 
Lupien, Clara Eliza. 
Lyall, Mary. 

Lydaird, Gertrude Isabell. 
Lyden, Katherine Walsh. 
Lyman, Stella Luella. 
Lynch, Annie Louise. 
Lynch, Julia Mary. 
Lynch, Mary. 
Lynch, Mary Bell. 
Lyon, Alice Louise. 
Lyon, Gertrude Helen. 
Lyons, Eliza Jane. 
Lyons, Elizabeth Agnes. 
Lyons, Ethel Viola. 
Lyons, Gertrude. . 
Lyons, Josephine. 
Lyons, Mary. 
Lyons, Nellie Maria. 
Lyte, Mary Rebecca, 

McAdam, Jane, 
McAffee, Minnie. 
McAleer, Alice Theresa. 
McArdle, Mary Alice, 
McAuliffe, Mary Gertrude. 
McAvity, Kathleen Isabell. 
McAvoy, Mary. 
McBride, Eva Adelaide. 
McBride, Margaret Florence. 
McBrien, Rose, 
McBurnie, Daisy Deane. 
McCabe, Edith Mary. 




McCafferty, Edith Helen Aloysia. 
McCafifrey, Helen Frances. 
McCann, Catherine. 
McCarthy, Agnes Kathryn. 
McCarthy, Annie Elizabeth. 
McCarthy, Catherine Cecelia. 
McCarthy, Cecelia Veronica. 
McCarthy, Dora. 
McCarthy, Elizabeth. 
McCarthy, Elizabeth. 
McCarthy, Elizabeth Agnes. 
McCarthy, Maud Bernice. 
McCarthy, Rose M. 
McCarthy, Sara Agnes. 
McCauley, Elizabeth Humphreys. 
McClelland, Minnie Britannia. 
McCloskey, Margaret Mary. 
McCollister, Blanche. 
McConkey, Martha Bell. 
McCormack, Sarah Genevieve. 
McCornish, Jennie M. 
McCotter, Letitia Marie. 
McCrae, Annabella. 
McCue, Bernice Russell. 
McCue, Mary Ellen. 
McCuUoch, Ada. 
McCumber, Mabel S. 
McDermott, Agnes. 
McDermott, Elizabeth. 
McDermott, Mary Ann. 
McDonald, Allene. 
McDonald, Annie Gertrude. 
McDonald, Daniel James. 
McDonald, Flora Finlayson. 
McDonald , Katherine Veronica. 
McDonald, Lina. 
McDonald, Marion Ann. 
McDonald', Marion Belle. 
McDougall, Helena Belle. 
McDougall, Isabella. 
McEachern, Flora Gillespie. 
McEachern, Katherine. 
McEachern, Laura Eugenia. 
McEachern, Margaret. 
McElligott, Mary Elizabeth. 
McEwan, Ellen Stothart. 
McEwan, Hannah Campbell. 
McEwan, Rachel. 
McEwen, Rachel. 
McFetridge, Nellie Scott. 
McGarry, Ellen Elizabeth. 
McGee, Elizabeth Jane. 
McGee, Margaret Agnes Jane. 
McGibbon, Margaret Francis. 
McGill, Bessie Lola. 
McGillicuddy, Gertrude Josephine. 
McGillicuddy, Margaret. 

McGinley, Agnes Philena. 
McGinley, Rose Magdalene. 
McGirl, Mary Ann. 
McGlauflin, Alice True. 
McGovern, Helena Teresa. 
McGowan, Alice Cecilia. 
McGowan, Elizabeth Teresa. 
McGrath, Katharine Gertrude. 
McGrath, Katherine Mary. 
McGrath, Margaret Frances. 
McGrath, Margaret Theresa. 
McGrath, Mary Alice. 
McGregor, Flora Barton. 
McGregor, Grace Dickman. 
McGuire, Isabel Allan. 
McHaffey, Mary Caroline. 
McHugh, Annie Frances. 
McHugh, Ellen. 

Mclntire, Annie Laurie Wingate. 
Mcintosh, Jennie. 
Mcintosh, Margaret Ann. 
Mcintosh, Miriam Beckwith. 
Mclntyre, Annie Veronica. 
McKay, Marion Frances. 
McKay, Mina Aileen. 
McKeage, Annie Jane. 
McKeever, Emma Susan Mainwarring. 
McKeever, James Levens. 
McKenna, Agatha Pauline. 
McKenna, Anna Frances. 
McKenna, Caroline. 
McKenna, Mary Cecilia. 
McKenna, Mary LePousie. 
McKenna, Teresa Rosalie. 
McKenzie, Annie Charlotte. 
McKenzie, Margaret. 
McKenzie, Mary Elizabeth. 
McKenzie, Mary Ellen. 
KcKeown, Katherine. 
McKiel, Theodora Adelaide. 
McKillop, Daniel. 
McKillop, Flora. 
McKillop, Margaret. 
McKinley, Jennie Catherine. 
McKinley, Margaret Elizabeth. 
McKinney, Lulu La Vernice. 
McKowen, Helen Theresa. 
McLarran, Mary. 
McLarren, Helen Gay ton. 
McLaughlin, Annie Kathryn. 
McLaughlin, Catherine Josephine. 
McLaughlin, Clare Mary. 
McLaughlin, Eva. 
McLaughKn, Mary Elizabeth. 
McLaughlin, Nora Geraldine. 
McLean, Annie Louise. 
McLean, Bessie M. 




McLean, Eleanor Mary. 
McLean, Ethel Scott. 
McLean, Florence Anne. 
McLean, Katherine. 
McLean, Matilda Agnes. 
McLearn, Annie Amanda. 
McLeay, Elizabeth Grace. 
McLelland, Maud. 
McLennan, Florence Louisa. 
MeLeod, Bella Louise. 
McLeod, Bessie May. 
McLeod, Florence Davis. 
McLeod, Katharine Brooks. 
McLeod, Margaret Sarah. 
McLeod, Mary Matilda. 
McLoughlin, Ellen Mae. 
McLoughlin, Helen Marie. 
McMackin, Rachel Agatha. 
McMahon, Anne Eliza. 
McMahon, Annie Elizabeth. 
McMahon, Elizabeth Ellen. 
McMahon, Frances. 
McMahon, Katherine Beatrice. 
McMahon, Margaret. 
McMahon, Mary Alice. 
McMartin, Margaret Adair. 
McMillan, Myrtle M. 
McMillen, Sarah Jane. 
McMonagle, Elizabeth Johanna. 
McMonagle, Mira Honora. 
McMullen, Frances Matilda. 
McMuUen, Mabel May. 
McMullin, Ellen Brigid. 
McMurchey, Isabel. 
McMurray, Elizabeth Smollins. 
McNab, Ada. 
McNair, Aneta Elizabeth. 
McNally, Catherine Agnes. 
McNally, John Joseph. 
McNamara, Margaret Agnes Cahalan. 
McNamara, Margaret Theresa. 
McNeil, Frances M. 
McNeil, Ida Ann. 
McNeill, Clara Jane. 
McNevin, May Cantello. 
McNulty, Helen Rose. 
McNult5^ Jennie. 
McNulty, Marie Bernadette. 
McNutt, Sarah Jane. 
McQuade, Nora Mary. 
McQuade, Teresa M. 
McQuillan, Rose Catherine. 
McRitchie, Christina Isabelle. 
McSorley, Mary Georgia. 
McVey, Ellen Elizabeth. 
Mabee, Carrie Gordqn. 
Mabee, Harriett E. 

Mabee, Maude Henrietta. 
Mable, Lillian May. 
Mabry, Greta. 
MacAdam, Ellen Chisholm. 
MacAdam, Katherine Belle. 
MacAfee, Hughjean Elizabeth. 
Macartney, Mary. 
Macauley, Elizabeth Francis. 
Macauley, Flora Mary. 
MacBride, Lucy. 
MacCabe, Edith Matheson. 
MacCabe, Isabella Whiting. 
MacCarthy, Victoria Patterson. 
MacCleave, Maretta Eliza. 
MacClellan, Margaret Cameron. 
MacComiskey, Myrtle Linwood Mae. 
MacCorison, Priscilla Henderson Brown. 
MacCrough, Elena Mae. 
MacCuish, Mary Belle. 
MacCully, Elizabeth Bell. 
MacCuspic, Anna Belle. 
MacDonald, Alice Grace. 
Macdonald, Amanda Elizabeth. 
Macdonald, Annie Louise. 
MacDonald, Bertha May. 
Macdonald, Carolyn Florence. 
MacDonald, Catherine. 
MacDonald, Catherine Anne. 
MacDonald, Catherine Elizabeth. 
Macdonald, Charlotte Catherine. 
MacDonald, Christina May. 
MacDonald, Dora. 
Macdonald, Elizabeth Jean. 
Macdonald, Elsie. 
MacDonald, Eva Catherine. 
Macdonald, Florence. 
MacDonald, Florence Anna. 
MacDonald, Ida MacLaughlan. 
MacDonald, Isabelle. 
MacDonald, Janette Cameron. 
Macdonald, Josephine Theresa. 
MacDonald, Katharine. 
MacDonald, Laura Elizabeth. 
Macdonald, Lillie Fletcher. 
MacDonald, Margaret. 
Macdonald, Margaret. 
MacDonald, Margaret Annie. 
Macdonald, Margaret Davidson. 
Macdonald, Margaret Lena. 
MacDonald, Margaret Ross. 
MacDonald, Mary. 
Macdonald, Mary Anna. 
MacDonald, Mary Beatrice. 
Macdonald, Mary Grey. 
MacDonald, Mary Jennie. 
Macdonald, Minnie. 
Macdonald, Mysie Alphonsus. 



MacDonald, Penelope Jane. 
MacDonald, Rheta Catherine. 
Macdonald, Sarah Harriett. 
Macdonald, Sarah Sophia. 
Macdonald, Susanna. 
Macdonnell, Margaret. 
Macdougall, Florence. 
MacDougall, Margaret Ann. 
MacDufifee, Sarah Smith. 
MacEachern, Laura May. 
MacElroj', Edith Isabel. 
MacFarlane, Catherine. 
MacFarlane, Margaret. 
MacFarlane, Mary Jessie. 
MacFayden, Mary Barbara. 
MacGillivray, Sara. 
MacGregor, Alena. 
MacGregor, Emily Louisa. 
MacGregor, Helen Jane. 
MacGregor, Katherine. 
MacGregor, Minnie Jackson. 
MacHugh, Cecelia. 
Maclnnes, Eleanor Grace. 
Maclnnes, Emeline. 
Maclnnes, Florence Irena. 
Maclnnes, Ina Anna. 
Maclnnis, Anna Jeanette. 
Maclntire, Mae Lucille. 
Macintosh, Alice Brown. 
Macintosh, Jo Anna. 
Maclntyre, Sarah. 
Maclver, Katharine Anne. 
Maclver, Marion Lillian. 
Mack, Elizabeth Barry. 
Mack, Julia Ellen. 
Mack, Margaret Olive. 
MacKay, Alice. 
MacKay, Catherine. 
Mackay, Georgia. 
Mackay, Ida Martha. 
MacKay, Jessie Ann. 
MacKay, Kate Helena. 
MacKay, Katherine Cecilia. 
Mackay, Katherine Christina. 
Mackay, Lena Gertrude. 
MacKay, Malcolm. 
Mackay, Margaret Mabelle. 
Mackay, Mary Ann. 
Mackay, Mary Chisholm. 
Mackeen, Amy Louise. 
Macken, Anna Tormey. 
Mackendrick, Gertrude Elizabeth. 
Mackenzie, Agnace Elizabeth. 
Mackenzie, Anna. 
Mackenzie, Christine Mary. 
Mackenzie, Elsie Isabel. 
Mackenzie, Florence Emily. 

Mackenzie, Helen Hall. 
Mackenzie, Jean Tillerie. 
Mackenzie, Jennette Graham. 
Mackenzie, Jessie Bell. 
Mackenzie, Katherine Lizzie. 
MacKenzie, Katherine Weatherby. 
MacKenzie, Kathleen. 
MacKenzie, Lillian Alice. 
Mackenzie, Martha. 
Mackenzie, Mary Catherine. 
Mackenzie, Mary Josephine. 
Mackenzie, Susan Elizabeth. 
Mackin, Julia Cecelia. 
MacKinnon, Almira Etta. 
MacKinnon, Katherine. 
MacKinnon, Marion Thorne. 
Mackinnon, Ruth. 
Mackintire, Alice May Nuttell. 
Mackintosh, Kate. 
Mackintosh, Rachel Ann. 
MacLane, Ruth S. H. 
MacLauchlin, Zillah. 
MacLaughlin, Alice Blanche. 
MacLean, Bessie. 
Maclean, Carolyn Helene. 
MacLean, Dolina Isabel. 
MacLean, Mary Catherine. 
MacLean, May. 
MacLean, Tena. 
MacLeod, Charlotte. 
MacLeod, Elizabeth. 
MacLeod, Ella. 
Macleod, Eva Ellen. 
Macleod, Georgina Agnes. 
MacLeod, Katherine. 
Macleod, Louisa Christie. 
MacLeod, Margaret Adelizo. 
MacLeod, Mary Annie. 
MacLeod. Nellie Johnson. 
MacLeod, Sarah. 
MacMahow, Delia. 
MacMaster, Florence Gertrude. 
MacMillan, Anna Margaret. 
MacMillan, Ethel Murray. 
MacMillan, Margaret. 
MacMorine, Emily Euphemia. 
MacMullin, Bessie Mabel. 
Macnab, Agnes Jean. 
MacNaughton, Mary Aleda. 
MacNaughton, Nellie Maude. 
MacNealy, Georgia Josephine. 
MacNeil, Lizzie Lake. 
MacNeil, Margaret Elizabeth. 
MacNeil, Mary Ann. 
MacNeil, Mary Catharine. 
MacNeil, Mary Eleanor Meagher. 
MacNeil, Sadie Gertrude. 



MacNeill, Annie Laurie. 
MacNeill, Malcolm Angus. 
MacNeill, Mary Victoria. 
MacNeill, Sarah Edythe. 
MacOdrum, Alice Langham. 
Macomber, Clarissa Wade. 
Macomber, Doris. 
Macomber, Emma Blake. 
MacPhee, Minnie Blanche. 
MacPhee, Myra Bernice. 
MacPherson, Ada. 
Macpherson, Annie. 
MacPherson, Florence. 
Macpherson, Jean Ferguson. 
MacPherson, Sarah Catherine. 
MacQuade, Sarah. 
MacQuarrie, Mary Ann. 
MacQuarrie, Matilda Adelaide. 
MacQuinn, Florence Putnam. 
MacRae, Jean Gordon. 
MacRae, Katherine. 
MacRae, Susan. 
MacTavish, Mary Belle. 
MacWiUiams, Frances Evelyn. 
MacWilliams, Olive Gordon. 
Madden, Winifred Jane. 
Maddocks, Alma Ardell. 
Maeder, Winafred Thirza Louise. 
Magee, Bessie Margaret Judith. 
Magrath, Julie Anna. 
Magruder, Frank Gilmore. 
Maguire, Katherine Margaret. 
Mahar, Blanche Sevilla. 
Mahar, Olga Anna. 
Mahar, Phoebe. 
Maher, Grace Mabel. 
Maher, Mary Helen. 
Mahoney, Ella Louise. 
Mahoney, Helen Cecelia. 
Mahoney, Katherine Mary. 
Mahoney, Margaret Agatha. 
Mahoney, Mary Elizabeth. 
Mahoney, Nora Christina. 
Mahoney, Helena Teresa. 
Main, Dorothy Cecile Manter. 
Main, Mira Rockwell. 
Malcolm, Gertrude Melissa. 
Malcolm, Sophia Caroline. 
Mallory, Elsie Elizia. 
Maloney, Diana Tonsignant. 
Maloney, Elizabeth Frances. 
Maloney, Mary. 
Maloy, Joseph Albert. 
Malyby, Annie Lassey. 
Manague, Marion Plaisted. 
Mank, Lulu Viola. 
Mann, Agnes E. 

Mann, Bernice. 
Manning, Albina Marion. 
Manning, Amanda. 
Manning, Caroline Robertson. 
Manning, Elizabeth Ann. 
Manning, Ora Myrtle. 
Manning, Ruth Emerson. 
Mansfield, Lena Agnes. 
Manter, Margaret Johnson. 
Manton, Winifred Mary. 
Manwell, Thedosia Parker. 
Manzer, Gertrude Elfrida. 
Mara, Abigail Margaret. 
Marble, Bessie May. 
March, Ada Bonney. 
March, Alice Warren. 
March, Bessie Gladys. 
Marco, Elizabeth Scott. 
Marcy, Mary Alice. 
Marcy, Mary Matilda. 
Margeson, Ida May. 
Marhan, Mary Therese Hayes. 
Mariette, Mabel Edithe. 

Marino, Maria Venera. 

Marion, Jennie. 

Markham, Margaret Helena. 

Marks, Catherine Claire. 

Marr, Bessie Reubina. 

Marriner, Jessie Luella. 

Marsh, Claribel Heath. 

Marsh, Elizabeth W^ilder. 

Marsh, Leta. 

Marshall, Alice Cecelia. 

Marshall, Carlotta Anna. 

Marshall, Ellen Harriet. 

Marshall, Susan. 

Marston, Clara Drew. 

Marston, Susie May. 

Martell, Agnes Helena. 

Martin, Christina Alice. 

Martin, Edna Rose. 

Martin, Elizabeth Winifred. 

Martin, Frederick Augustas. 

Martin, Greta May. 

Martin, Katherine Veronica. 

Martin, Margaret. 

Martin, Maria Gertrude. 

Martin, Marj^ 

Martin, Mary Emma. 

Martin, Minnie Martha. 

Martin, Virginia Sawyer. 

Martindale, Bertha Haughton. 

Mason, Florence Edna. 

Mason, Helen Newell. 

Mason, Irene Whitney. 

Mason, Sybil Haddow. 

Mason, Theresa Augusta. 



Massey, Jean Nimmo. 
Masterson, Margaret A. 
Mather, Alice Rose. 
Mather, Jennie Ellen. 
Matheson, Ann Catherine. 
Matheson, Jessie. 
Matheson, Margaret Agnes. 
Mathews, Crissie Augusta. 
Mathews, Helena. 
Mathey, Constance Mathilde. 
Matthews, Gertrude Mary. 
Matthews, Henrietta Jane. 
Matthews, Nellie May. 
Matthews, Susan. 
Mattice, Brenda Florence. 
Maxson, Lida Amelia. 
Maxwell, Annie Rose. 
Maynard, Angeline Bigelow. 
Mayo, Elsie Putnam. 
Mead, Ada Florence. 
Meade, Susan Frances. 
Meader, Lauria Gladys. 
Meagher, Nellie Miria. 
Meagher, Susan Matilda. 
Mears, Anna Enid. 
Meates, Edith Louise. 
Mee, Florence Gertrude. 
Mee, Rose Mary. 
Meekj Martha Whilamina. 
Meek, Mary Cornelia. 
Meenan, Margaret Anne. 
Meers, Charlotte Anna. 
Meikle, Isabelle Gillespie. 
Meikle, Jessie Willena. 
Melick, Annie Beatrice. 
Melick, Emma Gertrude. 
Mellish, Leona Stymest. 
Melven, Isabel. 
Mercer, Elma Ruth. 
Merchant, Arthur Gordon. 
Mernaugh, Annie F. 
Merriam, Emma. 
Merrill, Florence Estelle. 
Merrill, Jenny Maud. 
Merrill, Mary Eleanor. 
Merrill, S.|Eleanor. 
Merriman, Lorena Beatrice. 
Mersen, Rachel Sophia. 
Mersereau, Ruth Amelia. 
Messinger, Pearle Porter. 
Metcalfe, Rachel Alice. 
Meyers, Mary Agnes. 
Micott, Stella Alice. 
Milberry, Sophia Ainslie. 
Miles, Maud Amanda. 
Miller, Alma Malissa. 
Miller, Amy Phillips. 

Miller, Ethel May. 
Miller, Jennie Maude. 
Miller, Lila Alberta. 
Miller, Lottie Haines. 
Miller, Lucy Mary. 
Miller, Margaret Ethel. 
Miller, Mary Louise. 
Miller, Winifred. 
Millican, Lilly Rebecca. 
Millidge, Florence Elizabeth. 
Miiligan, Lauretta Pearl. 
Millin, Emma Warren. 
Millington, Hester Philinda. 
Mills, Elizabeth Howarth. 
Mills, Leila Laverne. 
Mills, Susan Lennox. 
Milne, Daisy Ettawanda. 
Milner, Margaret. 
Milton, Alice. 
Minlder, Ethel Irene. 
Mitchell, Annie Jane. 
Mitchell, Annie Maria. 
Mitchell, Daisy Elsie. 
Mitchell, Elizabeth Gertrude. 
Mitchell, Elizabeth. . 
Mitchell, Emily Louise. 
Mitchell, Elsie. 
Mitchell, Grace Darling. 
Mitchell, Hellen Louise Caldwell. 
Mitchell, Helen Winifred. 
Mitchell, Mary Anna. 
Mitchell, Mary Elizabeth. 
Mitton, Minnie Elmina. 
Mitton, Susie Lillian. 
Mixner, Eva Belle. 
Moar, Jennie. 
Moffatt, Pansy Emerald. 
Mollison, Veronica Campbell. 
Molloy, Margaret Bessy. 
Molony, Annie Marie. 
Monaghan, Lucie A. 
Monahan, Mary Alice. 
Monks, Eugene P. 
Monroe, Jessimin Clark. 
Monroe, Mary Winifred. 
Monroe, Kate. 
Moodie, Margaret Elizabeth. 
Moody, Ida Charlotte. 
Mooney, Cora Biana. 
Mooney, Luida Emeretta. 
Mooney, Mary Elizabeth. 
Mooney, Nancy Eusebia. 
Mooney, Susan Sibelia. 
Moore, Belle Frances, 
Moore, Celia Theresa. 
Moore, Elizabeth. 
Moore, Ethel Heckbert. 

1912.] PUBLIC DOCOIEXT — No. 91. 


Moore, Harriet Elizabeth. 
Moore, Florence Annis. 
Moore, Jessie Elizabeth. 
Moore, Lelia Ciimmings. 
Moore, Mabel Maude. 
Moore, Marj- Eva. 
Moore, Rachel Ann. 
Moore, Sarah Elizabeth. 
Moore, Zaidee. 
Moran, Adelaide Frances. 
Moran, Anna Agatha. 
Moran, Elsie. 
Moran, Maria Elizabeth. 
Morgan, Edith Kane. 
Morgner, Elise Agnes. 
Moriarty, Florence Cadmus. 
Morley, Cecilia Marj- Fair. 
Morrell, Ethel Viola. 
Morrill, Florence Adelaide. 
Morris, Carrie Poole. 
Morris, Effie Reid. 
Morris, Felicia Rodrick. 
Morris, Hannah Pauline. 
Morris, Harriet Lee. 
Morris, Lilian Hope. 
Morris, Lillian May. 
Morris, Marj- Anna. 
Morris, Marj- Frances. 
Morrisey, Annie Louise. 
Morrison, Margaret Emilie. 
Morrison, Allan Murdock. 
Morrison, Eliza Marj-. 
Morrison, Flora Margaret. 
Morrison, Hanetta. 
Morrison, Helen Katherine. 
Morrison, Katharine Margaret. 
Morrison, Mary Rose. 
Morrow, Minnie Robertson. 
Morse, Belle Letitia. 
Morse, Blanche. 
Morse, Lillian Burns. 
Morse, Louise Campbell. 
Mortimer, Emma Ariadne. 
Morton, Emma Elizabeth. 
Morton, Rachel. 
Morway, Frank Leon. 
Mosher, Madeline Crowell. 
Mother Mary of Pro^"idence. 
Mother Mar>- Vincent. 
Motschmann, Margaret Alice. 
Moulton, Jessie May. 
Mowatt, Bessie McAllister. 
Mowrj', Julia. 
Moj-nihan, Abigail Frances. 
Moynehan, Katherine Anne. 
Mudge, Elizabeth Ellen. 
Muir, Mary Campbell. 

Mulcahy, Mary Gertrude. 

Mulcahj-, Mary Josephine. 

Muldoon, Flora Ellen McPherson. 

Muldoon, Katherine Adrian McHugh. 

Mullen, Katherine Frances. 

Mulligan, May bell Josephine. 

MuUins, Anna Gertrude. 

Miillins, Eva L'rsula. 

MuUins, Frances Louisa. 

Mulock, Carrie Louise. 

Mulrenan, Annie M. 

Mulrenan, Evelj-n Catherine Veronica. 

Mulroy, Mabel Pauline. 

Mulvey, Anna Cecelia. 

Mumford, Louise Alice. 

Munkittrick, Julia Maude. 

Munro, Florence Maud. 

Munro, Lj-dia. 

Munroe, Marj* Frances EHza. 

Munsie, Alice Harris. 

Murdock, Florence Amelia Cobb. 

Murfitt, Mary Louisa. 

Miirley, Emily Blanche. 

Murnane, Kathrj-n Frances. 

Murphy, Abigail Elizabeth Eulalia. 

Murphy, Agnes Ethel. 

Murphy, Anna Frances. 

Murphy, Elizabeth. 

Murphj-, Florence Catherine. 

Murphy, Helen Paul. 

Murphy, Jennie L. 

Murphy, Julia Esther. 

Murphj-, Louise Margaret. 

Murphy, Mabel Marietta. 

Murphy, Margaret Daniels. 

Murphy, Margaret Marj*. 

Murphy, Marj- Ahce. 

Murphy, Marj' Anna. 

Murphy, Marj' Annette. 

Murphy, Marj^ Craig. 

Murphy, Mary Gene\'ieve. 

Murphy, Marj- Janet. 

Murphj', Marj- O'Connor. 

Murphy, Marj- Teresa. 

Murphy, Stella May. 

Murray, Anna Francis. 

Murray, Edith May. 

Murray, Elizabeth. 

Murray, Elizabeth Cecilia. 

Murray, Ellen. 

Murray, Florence. 

Murray, Grace Ferguson. 

Murray, Helen Catherine. 

Murray, Isabel MacLean. 

Murray, Man,- Agnes. 

Murray, Mar\- Isabel. 

Murtha, Grace. 




Miuzey, Elizabeth. 
Myers, Maude Elizabeth. 
Myles, Frances Adelle Btimham. 

Xagle, Helen Gertrude. 
Nardi, Delya Elizabeth. 
Nash, Bessie May. 
Naugle, Gladys Zaidee Lament. 
Navarro, Lillian. 
Neal, Grace May. 
Neal, Harriet Florence. 
Neal, Helen Ruby. 
Nearj-, Kathleen Marj-. 
Neate, Muriel Helen. 
Neff, Frances Adele. 
Neiforth, Ada Maud. 
Neiforth, Irene Emily. 
Neil, Marj- Alice. 
NeLU, Anne Elizabeth. 
Nelson, Alice Barbara. 
Nelson, Christina Aimette. 
Nelson, Jean Watson. 
Nelson, Lena Wallace. 
Nelson, Marj- Karen. 
Nelson, Sarah Rebecca. 
Neugebauer, Luise Auguste. 
Newcomb, Anna Josephine. 
Xewcomb, Emma Christina. 
Newcomb. Gertrude Sophia, 
Newcomb, Ona May. 
Newell, Harriet White. 
Newell, Louise Chandler. 
Newman, Avize Jane. 
Newman, Eliza Veronica. 
Newman, Marj- Gertrude. 
Newman, Sara Victoria. 
Newton, Lula Italia. 
Nicholl, Maria Anne. 
Nichols, XeUie M\-rtle. 
Nichols, Carrie Richards. 
Nichols, Emma Maria. 
Nichols, Helen Edith. 
Nichols, Inez Wood. 
Nichols, Joram Henry. 
Nicholson, Annie May. 
Nicholson, Marj- Harriet. 
Nicholson, Roberta Ellen. 
Nickerson, Lloyd GranvOle. 
Nicolson, Helen. 
Nielsen, Christine Margrethe. 
Nielson, Karen Caroline. 
Nightingale, EHzabeth Bernice. 
Nightingale, Minnie Chace. 
Nihill, Annie Catherine. 
Nix, Frances Ita. 
Nolan, Agnes EUen. 
Noland. Katherine Janssens. 

Noonan, Anna Loretto. 
Noonan, Sanah May. 
Norman, Irene Phedora. 
Norris, Anna Patrecia. 
Norris, May Aima. 
Nourse, Sarah Lucretia, 
Noyes, Florence Anna. 
Noyes, Mabel. 

Noj-es, Margaret Catherine MacLeod. 

Noyes, L'rsula Clark. 

Nuessel. Gretchen. 

Nugent, Grace. 

Nugent, Marj- Irene. 

Nugent, Rose Elizabeth. 

Nutter, Elizabeth. 

Nye, Georgetta. 

Nyquist, Signe Caroline. 

Oakes, Constance Evangeline. 
Oakes, Mary Alice. 
Oakes, Marj- Irene. 
Ober, Martha Wyatt. 
O'Brien, Anna Belle. 
O'Brien, Addie Sophia. 
O'Brien, Anna Teresa. 
O'Brien, Annie May. 
O 'Brien. Elizabeth Alice. 
O'Brien, EUen LuciUe. 
O'Brien, Mabel Banks. 
O'Brien, Marj- E. 
O 'Brien, Mary EUen. 
O'Brien, Marj- EUen White. 
O 'Brien, Marj- Jane. 
O'Brien, Minnie Patience. 
O'ConneU, Anna Teresa. 
O'ConneU, Mar\- Agnes. 
O'Connor, Anna Gertrude. 
O'Connor, Claire. 
O'Connor, EUen Teresa. 
O'Connor, EUen Teresa. 
O'Connor, Helen. 
O'Connor, Helen Frances. 
O'Connor, Josephine Elizabeth. 
O'Connor, Josephine Margaret. 
O'Connor, Josephine Maiy. 
O'Connor, Julia Marj-. 
O'Connor, Katherine Bernadine. 
O'Connor, L. Agnes. 
O'Connor. Margaret. 
O'Connor, Margaret EUen. 
O'Connor, Marj- Annie. 
O'DonneU, Marj- Florence. 
O'DonneU, Marj- Helen. 
O'DriscoU, Mary EUen. 
O'Dwyer, Anna CecUia. 
O'Flaherty, Elenoi Agnes. 
O 'Grady, Maiy- EUen. 




O'Hearne, Annie Eleanor. 
Ohlen, Alice Mathilde. 
Ohlson, Ruth Cecilia. 
O'Keefe, Katherine Eleanor. 
0'Lear5% Kathleen Susan. 
O'Leary, Nellie Teresa. 
Oliver, Josephine Holman. 
Oliver, Margaret Louise. 
Oliver, Marj' Catherine, 
dliver, Mary Louise. 
Olmsted, Elizabeth. 
O'Loughlin, Annie Augusta. 
Olson, Anna Alfrida. 
O'Mahony, Jane Theresa. 
O'Malley, Alice Gertrude. 
O'Malley, Evelyn Anna. 
O'Meara, Sarah. 
O'Xeil, Cecelia Mary. 
O'Neil, Mary Agnes. 
O'Xeil, Susan Gertrude. 
O'Neill, Elizabeth Celia. 
O'Neill, Helen Augustine. 
O'Neill, Marj- Adelaide. 
Ordway, Carrie Frances. 
Ordway, Grace Abbie. 
O'Reilly, Mary Veronica. 
Oreon, Elsie Lauretta. 
O'Rourke, Alice Jane Perkins. 
O'Rourke, Helen Frances. 
Orr, Annabel. 
Osborne, Annie Marie. 
Osgood, Ethel Knowles. 
Osgood, Mildred Lee, 
Ostrander, Bessie Farnsworth. 
Ostrander, Margaret Helen. 
O 'Sullivan, Bertha Bemis. 
Otis, Walter Joseph. 
O 'Toole, Alice Emily. 
O 'Toole, Catherine Frances. 
O 'Toole, Eleanor Elizabeth. 
Oulton, Marion Louise. 
Oxner, Jessie Catherine DrusiUa. 
Oxner, Lottie Louise. 

Packard, Margaret Alice. 

Paddock, Mildred. 

Page, Ethel A. 

Page, Frances Alberta. 

Paige, Beatrice Genevieve. 

Paige, Minnie Roselle. 

Palmer, Beulah Maude. 

Palmer, Frances Annie Viola. 

Papineau, Maude Ellen. 

Park, Emma Florence. 

Parke, Adelade Augusta. 

Parker, Anne Chandler. 

Parker, Annie Coldershaw Porter 

Parker, EUa. 
Parker, Grace Oswald. 
Parker, Helen Prescott. 
Parker, Jane Elizabeth. 
Parker, Mabelle Wilson. 
Parker, Martha Pemberton. 
Parker, Marj- Clare. 
Parker, Maud. 
Parker, Mildred King. 
Parks, Grace Osborne. 
Parks, Helen Alexandria. 
Parmelee, Eva Jean. 
Parmenter, Alice Howe. 
Parrish, Mary MacDonald. 
Parrish, Nell em a e Lillian. 
Parrj', Georgia Belle. 
Parshley, Clara Mabel. 
Parslow, Annie Beatrice. 
Parsons, Louisa. 
Parsons, Marion Geneth. 
Parsons, Maude Staplin. 
Parsons, Sara Elizabeth. 
Partridge, Nellie Grace. 
Patchell, Jane Rebecca Cunningham. 
Paterson, Catherine Wallace. 
Paton, Annie Jane. 
Paton, Marj' Steele. 
Patten, Anna Frances. 
Patten, Carolyn Moroa. 
Patten, Clarence Anderson. 
Patten, Estelle. 
Patterson, Annie. 
Patterson, Barbara Black. 
Patterson, Charlotte Anna. 
Patterson, Emma Melissa. 
Patterson, Gertrude Elizabeth. 
Patterson, Jennie Cochrane. 
Patterson, Mary Dickson. 
Patterson, Marj' Elizabeth. 
Patterson, Ruth Ann. 
Paty, Elizabeth Florence. 
Payne, Alice May. 
Payne, Beatrice Edridge. 
Payne, Mary Agnes. 
Pearson, Alice Agatha. 
Pearson, Eureka Christina. 
Pearson, Helen Foster. 
Pearson, Maude Alice. 
Pease, Clara Luscombe. 
Pease, Marietta Louise. 
Peck, Clara Bartlett. 
Peck, Elizabeth Hicks. * 
Peck, Helen Chesley. 
Peckham, Marion. 
Peckham, Minerv^a Anna. 
Peden, Elizabeth. 
' Peel, Myra Clorinda. 




Peirce, Hope. 
Peirce, Judith Nelson. 
Peirce, Mary Etta. 
Pellett, Annie May. 
Pember, Julia Emily. 
Pendleton, Evelyn Adell. 
Pengilly, Clara Heustis. 
Pennington, Louise Alberta. 
Percy, Mary Henrietta. 
Perkins, Alice Emily. 
Perkins, Grace Katherene. 
Perkins, Georgia Alma. 
Perkins, Helen Grace MacLean. 
Perkins, Jessie Macdonald. 
Perkins, Mary Conant. 
Perkins, Mina Luella Wendell. 
Perley, Lizzie Hartt. 
Perley, Rose Frances. 
Perman, Dorothea Gustafoa. 
Perrault, Clara Frances. 
Perron, Alzena. 
Perry, Anna Gertrude. 
Perrj% Annie May. 
Perry, Charlotte Mande^alle. 
Perrj^ Emma Gorden. 
Perry, Geraldine. 
Perry, Lena Angelina. 
Perry, Martha Gene\deve. 
Perry, Mary Alice. 
Peterie, Helen. 
Peters, Ethel Letitia. 
Peterson, Almida Sophia, 
Peterson, Astrid Mary Elizabeth. 
Peterson, Dusine. 
Peterson, Hanna Sophia. 
Peterson, Josephine Carolina. 
Peterson, Signi Victoria. 
Pethybridge, Ella Copeland. 
Pettis, Agnes Harmon. 
Pevear, Edna Sarah. 
Pew, Sally Alice. 
Pfaffhauser, Beatrice. 
Phair, Kathleen. 
Phee, Margaret. 
Phelan, Edna Karleen. 
Phelan, Katherine Agnes. 
Phelan, Mary Anna. 
Phelps, Grace Appleton. 
Phelps, Leona Lucretia. 
Philbin, Anna Gertrude. 
Philbrook, Annia Dixwell. 
Phillips, Alice -Margaret. 
Phillips, Elizabeth Gertrude. 
Phillips, Mary Martin. 
Phillips, Minnie May. 
Phillips, Susan. 
Phinney, Minnie Rosamond. 

Pickels, Bertha. 
Pickels, Margaret Blanche. 
Pickett, Sarah Harriet. 
Pickup, Fanny Florence. 
Pierce, Elizabeth Carolyn. 
Pierce, Margaret Wright. 
Pierce, Mary Anne. 
Pierce, Mary Elizabeth. 
Pierce, Mildred. 

Pierce, Muriel Ada. * 

Pike, Ada Belle. 

Pine, Emily. 

Pingree, Winnifred. 

Pinkham, Marcelia Miriam. 

Pitfield, Anna Morehouse. 

Pitman, Elizabeth Eunice. 

Pitt, Augusta Maude. 

Pitts, Everett Eugene. 

Plaisted, Laura Mae. 

Piatt, Lilla Adele. 

Plummer, Cora Agnes. 

Plummer, Helen Josephine. 

Plummer, Mary Josephine. 

Plunkett, Ella Heathcote. 

Pollard, Emily Bassett. 

Pollard, Ethel Maria. 

Policy, Ida Belle. 

PoUock, Viola Mellis. 

Pollj% Agnes Irene. 

Pomeroy, Elizabeth Abbinette^WiUiams. 

Pomeroy, Frances Chandler. 

Pond, Laura Madeleine. 

Pope, Cynthia Helen. 

Pope, Jeannette Colledge. 

Porteous, Phoebe Jean. 

Porter, Alice Collins. 

Porter, Alice Letitia. 

Porter, Helen Roberts. 

Porter, Irene Mae. 

Post, Leon Carlton. 

Potter, Helen Osborne. 

Potter, Jane Congdon. 

Potter, Lucy Jeannette. 

Patterson, Susanna Maud. 

Potts, Lottie Susan. 

Poulton, Kathleen. 

Powell, Belle Murray. 

Powell, Flora Amelia. 

Power, Helen Gertrude. 

Powers, Agnes Eleanor. 

Powers, Alice Muriel. 

Powers, Anna Florence. 

Powers, Ellen Katheryn. 

Powers, Katharine Frances. 

Powers, Margaret Dolores. 

Pratt, Katherine Maude. 

Pratt, Laura Swart. 



Pratt, Lizzie Jane. 
Prendergast, Nora Wilhelmina. 
Priest, Beiilah Mabel. 
Priest, Marj' Etta. 
Proctor, Marion. 

Prowse, Constance Clara Warren. 
Prudham, Margaret Frances Gertn 
Prue, Grace Marion. 
Publicover, Elizabeth. 
Publicover, Elizabeth Ivie. 
Pulsifer, Blanche Brewda. 
Punchard, Abbie Louisa. 
Purcell, Nora. 
Purdue, Florence Noyes. 
Purdy, Alice Ellen. 
Purdy, Tamer. 
Purtle, Marie Le\'ine. 
Putnam, Margaret Jane. 
Putnam, Maria. 
Putnam, Mary Emma. 

Quennan, Mary Lilian. 
Quigley, Hannah Louise. 
Quinn, Anna Josephine. 
Quinn, Bridget Agnes. 
Quinn, Elizabeth Josephine. 
Quinn, Lena Coletta Gorman. 
Quinn, Mary Theresa, 
Quirk, Agnes Irene. 
Quirk, Catherine Teresa. 
Quirk, Louise Gertrude. 
Quistt, Anna Pauline. 

Rackle, Cora. 

Rackliffe, Edna. 

Radford, Annie Edith. 

Rafuse, Ada May. 

Rainer, Olga Eleonora. 

Rainsford, Eleanor Francis Hilton. 

Rainsford, Ethel Mary. 

Rainville, Anna Osila. 

Ralston, Elsa Soppronia. 

Ramage, Helen. 

Ramsdell, Emma Mabel. 

Ramsey, Mary Grace. 

Ramstad, Dina. 

Rand, Annie Laura. 

Rand, Cora Almeda. 

Rand, Lucy Harriett. 

Rand, Sarah Elizabeth, 

Randall, Isabel Agnes, 

Rankin, Emma Worthley. 

Ranney, Grace Louise. 

Rapp, Mary Agness. 

Raser, Mary Rose. 

Raskopf, Helene. 

Rasmussen, Jorgine. 

Rathbun, Annie Elizabeth. 

Rawson, Mabel Constance. 

Ray, Anna Elizabeth. 

Ray, Annie Lee. 
I Raynes, Annie. 
; Raynes, Henrietta Carman. 

Read, Anna. 

Read, Elizabeth Bertha. 

Read, Ella EsteUe. 

Read, Harriet Ann. 

Read, Sara Chase. 

Reade, Elizabeth O. 

Reader, Mary Anne. 

Reagan, Mary Jane, 

Record, Lucy Bernice. 

Reddington, Katherine. 

Reddy, Madge Elinor. 

Redfearn, Annie. 

Redfearn, Janet. 

Redfern, Helen Louise. 

Redman, Anna May. 

Redmond, Grace Emma. 

Redmond, Janetta Archibald. 

Redmond, Sarah Ellen. 

Redmond, Stella Stephena, 

Reed, Abbie Alice Gray. 

Reed, Bertha Emma Stella, 

Reed, Clare Angle. 

Reed, Helen. 

Reed, Georgia Henri, 

Reed, Julia Anna Haines. 

Reed, Julia Ermina, 

Reedy, Mary Catherine. 

Reeks, Mary, 

Regan, Bridget Agnes, 

Regan, Mary Agnes, 

Regan, Margaret Jane, 

Regan, Mary Ann, 

Reichert, Lillian, 

Reid, Irene, 

Reid, Lalia Jane, 

Reid, Lena Ethel. 

Reid, Lily, 

Reid, Mildred Kirkpatrick. 
Reid, Pearl Mabel. 
Reid, Winifred Eleanor. 
Reilly, Mary. 
Retallick, Maude Evelyn. 
Rettie, May Christine. 
Reyner, Lola Adelaide, 
Reynolds, Grace Arvilla. 
Reynolds, Kathryn Margaret. 
Reynolds, Marion May Helen. 
Reynolds, Mary Louise. 
Reynolds, Maude Ella. 
Reynolds, Sarah Gertrude. 
Rhodes, Flora Belle. 




Rice, Elizabeth. 
Rice, Gertrude Gene. 
Rice, Gwendolyn Gertrude. 
Rice, Sara Marj^ 
Rich, Ethel Belle. 
Rich, Georgie Franklin. 
Richards, Eva Eliza. 
Richards, Linda. 

Richardson, Charles Edward Sidney. 
Richardson, Frances Adaline Park. 
Richardson, Helen Hale Ilsley. 
Richardson, Ida May. 
Richardson, Lor a Mj-ra. 
Richardson, Margaret Hall. 
Richardson, Minnie. 
Richmond, Hannah Belle. 
Ricker, Edna Louise. 
Ricketson, Florence. 
Ricketson, Lionel B. 
RiddeU, Sarah Shafter. 
Riddle, Mary Margaret. 
Rideout, Annie Meretta. 
Ridge, Georgina Charlotte Sarah. 
Ridley, Maude Elizabeth. 
Rigby, Pamelia. 

Riley, Anna Amelia Palfreyman. 
Riley, Emily Mary. 
Riley, Jane Frances. 
Rimmer, Mary Jane. 
Rines, Gertrude Mae. 
Riordan, Frances Catherine. 
Riordan, Mary Louise. 
Rishworth, Ethel Maude. 
Risoldi, Anna. 
Ritchie, Christine Mary. 
Ritchie, Josephine Margaret. 
Ritchie, Nora. 
Rivette, Emma M. 
Roach, Albert James. 
Roach, Mary Alice. 
Roach, Sophia Ruth. 
Roache, Mary Agnes. 
Robb, Nina Margaret. 
Robbins, Edith. 
Robbins, Grace Emogene. 
Robbins, Mary Amelia. 
Robbins, Minnie Olive. 
Robert, Malvina. 
Roberts, Bertha Ethel. 
Roberts, Emma Louise. 
Roberts, Hattie Carli. 
Roberts, Inez Mary. 
Roberts, Katherine May. 
Robertson, Annie Munro. 
Robertson, Ella Jean. 
Robertson, Emily Jane. 
Robertson, Jane. 

Robertson, Katharine Mclntyre. 
Robertson, Margaret Grace. 
Robertson, Mary Ann. 
Robins, Emma. 
Robinson, Edith Isabel. 
Robinson, Emma Gertrude. 
Robinson, Estelle. 
Robinson, Frances Reid. 
Robinson, Gertrude Frances. 
Robinson, Harriette. 
Robinson, Harriot Louise. 
Robinson, Ina Berneice. 
Robinson, Lorena. 
Robinson, Mary Breed. 
Robinson, Selena Maude. 
Roche, Emily Jane. 
Roche, Patty White. 
Rodden, Margaret McCord. 
Rodgers, Georgiana. 
Rodgers, Mary. 
Rogers, Agnes Josephine. 
Rogers, Alice May Priest. 
Rogers, Hannah. 
Rogers, Harold Dana. 
Rogers, Laura Harpur. 
Rogers, Margaret. 
Rogers, Nina Louise. 
Rohan, Anna Bridget. 
Romkey, Ascenath Rebecca. 
Roonej', Anna Catharine. 
Roos, Edith Elizabeth. 
Roper, Eva Caroline. 
Roscoe, Maud Helena. 
Rosdine, Catherine Mary. 
Ross, Agnes. 
Ross, Annie Belle. 
Ross, Dolina Eliza. 
Ross, Effie Flora. 
Ross, Elizabeth. 
Ross, Elizabeth Anne. 
Ross, Jeanette Hall. 
Ross, Jennie May. 
Ross, Katherine Bryon. 
Ross, Lydia Grant. 
Ross, Marion Jessie. 
Ross, Mary Jean. 
Ross, May Emily. 
Ross, Zelda Cecile. 
Rothrock, Anna Ely. 
Roubin, Nellie Anita. 
Roughan, Mary Ellen. 
Rourke, Jennie Marguerite. 
Rourke, Katherine. 
Row, Jenny Louise. 
Rowan, Anna Smith. 
Rowan, Mary E. 
Rowe, Bessie Eunice. 

1912.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 91. 

Rowe, Martha Ella. 
Rowen, Maria Louisa. 
Roxborough, Annie Ellen. 
Roy, Agnes Winnifred. 
Roy, Esther. 

Rudd, Nathalie Clement. 
Ruder, Sidonia Amelia. 
Ruegli, Elise. 
Ruel, Emma Alice. 
Ruest, Marj' Alphonsine. 
Ruggles, Alice Kimball. 
Ruhan, Kathrj-n Lauretta. 
Rull, Catherine Ellen. 
Rundlett, Ada May. 
Russ, Anna Mabel. 
Russell, Alexanderina. 
Russell, Alice Emery. 
Russell, Emma Frances. 
Russell, Jane Allan. 
Russell, Jennie Elizabeth. 
Ryall, Sarah Jeannette. 
Ryan, Caroline Whitman. 
Ryan, Catherine Ellen. 
Ryan, Hannah Agnes. 
Ryan, Helen Frances. 
Ryan, Josephine Mary. 
Ryan, Katherine Agnes. 
Ryan, Katherine Anthony. 
Ryan, Margaret Elizabeth. 
Ryan, Margaret Gertrude. 
Ryan, Mary Balfrey. 
Ryan, Mary Catherine. 
Ryan, Mary Elizabeth. 
Ryan, Nellie Veronica. 
Ryder, Anna. 

Ryder, Clementine Amelia. 
Ryder, Elizabeth Josephine. 
Ryder, Florence Louisa. 

Sackett, Helen Hicks. 
Sackett, Jane Knight. 
Safford, Edith M. 
Salisbury, Emmeline. 
Sampson, Nina Bradford. 
Samuelson, Augusta Wiihelmina. 
San bom, I^aura Emily. 
Sanborn, Mary Louise Peterson. 
Sanborn, Mildred Mandell. 
Sandberg, Eveline Sandberg. 
Sanford, Helen Elizabeth. 
Sanford, Jennie. 
Sanford. Mildred Blanche. 
Sangster, Hattie Alice. 
Sansom, Elizabeth Caroline. 
Sargent, Alline Morris. 
Saul, Evelyn Johnson. 
Saunders, Cora Fitzgerald. 

Saunders, Mary Alma. 
Savage, Eulalie Augusta. 
Sawj'er, Edith Louise. 
Sawyer, Venetta Bell. 
Saxby, Edna Charlotte. 
Scales, Mary Amelia. 
Scanlan, Belinda. 
Scanlan, Nellie Ruth. 
Scannell, Katherine Ellen. 
Scannell, Mary Elizabeth. 
Scarlett, Mary. 
Scarry, Frances Josephine. 
Scates, Pauline Vaughn. 
Schellenberg, Angle Wiihelmina. 
Schirmer, Alice Goodwin. 
Schlotterbeck, Lillian Agnes. 
Schofield, Martha Elsie. 
Schofield, Minnie May. 
Schraff, Viola Wilson. 
Schultz, Cora Evelyn. 
Schuman, Minnie Blackwell. 
Scollay, Annie Belle. 
Scott, Catharine Mary. 
Scott, Jane. 
Scott, Jessie M. 
Scott, Kate Gertrude. 
Scott, Mary Louise. 
Scott, Samuel James. 
Scott, Viola Ethel. 
Scribner, Emily Josephine. 
Scribner, Hattie Alice. 
Scully, Catherine Agnes. 
Seaman, Ellen Beatrice. 
Sears, Helen Jane. 
Sears, Maude Elizabeth. 
Sears, Willarette Carpenter. 
Seavey, Hannah Florence. 
Secombe, Jane. 
Secor, Ellen Page. 
Secor, Josephine Wilson. 
Seely, Bessie May. 
Seifert, Florence May. 
Selbj^ Lillian Isabelle. 
Selig, Minnie M. 
Selkirk, Agnes Gladys. 
Selkirk, Sarah Grace. 
Senna, Genevieve Lydia. 
Senna, Louise Marguerite. 
Sennott, Josephine Thresa. 
Sentner, Carrie Ethel. 
Severance, Lettice Elizabeth. 
Seward, Catherine Marj'. 
Sew ell, Annie Josephine. 
Sexton, Sara Elizabeth. 
Shannon, Ethel Maud. 
Shannon, Grace Gertrude. 
Shannon, Katherine Lauretta. 




Shannon, Mary Loretta. 
Sharkey, Helen Elizabeth. 
Sharpe, Mary Isabelle. 
Sharpley, Ethel. 
Sharrock, Margaret Alice. 
Sharrock, Mary Louise. 
Shattuck, Gertrude Anna. 
Shattuck, Ida Emeline. 
Shaughness3^ Josephine Gertrude. 
Shaughenessy, Margaret V. 
Shaw, Celeste Beatrice. 
Shaw, Clara Elizabeth. 
Shaw, Ethel Beatrice. 
Shaw, Gertrude Christine. 
Shaw, Harriet Allen. 
Shaw, Kathleen d'Ourly. 
Shaw, Lottie Prescott. 
Shaw, Mary Maria. 
Shaw, Mattie Jane. 
Shea, Bertha Anna. 
Shea, Clara Anastasia. 
Shea, Jennie Ella. 
Shea, Mary Ellen. 
Shea, Minnie. 
Shea, Timothy Lukeman. 
Shears, Winifred Mary. 
Sheehan, Anna Agnes. 
Sheehan, Catherine Cleophas. 
Sheehan, Edith Wiley. 
Sheehan, Elizabeth Ellen. 
Sheehan, Elizabeth Marion. 
Sheehan, Margaret Mary. 
Sheehan, Margaret May. 
Sheehan, Mary Ann. 
Sheehan, Mary Josephine. 
Sheehan, Mary Veronica. 
Sheehan, Nora Marie. 
Sheern, Louise Agnes. 
Sheffield, Rosa Marie. 
Shekleton, Mary Jane. 
Sheldon, Hilma. 
Shepard, Katharine Mary. 
Shepard, Mary Rosella. 
Shepherd, Ada Louise Bascom. 
Shepherd, Agnes Bascom. 
Shepherd, Ella Elizabeth Boscom. 
Shepherd, Hannah Josephine. 
Sheridan, Melissa Jane. 
Sheriden, Bertha Florence. 
Sherin, Elizabeth Josephine. 
Sherman, Bertha Ellen. 
Shields, Mary Elizabeth. 
Short, Maude Ellen. 
Shorten, Elizabeth Florence. 
Shortt, Bertha Moncrieffe. 
Sibley, Caroline Root. 
Siddall, Mary Jane Brown. 

Sill, Ida Faye. 

Sills, Lilian Josephine Tyndale Payn. 

Simmons, Mary Teel. 

Simms, Gertrude. 

Simpson, Anne. 

Simpson, Bertha Louise. 

Simpson, Cora Juanita. 

Simpson, Ida Arabella. 

Simpson, Martha. 

Simpson, Minnie Amelia. 

Simpson, Rachel. 

Sinclair, Constance Marie. 

Sinclair, Isabel. 

Sisson, Alma Gertrude. 

Sister Amy Margaret. 

Sister Caroline Margaret. 

Sister Catherine Ahern. 

Sister Celine Flaherty. 

Sister Elizabeth Tucker. 

Sister Emma Ewald. 

Sister Emma Margaret. 

Sister Isabel Purcell. 

Sister Judith Little. 

Sister Laura Margaret. 

Sister Lucretia Zimmermoon. 

Sister Marciana Stone. 

Sister Mary Agatha. 

Sister Mary Ambrose. 

Sister Mary Angelica. 

Sister Mary Annunciation. 

Sister Marj^ Anthony. 

Sister Mary Benigna. 

Sister Mary Bernard Nunan, 

Sister Mary Camillus. 

Sister Mary Catherine de Ricci. 

Sister Mary Clare. 

Sister Mary Clare Berg. 

Sister Mary Clement. 

Sister Marj^ Coletta. 

Sister Mary Colette. 

Sister Mary Columba. 

Sister Mary Cyrilla. 

Sister Mary de Pazzi. 

Sister Mary Dionysia. 

Sister Mary Dolores. 

Sister Marj' Domenica. 

Sister Mary Estelle. 

Sister Mary Euphrasia. 

Sister Mary Evangelist. 

Sister Mary Evangelista. 

Sister Mary Fidelis. 

Sister Mary Florence. 

Sister Mary Francis de Sales. 

Sister Mary Gertrude. 

Sister Mary Helena. 

Sister Mary Immaculate Heart. 

Sister Mary Isidore. 

1912.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 91. 

Sister Mary Justina. 

Sister Mary Leocadia. 

Sister Mary Lucilla. 

Sister Mary Lucy. 

Sister Mary Mechtilde. 

Sister Mary Philip Neri. 

Sister Mary Raphael. 

Sister Mary Regina. 

Sister Mary Regis McDonnell. 

Sister Mary Rosalie. 

Sister Mary of the Scared Heart. 

Sister Mary Syra. 

Sister Mary Thomas Aquinas. 

Sister Mary Visitation. 

Sister Mary Winifred. 

Sister Natalie Prince. 

Sister Raphael. 

Sister Rappael Jones. 

Sister Susanna Margaret. 

Sister Veronica. 

Sisum, Maude Louisa. 

Skillings, Esther Mary. 

Skilton, Irma Eiinta. . 

Skinner, Mary Isabella. 

Slater, Annie Grace. 

Slein, Mary Ann. 

Slighter, Ada Best. 

Slipp, Helen Ayer. 

Sloat, Albina Ella. 

Sloat, Maud Mary. 

Small, Ada May. 

Small, Hattie Pauline. 

Smart, Lucretia Sophia. 

Smiley, Mabel Eva. 

Smith, Abbie Allen. 

Smith, Ada Cutter. 

Smith, Ada Lawrence. 

Smith, Agnes Belle. 

Smith, Agnes Francene. 

Smith, Alice Josephine Frances. 

Smith, Amelia Edith. 

Smith, Angus John. 

Smith, Annie Hathaway. 

Smith, Annie Laura. 

Smith, Amy Cornelia. 

Smith, Bertha Genevieve. 

Smith, Blanche Marion. 

Smith, Charlotte Almira. 

Smith, Charlotte Hardwick. 

Smith, Delia Malvina.. 

Smith, Edna Beatrice. 

Smith, Elizabeth. 

Smith, Elizabeth Beatrice. 

Smith, Elizabeth Frances. 

Smith, Elizabeth Gertrude. 

Smith, Elizabeth Maria. 

Smith, Elizabeth Theresa. 

Smith, Elizabeth Virginia. 
Smith, Elsie Frances. 
Smith, Elvina Sarah. 
Smith, Emily Gallant. 
Smith, Emma Margaret. 
Smith, Ethel Lillian, 
Smith, Fannie Christine. 
Smith, Florence Lavenia. 
Smith, Frances Eleanor. 
Smith, Gertrude Alice. 
Smith, Gertrude Mary. 
Smith, Harriet Alice. 
Smith, Horace Clifford. 
Smith, Ida Cutter. 
Smith, Ida Gilman. 
Smith, Ha Grace. 
Smith, Iphigenia Alvenia. 
Smith, Isabelle. 
Smith, Janette Martha. 
Smith, Jennie May. 
Smith, Joanna Thompson. 
Smith, John Arthur. 
Smith, Josephine. 
Smith, Julia Agnes. 
Smith, Katherine Benson. 
Smith, Laura. 
Smith, Laura May. 
Smith, Letitia Allison. 
Smith, Mabel Florence. 
Smith, Mabel Grace. 
Smith, Margaret Ann. 
Smith, Marion Parkhurst. 
Smith, Mary Annie Wilson. 
Smith, Mary Lucy. 
Smith, Nellie Maude. 
Smith, Olive Louise. 
Smith, Reatha Hadley. 
Smith, Ruth Lista. 
Smith, Sabina Marion. 
Smith, Sadie Lillian. 
Smith, Stella McCafferty. 
Smith, Susan Mary. 
Smithers, Vesta Belle. 
Smullens, Nellie Gallivan. 
Smythe, Eva Louise. 
Snow, Annie Emma Manser. 
Snow, Abbie Josephine. 
Snow, Blanch Norwood. 
Snow, Edith Hall. 
Snow, Elizabeth Burritt. 
Snow, Mary Lydia. 
Snow, Nellie Frances. 
Snowden, Lottie Alberta Pearl. 
Snowe, Hilda May, 
Soley, Minnie Ella. 
Somers, Mary Isabel. 
Soule, Marion. 


Spall, Rose Maud Hazelton. 
Spanswick, Ethel Louise. 
Sparks, Primula Maude. 
Sparrow, Lillian Williams. 
Spaul, Emilie Mary. 
Speakman, Lydia Rebecca. 
Spear, Cora Belle. 
Spear, Mabel GeorgjLa. 
Spear, Mary Emily. 
Spearwater, Margaret Leone. 
Speirs, Ellen Calvert. 
Speirs, Jeannie Hamilton. 
Spelman, Lillian Margaret. 
Spencer, Cynthia Anna. 
Spencer, Elizabeth. 
Sperry, Ruby Lea. ^ 
Spicer, Abbie. 
Spicer, Georgiana. 
Spinney, Julia Blanch. 
Spokesfield, Grace Lincoln. 
Spore, Jane Kimmey. 
Spragg, Minnie. 
Sprague, Emily Adelia. 
Spring, Annie Theresa. 
Spring, Minnie Grace. 
Springer, Lydia Jean. 
Springer, Mildred. 
Sproul, Catherine Agnes. 
Spurling, Mellicent Frances. 
Spurr, Helen Mahedy. 
Stafford, Ada Holden. 
Stafford, Mary Agnes. 
Stainforth, Maria. 
Stakelum, Mary Lester. 
Stanley, Harriet May. 
Stanley, Gertrude Katherine. 
Stark, Martha Historia. 
Stark, Minnie Myrtle. 
Starkey, Emily Jane. 
Starkey, Laura Selina. 
Starkweather, Ella Amelia. 
Stearns, Ednah Joj^ce. 
Stearns, Lillian May. 
Stearns, Mary Elizabeth. 
Stebbins, Jessie Minna. 
Stebbins, Lila Esther. 
Steele, Helen Elizabeth. 
Steeves, Minnie Laura. 
Steeves, Nellie Addie. 
Steinhaur, Effie Rocelia. 
Steinmann, Elise. 
Steinway, Annie Elizabeth. 
Stellman, Fannie Marie. 
Steniford, Mary Stewart. 
Stephens, Katharine Louise. 
Stephenson, Elizabeth Mary. 
Stephenson, Margaret Stump. 

Steppenson, Mary Christie. 
Sterling, Elizabeth. 
Sterritt, Elizabeth AbigaL 
Stevens, Alvira Boyne. 
Stevens, Annie May, 
Stevens, Blanche Pauline. 
Stevens, Fannj^ Hawes. 
Stevens, Helen Fairfield. 
Stevens, Winifred Leslie. 
Stevenson, Edith Lillian. 
Stevenson, Katharine Irving. 
Stewart, Annie Barclay. 
Stewart, Amanda Lewis. 
Stewart, Bessie Henrietta. 
Stewart, Clara BeU. 
Stewart, Elizabeth. 
Stewart, Frances Louisa. 
Stewart, Jennie Edith. 
Stewart, Lj'-dia Maude. 
Stewart, Mabel Croffit. 
Stewart, Margaret Eleanor. 
Stewart, Mary Ann. 
Stewart, Mary Bell. 
Stewart, Nellie May. 
Stickley, Florence Agness. 
Stickney, Edith Corinna. 
Stickney, Eliza. 
Stiles, Emily Vaisey. 
Stiles, Margaret Francis. 
Still, Maybelle Hannah. 
Stimets, Emily Nora. 
Stinson, Anna Dority. 
Stirling, Margaret Adam Wilson. 
Stocker, Zaidee Brittain. 
Stockton, Helen Isabella. 
Stoddard, Ada Belle. 
Stoddard, Alma Davison. 
Stone, Alice Lena. 
Stone, Inez Bertha. 
Stone, Jane Elizabeth. 
Stone, Lillian Brigham. 
Story, Ethel Caroline. 
Story, Hattie Leanor Bennett. 
Story, Marion Barnes. 
Stothart, Margaret Ellen. 
Strange, Alice Fabyan. 
Stratton, Lillian Graham. 
Strawser, John Harrison. 
Strebeigh, Agnes Chrichester. 
Strong, Annie Belle. 
Strong,. Grace Lillian. 
Strong, Isabel Lawrence. 
Strong, Mary Leaycraft. 
Strong, Minnie Elizabeth. 
Strout, Frances Elizabeth. 
Stuart, Grace. 
Stumbles, Elsie Louise. 




Sturgeon, Katherine Ann. 
Sturk, Edna Montrose. 
Sturtevant, Alice Louise. 
Sturtevant, Eva Mae. 
Sugrne, Agnes. 
Sullivan, Alice Louise. 
Sullivan, Anna Mercedes. 
Sullivan, Bessie Adelia. 
Sullivan, Catherine Loretto. 
Sullivan, Charlotte May. 
Sullivan, Elizabeth Gertrude. 
SuUivan, Ellen Florence. 
Sullivan, Ellen Marie. 
Sullivan, Helen Mary. 
Sullivan, Jennie Veronica. 
SuUivan, Katharine Reid. 
Sullivan, Katherine Theresa. 
Sullivan, Leora Manning. 
Sullivan, Lillian Ethleen Martin. 
Sullivan, Lucy Ray croft. 
Sullivan, Margaret Emma. 
Sullivan, Margaret Julia. 
Sullivan, Margaret Marj% 
Sullivan, Margaret Teresa. 
Sullivan, Marj- Agnes. 
Sullivan, Mary Frances. 
Sullivan, Mary Lucy. 
Sullivan, Nellie Josephine Hart. 
Sullivan, Nellie Maria. 
Sumpter, Carrie Clififord. 
Sutherland, Carolina. 
Sutherland, Christina Isabell. 
Sutherland, Edith Josephine. 
Sutherland, Henry Hal. 
Sutherland, Kate Loraine. 
Sutton, Annie Farrar. 
Sutton, Mary Louise. 
Sutton, Stella Burrard. 
Svensson, Anna Wilhelmina. 
Swain, Grace Agnes. 
Sweeney, Anna Maria. 
Sweeney, Ellen Agnes. 
Sweenej% Nora Jennings. 
Sweetser, Dora May. 
Swetman, Phebe A. 
Swett, Olive Chase. 
Symonds, Margaret Gertrude. 
Synan, Nellie Theresa. 
Syrett, Mabel Rose. 

Taber, Ida Hannah. 
Taft, Grace Eleanor. 
Taintor, Minnie Clark. 
Tait, Katherine. 
Talbot, Laura. 

Talpey, Constance Elizabeth. 
Tanski, Auguste. 

Tarr, Sarah Washburn. 

Tasman, Marj-. 

Tavender, Ruth Doretta. 

Taj'lor, Alma. 

Taylor, Alma Winnifred. 

Taylor, Anna Calder. 

Taylor, Beatrice Juliet. 

Taj-lor, Eva Lillian. 

Taylor, Helen Idell. 

Taylor, James Pineo. 

Taylor, Jennie Overton. 

Taylor, Kate Frances. 

Taj-lor, Mabel Florence. 

Taylor, Marj- Ida. 

Taylor, Marj' Katherine. 

Tajlor, Minnie. 

Taj'lor, Sarah Isabel. 

Taylor, Sarah Lavinia. 

Taylor, Sarah Louise. 

Teahan, Rose Berchmans. 

Tedford, Adelaide, 

Tedford, Viva Zell. 

Telfer, Bessie Ida. 

Temple, Lilla Jane. 

Tessier, Marj^ Isabel. 

Thacher, Marj- Ludlow. 

Thayer, Blanche Maud. 

Thaj-er, Jennie Wales. 

Thayer, Susie May Alden. 

Theobold, Alice May. 

Thomas, Jennie Elizabeth Alexandria. 

Thomas, Mae G. 

Thomas, Minnie Agnes. 

Thompson, Harriet Irene. 

Thompson, Ida. 

Thompson, Jane MacDonald Bruce. 
Thompson, Lillian Catherine. 
Thompson, Louis Hall. 
Thompson, Marian Leighton. 
Thompson, Mary Dorothea. 
Thompson, Mary Elizabeth. 
Thompson, Mary Frances. 
Thorne, Glorana Blanch. 
Thorpe, Helen Veronica. 
Thrasher, Anne Marj-. 
Thrasher, Man,' Elizabeth. 
Thresher, Elizabeth. 
Thurlow, Josephine Estelle. 
Thurston, Clara May. 
Thurston, Mary Estelle. 
Tidy, Annie Freeman. 
Tierney, Agnes. 
Tierney, Josephine Frances. 
Tilden, Evelj-n Florence Robbins. 
Tilley, Louise Willis. 
Tingley, Hulda Hope. 
Tinkham, Lavina Priscilla. 



Tinkham, Lotta Rebecca. 
Tippet, Alice Octavia. 
Tisdale, Elizabeth Jane. 
Titcomb, Lois Ada. • 
Titus, Ada Gertrude. 
Todd, Alice Lucinda. 
Todd, Effie May. 
Todd, Marion Huntington. 
Toland, Jean. 
Tolman, Florion Ferne. 
Tolman, Helen Richardson. 
Tonpkins, Ella Marie. 
Tompkins, Helen Veronica. 
Tompkins, Jemina Williamson- 
Tompkins, Lena Bertella. 
Tongas, Emma Clarinda. 
Tongring, Signe Maria. 
Tooker, Gertrude Mabel. 
Toothaker, Helena Mae. 
Toothaker, Mary Inez. 
Tourtillotte, Elizabeth Vivian. 
TourtiUotte, Gertrude Evelyn. 
Towle, Anna Belle. 
Towle, Harriet Estella. 
Townsend, Adelaide. 
Townsend, Frances Ellis Leonard. 
Tracey, Elizabeth Claire. 
Tracey, Katherine. 
Tracy, Margaret Elizabeth. 
Tracy, Susan Edith. 
Trainor, Mary Ellen. 
Trask, Annie Ross. 
Trask, Josephine Maude. 
Travis, Martha Washington. 
Traynor, Mary Beatrix. 
Treadwell, Annice Lane. 
Treat, Bertha Emma. 
Trexler, Lillian Elizabeth. 
Tripp, Bessie Doane. 
Tripp, Cora Avis. 
Troutman, Diamond. 
True, Carolyn Snow. 
Trueworth, Winifred Grace. 
Trueworthy, Ralph Eimer. 
Trull, Jane Laura Murphy. 
Tryers, Margaret Amelda. 
Tucker, Adaline Mary. 
Tucker, Alice. 
Tucker, Florence Maria. 
Tucker, Katharine. 
Tulis, Edythe Merriam Katherine. 
Tupper, Addie Allen. 
Tupper, Mary Ann. 
Turnbull, Ethel Bloomfield. 
Turner, Elsie Maria. 
Turner, Lurena White. 
Turner, Minnie Margaret. 

Tuttle, Florence Sadie. 
Tuttle, Lucy Johnson. 
Tuxbury, Margaret Lovejoy. 
Tweedie, Alice Jeanette. 
Twombly, Alice Fuller. 
Tymon, Margaret Mary. 

Ulmer, Kathryn Julia. 
Underhill, Alice. 
Underwood, Bessie Acker, 
Underwood, Gertrude Andell. 
Underwood, Maude Lillian. 
Upham, Mary Foster. 
Upton, Carrie Louisa. 
Upton, Grace Darling. 
Urquhart, Gertrude Ada. 
Urquhart, Jennetta. 
Urquhart, Margaret Jane. 
Usher, Katherine Teresa. 
Usher, Margaret Woods. 

Van Buskirk, Annie Grace. 
Van Buskirk, Elizabeth Beatrice. 
Van Cor, Nellie Jane. 
Vanderpool, Stella May. 
Van Ornum, Maude Estelle. 
Van Vranken, Ada Jane. 
Van Wagenen, Grace. 
Varney, Maud Etta. 
Varney, Mildred Louise. 
Varney, Sabrina. 
Vaughan, Alice Evelyn. 
Vaughn, Amy Maude. 
Veitch, Mary Caroline. 
Verge, Minda Minette. 
Vickers, Charlotte Teresa. 
Vickery, Frances Lillian. 
Vincent, Mabel Gertrude. 
Vincent, Teresa Agnes. 
Vining, Elleanor H. Welch. 
Voskell, Lucy J. 
Vye, Amy Jane. 

Wadsworth, Sarah Ina. 
Wagner, Frieda Algretta. 
Wakefield, Mary Louise. 
Wakefield, Nettie May. 
Walden, Susan Louise. 
Walker, Anna Amory. 
Walker, Margaret May. 
Walker, Marion. 
Walker, Martha. 
Walker, Rachel. 
Walker, Sarah Elizabeth. 
Wallace, Euphemia Emily. 
Wallace, Lena Marion. 
Wallace, Musetta. 



Wallen, Sarah Alice. 
Wallis, Mary Katherine. 
Walls, Elizabeth. 
Walls, Margaret Perley. 
Walsh, Anna Alice. 
Walsh, Anna Elizabeth Frances. 
Walsh, Helen Mary. 
Walsh, Honoria Josephine. 
Walsh, Katherine Agnes. 
Walsh, Katharine Marie. 
Walsh, Katherine Mary. 
Walsh, Lila Shepard. 
Walsh, Mary Ann. 
Walsh, Mary Jennie. 
Walsh, Mary Josephine. 
Walton, Alma Gertrude. 
Walton, Bertha Evelyn. 
Waltz, EsteUe Mae. 
Ward, Alice Lydia. 
Ward, Anna Elizabeth. 
Ward, Ella Bernardine. 
Ward, Grace Edna. 
Ward, Hilda Jane. 
Ward, Lillian Jeanette. 
Ward, Marcia Weston. 
Ward, Margaret Marion. 
Ward, Margaret Teresa. 
Ward, Susie. 
Warfield, Helen Marion. 
Warner, Jessie Ellen. 
Warren, Caroline Jane Lelean. 
Warren, Esther. 
Warren, Florence Bertha. 
Warren, Louella Ashton. 
Warren, Mabel Lillian. 
Wasgatt, Jessie Godsoe. 
Waterfield, Rebecca. 
Waters, Augusta Lillian. 
Waters, Jennie Dean. 
Watson, Emily Fitch. 
Watson, Nellie Muriel. 
Watson, Susie Augusta. 
Watt, Annie Nay. 
Watt, Bertha Elizabeth. 
Watt, Edith Gertrude. 
Watt, Helen. 
Watt, Jean Margaret. 
Watt, Lina Mary. 
Watts, Mabel Louise. 
Waugh, Helen. 
Way, Eva Mary. 
Webb, Gertrude Baxter. 
Webber, Hattie Beatrice. 
Webber, Mabel Harriett. 
Webster, Annie. 
Webster, Bertha Dinsmore. 
Webster, Fannie. 

Webster, Florence Raymond. 
Webster, Lucy. 
Webster, Margaret Endicott. 
Webster, Maud Isabel. 
Webster, Nellie May. 
Wedgwood, Helen Hazel. 
Weeden, Mabel. 
Weeks, Mary Grace. 
Weibel, May. 
Weir, Agnes. 
Weir, Margaret Gilfillan. 
Welch, Anna Esther. 
Welch, Annie Afton Potts. 
Welch, Catherine Josephine. 
Welch, Flora Etta. 
Welch, Katherine Christine. 
Welch, Margaret Alice Mero. 
Welch, Mary Agnes. 
Welch, Mary Anne. 
Welch, Mary Elizabeth. 
Weld, Maude Adeline. 
Wells, Amy Helena. 
W^ells, Anna Belle. 
Wells, Nellie. 
Welsh, Ida May. 
Welsh, Mabelle Sarah. 
Welsh, Mary J. 
Welsman, Alice Eliza. 
Wentworth, Ethel Lillian. 
Wentworth, Jennie Belle. 
Werner, Mary Elizabeth. 
West, Anna Allison Gertrude. 
West, Annie Louisa. 
West, Augusta Mary. 
West, Caroline. 
West, Frances Pearl. 
West, Margaret A. 
West, Nettie Josephine. 
Westaway, Margaret. 
Weston, Eliza Harriett. 
Weston, Mary Emma. 
Weston, Nellie. 
Wetherell, Adelaide Barns. 
Wetmore, Ada Covey. 
Wetmore, Araminta. 
Wetmore, Frances Eliza. 
Whalen, Anna Cecilia. 
Whalen, Helena Christine. 
Wheeler, Eva Osborne. 
Wheelock, Alma Florence. 
Whelan, Belle Agnes. 
Whelpley, Ada May. 
Whicher, Edith Pettite. 
Whipple, Henrietta. 
Whipple, Sena Sophronia. 
Whitaker, Letitia Constance. 
Whitcher, Elmina Belle Rice. 



Whitcomb, Fred Lincoln. 
White, Ann Elizabeth. 
White, Anna Hale. 
White, Annie Frances. 
White, Elizabeth Radburn. 
White, Elizabeth Rose. 
White, Helen Chase. 
White, Kate. 
White, Lillian Alice. 
White, Mary Florence. 
White, Mary Pond. 
White, Nina Gertrude. 
Whiteside, Elizabeth. 
Whiteside, Martha. 
Whiting, Elizabeth Guildford. 
Whitlock, Lilly Grace. 
Whitman, Blanche Natalie. 
Whitman, Effie May. 
Whitman, Mae Ruth. 
Whitmore, Mary Lilly. 
Whitney, Alice May. 
Whitney, Gertrude. 
Whitney, Mary Louise. 
Whitney, Myra Augusta. 
Whiton, Anna Lincoln. 
Whiton, Laura Ernestine. 
Whittemore, Margery Comfort. 
Whittum, Harriet Edith. 
Whyte, Ada Mabel. 
Whyte, Elizabeth Jean. 
Wieck, Christina. 
Wiggin, Maude Laura. 
Wight, Marion Leslie. 
Wilber, Lizzie Antoinette. 
Wilbur, Ethel Annie. 
Wilbur, Isabelle. 
Wilcocks, Frances Gertrude. 
Wilcox, Florence Edna. 
Wilcox, Jessie Eliza. 
Wilcox, Lulu Blanch. 
Wilder, Cora Belle. 
Wildes, Blanche. 
Wilks, Caroline Brown. 
Willey, Carrie Caira. 
Willey, Mabel Pearl. 
Williams, Alice Elizabeth. 
Williams, David Clifford. 
Williams, Edith Phinney. 
Williams, Hattie Eliza. 
Williams, Jessie Green. 
Williams, Lillian Gresham. 
Williams, Lucy Ann. 
Williams, Mary Emma. 
Williams, Mary MacGee. 
Williams, Maud. 
Williams, Nellie Celia. 
Williams, Ruth Pierce. 

Williams, Sarah Jennie. 
Williams, Stella Harrington. 
Willis, Katherine Mary. 
Williston, Edna May. 
Wills, Frances. 
Wilson, Addie. 
Wilson, Amy Viola. 
Wilson, Bessie. 
Wilson, Cecilia Sarah. 
Wilson, Dorothy Kinghorn. 
Wilson, Frances Elizabeth. 
Wilson, Georgie Barnes. 
Wilson, Jessie Alice. 
Wilson, Josephine. 
Wilson, Julia Beryl. 
Wilson, Laura Augusta. 
Wilson, Lela. 
Wilson, Mary Gladys. 
Wilson, Mary Louise. 
Wilson, Rena Dutton. 
Winchell, Addie Harriet. 
Wingate, Violet Gladys. 
Wink, Georgina Leslie. 
Winne, Bertha Morrill. 
Winslow, Mary Margaret. 
Winward, Alice. 

Wise, Harriet Esther. 

Wise, Nettie Georgianna. 

Wisely, Annie May Maguire. 

Wisely, Bessie Teed. 

Wissell, Mary Exernead. 

Withrow, Minnie Anne. 

Wolcott, Grace Letha. 

Wolfe, Florence Mildred. 

Wolff, Minna. 

Wood, Eva. 

Wood, Helen. 

Wood, Janet Patterson. 

Wood, Mary. 

Wood, Mary Chalmers. 

Wood, Mary Edith. 

Woodbridge, Florence Mima. 

Woodbury, Annie M. 

Woodbury, Jessie MUicent. 

Woodbury, Mary Harriet. 

Woodcock, Ethel May. 

Woodin, Adeline Beatrice. 

Woodman, Marion Elizabeth. 

Woodward, Mary Ellen. 

Woodworth, Martha Dolby. 

Woodworth, Mary Emma. 

Woodworth, Nellie Edith. ' 

Wooldridge, Ella Jean. 

Worthing, Mabel Jessie. 

Worthington, Mary Magdalene. 

Wright, Emma Jane. 

Wright, Hannah Merilla. 


PUBLIC DOCmiENT — No. 91. 

Wright, Inez Maud. 
Wright, Lora Lee. 
Wright, Margaret Jessie. 
Wright, Sara Elizabeth. 
Wry, Mary Ardelle. 
Wyatt, Donna Rosetta. 
Wyatt, Esther Elizabeth. 
Wyatt, Helen Gertrude. 
Wyman, Nina Edwards. 

Yancey, Ellen Condie. 
Yetter, Katherine Grace. 
Young, Ada Grace. 
Young, Addie Mabelle. 

Young, Alice Minnie. 

Young, Anna. 

Young, Ethel. 

Young, Frances Mabel. 

Young, Helen. 

Young, Helen Fairgrieve. 

Young, Luella Irene. 

Young, Rose Carson. 

Younge, Sarah Jane. 

Zecher, Eva Williams. 
Zehetmayer, Theresa Emily. 
Zellers, Bertha Mae. 
Zwicker, Alice Olivia. 

Names of Nongraduate Nurses registered without Examination, as 
vided in Section 5 of the Registration Act. 

Abbe, Emmeline A. 
Abbott, Clare Letitia. 
Adams, Ella Jane. 
Adams, Lucy Marie. 
Ahem, Ella. 
Aitken, Helen Harper. 
Akers, Ida May. 
Albee, Florence Delia. 
Aldrich, Marie Eaton. 
Allen, Alice Mary. 
Allison, Elizabeth Louisa. 
Ames, Francis Crehore. 
Angier, Bernice Indiana. 
Angus, Margaret Belle. 
Anthony, Sadie F. 
Arey, Vesta Lizzie. 
Armour, Jennie Coletta. 
Armstrong, Minnie Henderson. 
Atchinson, Ethel Direxa. 
Austin, Mabel Lydia. 
Ayers, Mary Gertrude. 

Babcock, Mary Ann. 
Bacon, George Alranzo. 
Baker, Ella C. 

Baker, Ella Corintha Phelps. 
Baker, Nellie Marcella. 
Balch, Austin CodweU. 
Banks, Mabel Hamilton. 
Barber, Gertrude. 
Barnes, Amelia M. 
Barnes, Caroline. 
Barnes, Jessie Rebecca. 
Barrett, Idella Phiandia. 
Barry, John William. 
Barton, Margaret Letitia. 
Batchelor, Bertha Gertrude. 
Bath, Charlotte Eliza. 

Baxter, Carrie S. 
Bennett, Blanche Irene. 
Berg, Eva Sophia. 
Berry, Ada. 

Bessom, Hattie Marston. 
Be3^ea, Mary. 

Bickerstaf, Agnes Louise Bennard. 
Bigelow, Grace Hawley. 
Billings, Fred Olin. 
Blackman, Ellen Maria. 
Blaisdell, Ella Josephine. 
Blanchard, Eva Cora. 
Blanchard, Harriet Elizabeth. 
Boland, Katherine Alsada. 
Bonney, Clara Bates. 
Borg, Anna Dorothea. 
Boutin, Caroline Elizabeth. 
Bowen, Augusta Rebekah. 
Bown, Mary Viola. 
Boyce, Katherine Sarah. 
Broadley, Annie Frances. 
Brown, Carrie Minerva. 
Brown, Lydie F. 
Brown, Mary Elizabeth. 
Bruseau, Elizabeth Annie. 
Bryant, Emma Jean. 
Buckler, Alice Gertrude. 
Buckler, Mary Matilda. 
Buguey, Mary Jane. 
Bullock, Laura Louise. 
Bunting, William. 
Burns, Catherine Anna. 
Burns, Mary Ann. 
Burrus, Noni B. 
Buxton, Meribah Burlingame. 

Caiger, Edith G. 
Caillouette, Helen G. 




Callaghan, Alice Holman. 
Cameron, Albert Lawrence. 
Cameron, Georgia Haldane. 
Cameron, Margaret Ann. 
Campbell, Augusta Eleanor. 
Campbell, Georgena Ann. 
Campbell, Jean MacKenzie. 
Campbell, Rosalie Fernan. 
Campbell, Stella Emeline. 
Carberrj-, Katherine Ellen. 
Carej', Anna Loretta. 
Carney, Etta M. 
Carr, George Swift. 
Carroll, Joseph Paul. 
Carswell, Sabra Irene. 
Carter, Mary Calista Hornen. 
Carver, Rose Loretta. 
Casey, Mary Agnes. 
Chadwick, Harriet. 
Chaffee, Jennie Augusta. 
Chapin, Marj- Shaw. 
Chappell, Prudence May. 
Charlton, Frank Aubrey. 
Chase, Anna Elizabeth. 
Chase, Anna Louise. 
Chase, Clinton Clifford. 
Chase, Lillian Humphrej-. 
Chase, Mary Baker. 
Cheney, Almeda Hester. 
Clafiin, Xannie. 
Clark, Alice. 
Clark, Margaret Mary. 
Clarke, Eleanor Augusta. 
Clarke, Ida Ma^^ 
Clow, Isabella Marj*. 
Coates, Hester A. 
Cobb, Frederick Herbert. 
Coderre, Rose Emma. 
Coffey, Ellen Theresa. 
Coffin, Laura Adele. 
Colby, Fannie Whitton. 
Cole, Emma Chapman. 
Coleman, JuKa Barry. 
Coles, Goldie Leonice. 
CoUer, Ella Harvey. 
Collins, Alice Mae. 
Collins, Charles Harry. 
CoUins, Ella May. 
Colton, Alice Melia. 
Compton, Eleanor Rebecca. 
Comstock, Mahala Edith. 
Connor, Catherine Agnes. 
Connor, Catherine Maude. 
Conroy, Mary. 
Cook, Lydia Marion Nichols. 
Cooney, Winnifred Frances. 
Corbett, Barbara Anna. 

Corkerj-, Josephine Muriel. 

Coughlin, Ellen Agnes. 

Coulter, Villa Esther. 

Cox, Caroline Melisa. 

Cox, Elizabeth Smith. 

Coj-er, Julia M. 

Creed, Jessie Sarah. 

Crocker, Clara Dean. 

Crosbj', Abbie Brown. 

Crosen, Alice Gertrude. 

Cross, Edith Annie AVebster. 

Crowley, Michael Richard Jerome. 

Culpo, Jean Evelyn. 

Curtin, Anna Francis. 

Curtis, Ida May. 

Cutting, Ellen Mary. 

Daggett, Carrie Elizabeth. 
Daley, Juanita Mary. 
Damond, Anna. 
Danah5^ Mary. 
Danahy, Thomas Francis. 
Davis, Agnes Gragg. 
Day, Horace Mallett. 
Decker, Maria Elizabeth. 
Dee, Isabella Tucker. 
Dewej^ Martha Jane. 
Dewing, George Marchant. 
DeWolfe, Mary. 
Dexter, Adelaide Susan. 
Doersam, Friderike. 
Doldej-, Mary Rainy. 
Dolliver, Ernest Aubrey. 
Doolittle, Mary Genevra. 
Douglas, Laura. 
Douglas, Minnie Grant. 
Dowey, LiUie Kirk. 
Downes, Barbara Elizabeth. 
Downey, Frances Jean. 
Drew, Howard Albert. 
Driscoll, Annie Cecelia. 
Droslett, Fred Alexander. 
Dunham, Clara. 
Dunlevy, Catherine Julia. 
Dunnigan, Mary Ellen. 
Durfee, Lillian. 
DuVernet, Priscilla Anna. 
Dwj-er, Julia Marie. 
Dwyer, Mary Elizabeth. 
Dyer, Catherine Gertrude. 
Dyer, Christina M. 

Earle, Fanny Sawj^er. 
East, Edith Mary. 
Eaton, Mary Elizabeth. 
Edgar, Isabelle Girard. 
Edgette, Emma Sylvan. 



Edwards, Mary McEntee. 
Egan, Kathrj-n Man.-. 
Elkms, George Salmon. 
Ernest, Lilla Maud. 

Fairbanks, Helen Gertrude. 
Femald, Cassie Sophia. 
Fessenden, Katharine Moran. 
Fisher, Louise Adele. 
Fisher, Mar>- Melissa. 
Fitzherbert, Douglas. 
Fitzpatrick, Alice Louise. 
Flannelly, EKzabeth Gertrude. 
Flj-nn, Man,- Ellen. 
Fogg, Annie May. 
Folger, Frances Anna. 
Folkins, Lucretia Elthea. 
Ford, Ethel Mae. 
Foster, Agnes Winslow. 
Fowler, David Joseph. 
Fox, Ada Lorena. 
Eraser, Elizabeth Margaret. 
Freeman. Wallace Starr. 
French, Margaret Ann. 
Fuller, Grace Giknan. 

Gage, Marion Lura. 

Gail, Frances. 

GaUoupe, Carrie Allen. 

GamweU, Clara Jane. 

Gannon, Ettie L. 

Gay, Carrie Emma. 

Gaj-lord, Fannie Jane. 

Gero, Jennie Trj'on. 

Giddings, Leston Parker. 

Gideon, Lilh'an Harriett. 

Gleason, Anna Belie. 

Glover, Helen Maud. 

Golden, Annie Elizabeth. 

Goodspeed, Fred Liberty. 

Gould, Katherine. 

Grady, Katherine Francis. 

Gradj-, Marj-. 

Graham, Harr\-. 

Grandy, Lucinda. 

Grant, Ad die Jeanette Craig. 

Green, Marion Emogene. 

Grill, Carlos. 

Grout, Lavina Havens. 

Hadley, Alice Luce. 
Hakes, Robert Earle. 
Haley, Clara E. 
Hammond, May Emma. 
Hancock, Miriam Handy. 
Hanlon, Lucy Agnes. 
Hanson, Elnora Frances. 

Hardie, Marj- E. 
Hardiman, James Henrj'. 
Harrison, Jessie Mar>'. 
Harvey, Benjamin Thomas. 
Harvey, Maude Smith. 
' Hassett, Elizabeth Agatha. 
Hatch, Hellen Adeline Packard. 
Hatch, Lida May. 
Hawes, John Thomas. 
Hawks, Carrie Josephine. 
Hawlej-, Kathrj-n. 
Hayes, Alice Maj-. 
Hayes, Georgianna F. 
Hayes, Harriet Louise. 
Hayes, Michael Andrew. 
Haj-nes, Sarah Lovett. 
Ha\-ward, Florence Alberta. 
Henders, Marj- Adelaide. 
Hendriks, Evelyn Morals. 
Hilliard, Helen Marion. 
Hinckley, Abbie EsteUa. 
Hines, Martha Beverly Hunter. 
HoisLngton. Etta Alcena. 
Holmberg, Anna Louise. 
Holmes, Rosella Spencer. 
Holmes, Sally Blake. 
Horgan, Katherine Loretto. 
Howe, Elizabeth Adelaide Jane. 
Hoyt, Ella Gifford. 
Hunt, Charlotte. 
Hunt, Elizabeth Winchester. 
Hunter, Daisj- Aclon. 
Huse, Hannah Maud. 

Inman, Annie IsabeUe. 
Irish, Bessie Eda. 

Jackson. Florence Winchester. 
Jacobs, Frederick Joseph. 
Janes, Mabel Beatrice. 
Jansson, Anna Louise, 
i Johnson, Agnes Haskell. 
Johnson, Alice Sophia. 
Johnson, Catherine Marie. 
Johnson. Helen Frances. 
Jones, Belle. 
Jones, Frances M. 
Jones, Margaret Anne. 
Jordan, Mary E. 

Kane, Alexander Aloysius. 

Keenan. Catherine. 
I Keith, Emma Etta Frances. 
I Kelley. Marj- Elizabeth. 

Kelley, May Agnes, 
i Kelly, Emily Moore. 




Keown, Mary Elizabeth. 
Kilpatrick, Louise Kenward. 
Kiinraell, Susan Maria. 
King, Julia Etta. 
King, Mary Eliza. 
Knight:^. Adelaide Amanda. 
Knowles, Rena Erdine. 
Konikow, Sophie. 

Lamoine, Elizabeth Cristia. 
Landers, Mary Marcella. 
Lang, Gertrude. 
LaRhette, Louise Maison. 
Layman. Ida Florence. 
Learj', Margaret Catherine. 
LeGrand, Charles Edward. 
Leigh, Arthur Edgar. 
Leslie, CarohTi Alemia. 
Letcher, Viola Elizabeth. 
Le\-y', Harry Joseph. 
LifRn, Elizabeth Dorothy. 
Linfield, Frank. 
Lisle, Ruth. 

Loomer, Laura Beatrice. 
Lord, Hattie Florence. 
Love, Julia Elizabeth. 
Lovell, Grace Gertrude. 
Loj'nachan, Margaret. 
Loynes, Hattie Alma. 
Luce, Xellie Frances. 
Lundblad, Ruth Katrna. 
Lyman, Fannie Ellen. 
Lj'ons, Agnes Beatrice. 

McAdams, Katharine. 
McAdams, Marcella. 
McAvoj', Margaret Marj-. 
McCarthj^ Dennis Francis. 
McCarthy, Margaret Josephine. 
McCarthy, Marj' Teresa. 
McClure, La\dnia Helen. 
McCullough, Eliza Ann. 
McDermott, James Henry. 
McDonald, Daniel J. 
McEnaney, Katherine Anastasia. 
McGowan, Michael Thomas. 
McGrath, Annette. 
McGrath, Mary Estella. 
MeKeon, Irene Hayes. 
McKillop, Elizabeth. 
McKinnon, Katherine. 
McLaughlin, May Hannah. 
McLean, Grace. 
McLean, Jane. 
McLeod, Mary Frances. 
McLeod, Mary Margaret. 

McManus, Margaret. 
MacCannell, Eliza Jane. 
MacDonagh, Marj- Loretta. 
MacDonald, Peter Alexander. 
MacDonald, Peter J. 
MacGowan, Flora. 
MacKay, Bessie. 
Mackin, Ma^3^ 
Mackinnon, Matilda. 
Mackintosh, Margaret Eraser. 
MacLeod, Edith Elizabeth. 
MacXeil, Ronald. 
MacQuarrie, Laura Marj-. 
MacRae, Christena. 
Maddock, Gertrude. 
Maines, Theresa Anna. 
Malcolm, Amy Anne. 
Malone, Floyd Elbert. 
Manning, Hannah Elizabeth. 
Manning, Mary Malvina. 
Mansfield, Emma Augusta. 
Marble, Judson. 
Masters, Olive Frances. 
Mayall, James Franklin. 
Mayne, John. 
Meade, Ada Mabel. 
Melanson, Philip Edward. 
Mellish, Marj^ Katherine. 
Merrill, Hortense. 
Millar, Charlotte. 
Miller, Gertrude Price. 
Miller, Josephine Maria. 
Miller, Lillie Julia. 
Miller, Mabelle Wilmarth Grant. 
Mitchell, Maggie Georgina. 
Montgomery', Emma Lucy. 
Moore, Ethel Garnet. 
Morrill, Lydia Jane. 
Morrissey, Catherine Theresa. 
Morton, George Michael. 
Moses, Elizabeth Lucelia. 
Murphy, Helena F. 
Murphj', Joanna. 
Murphy, Marj' Teresa. 
Murphy, Minnie. 
Murray, John Joseph. 
Murray, Orinda EUen. 

Nagle, Hannah Frances. 
Naromore, Catherine. 
Nason, Julia Ann. 
Xeal, Mattie Jane. 
Nelson, Almira Jane. 
Ne\'in, Margaret Mary. 
Newbold, MatUda Katherine. 
Newhall, Alice Ann. 
Norton, Margaret Rhoda. 



O'Brien, Hannah. 
O 'Brien, Timothy Aloysius. 
O'ConneU, Annie Louise. 
O'Connell. John Joseph. 
Odiorne, Samuel Wallace. 
O'Maliey, Austin Francis. 
O'Xeil, Margaret Ann. 
Ouellette, Pamela Semida. 

Page, Genie. 

Paine, Nettie Amelia. 

Parker, Arthur Justin. 

Parker, Rosalind Edith Gilbert. 

Parkinson, Emily. 

Parmenter, Edward Franklin. 

Parron, Sophia Betsy Ann Smith. 

Parrj', Alice Matie. 

Parsons, Kate. 

Paul, May Elizabeth. 

Payne, Martha. 

Pearl, Emma Blanche. 

Pease, Josephine Louise. 

Perley, Marj- Maclndo. 

Peterson, Emma Christena. 

Peterson, Susie Kinsley. 

Pettingell, Florence Hale. 

Phelan, Alice Ehnra. 

Phelps, Ada Eliza. 

Phelps, Harrietta Anna Shattuck. 

Philbrick, Rebecca Coffin. 

Phillips, Corrinna Franks Mason. 

Phinney, Alice Lucinda. 

Pilgrim, Arthur Layton. 

Pinkstone, Man,- Elizabeth. 

Piper, Winfield Graves. 

Pitman, Eva Marion. 

Pollock, Jacob. 

Pomeroy, Mary Eleanor. 

Pope, Mar\- Ritchie. 

Porter, Katherine Anastaisa. 

Powers, Harriet Tamer. 

Powers, Louise Madeline. 

Pratt, Clara Frances. 

Preston, Helen Elizabeth. 

Provost, Nellie Adell. 

Putnam, Emeline. 

Putnam, Susan Agnes. 

Pj-ne, Margaret Blanche. 

Rainsford, Anna Hall. 
Rainsford, Jane. 
Rand. Mabel Augusta. 
Ratcliffe, Annie. 
Reardon, Marj- Ellen. 
Reed, Arthur Ellsworth. 
Re\-nolds, Arthur Gilman. 
Riach, Vina Jane. 

Ricker, Delia Augusta. 
Ricker, Iva Rosalind. 
Roark, Marj- Ann. 
Robbins, Annie Margaret. 
Robbins, Ella Frances. 
Robinson, Edna Eleanor. 
Rogers, Sarah MjTtie. 
Ronca, Josephine. 
Rooney, Marj- Teresa. 
Royce, Gertrude Etta. 
Russell, Minnie Blanche. 
Ryan, Mary Anne. 

Sanford, Annie Eva Jane. 
Sanborn, Ida Louise. 
Schmidt, Annie Watson. 
Shandley, Margaret Ann. 
Sharkey, Edward John. 
Sharp, Christana. 
Sharpe, Margaret Findlay. 
Shatford, Flora Victoria. 
Shaw, Madeleine Claire. 
Shea, Ellen Marj-. 
Sheehan, Bartholomew George. 
Sheehan, Elizabeth Marj'. 
Sherman, Harriet Ellsworth. 
Sherwin, Lillian Avonia. 
Shine, Timothy Edward. 
Shumwaj-, Emma R. 
Shur, Eloise Fay. 
Sias, Mabelle Ethel. 
Simonds, Caroline Amanda. 
Sinclair, Carrie Isabel. 
Sister Cecilia McHugh. 
Sister Paula Margaret. 
Skiff, Agnes Bradley. 
Slater, Harr\- Willard. 
Slocomb, Sara Blanchard. 
Small, Ina May. 
Smith, Alice Maud. 
Smith, Edna May. 
Smith, Florence Elizabeth. 
Smith, Juletta. 
Smith, Lillian Elouise. 
Smith, Minnie Love. 
Smith, Nellie Brander. 
Snyder,' Sophia Elizabeth. 
Spencer, Josiah Douglas. 
Spencer, Russell Hiram. 
Spooner, Marion Hetherington. 
Sprague, Emma DeFrancis. 
Stanley, Mar>- Elizabeth. 
Stanton, Minnie Helen. 
Staten, Emma Caroline. 
Stevenson, Nettie Louise. 
Stewart, Anna Neil. 
Stewart, Isabella Harriette. 




Stewart, Jennie. 

Stockbridge, Ida Wadlin. 

Stratton, Ida May. 

Strong, Ida W. 

Sulis, Clara Linden. 

Sullivan, Mary Elizabeth Bessie. 

Sumner, Alice Gertrude. 

SutcifFe, Flora Helen. 

Swartzman, Eva. 

Swenson, Carl Nathaniel. 

Swertfager, Frank Chene\\ 

Swett, Nellie Furbush. 

Swope, Edna, 

Symes, Nellie Alice Fisher. 

Taylor, Mary. 
Taylor, William Davis. 
Thompson, Minnie Alice. 
Thorning, Jennie Estell. 
Thrasher, Sibbel Ph-mpton. 
Tierney, Annie Philomenia. 
Tolman, Effie Mabel. 
Tomlinson, Agnes. 
Tomlinson, Julia Braxton. 
Tougas, Martha Mary. 
Toyle, Charles. 
Trask, Carrie May Miller. 
Troxell, Ilattie Idora. 

Ventura, Eletta Franceschi. 

Wakefield, Mary Elizabeth. 
Walker, Beulah Benton. 
Walkner, Mary Hayden. 
Wallace, Patrick Joseph. 
Ward, Lena Amelia. 
Warner, Martha Edith. 
Washburn, Mabel Louisa. 

Watson, Lizzie. 

Watson, Margaret Bertha Harper. 
Watson, Mar5\ 
Watters, Marj' Jane. 
Way, Fred Clarence. 
Webber, Olive Amelia. 
Wentworth, Annie Wetmore. 
Westcott, Martha Partridge. 
Whalen, Ethel Maud. 
Wheeler, Hannah Maria. 
Whitaker, Anna Belle Simonds. 
White, Martha. 
White, Mary Ann. 
White, Mar5^ Jane. 
WhitehUl, Clara Agnes. 
Whiting, Rose Williams. 
Whitmore, Laura Elizabeth. 
Whitney, Edwina Agusta. 
Wilby, Harriet Louise. 
Wilder, Thankful Colburn. 
Wildman, Ethel Malina. 
Wiley, Lena Catharine. 
Williams, Nettie Hatch. 
Williams, Sarah Elizabeth. 
Wilson, Nellie Eliza. 
Wilson, Pauline. 
Winslow, Louise Burdett. 
Winters, Marj^ Etta. 
Wood, Katherine Adella. 
Wood, Minnie Luella. 
Woodbury, Ethel Augusta. 
Woodward, Ada May. 
Wyman, Alice Maria. 

Youatt, WiUiam. 
Young, Lizzie Maria. 

Zwicker, Annie Wagner. 

Names of Graduated Nurses from accredited Training Schools, registered 
on Examination, Oct. 10, 1911. 

Abele, Lillian Louise. 

Bauld, Muriel Hazen. 
Bell, Mildred Harrington. 
Bellows, Hattie Gertrude. 
Betts, Mabel Blanche. 
Brown, Dora Rebecca. 
Buckley, Ida Gertrude. 

Cabot, Anna Lyman. 
Cadman. Nell Anard. 
Caldwell, Florence Edith. 
Canney, Mary. 
Caryl, Mildred Elissa. 

Cassidy, Anna Elizabeth. 
Clark, Florence Evelyn. 
Conners, Florence Marguerite. 
Cook, Gertrude Agatha. 
Corliss, Nellie Madeline. 
Cotton, Elgie Leota. 
Curry, Emily Ada. 

Daile5% Julia Frances. 
Davis, Elizabeth Mabel. 
Dickson, Edna Leah. 
Duggan, Katherine. 
Duner, Amy. 
Du\^all, Mildred. 

1912.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 91. 


Eaton, Charles Allen. 

Freeman, Clara Louise. 

Gainley, Margaret Estelle. 
Giles, Wanita Ralston. 
Gilliss, Mary Adelaide. 
Giroux, Marie Louise. 
Griffin, Lena Mae. 

Hale, Margaret Edna. 
Halford, Annie M. 
Hanning, Marion Barbara. 
Harris, Katherine Allura. 
Hinkelbein, Edna Rosaline. 
Hornbrook, Ella Brigstocke. 

Innis, Emma Hatfield. 

Jameson, Ruth. 
Johnson, Clara Marie. 
Johnston, Lillian Eva. 

Kelly, Mary Frances. 
Knowles, Effie Porter. 

Laurir, Alice Mary. 
Leonard, Esther Harriet. 
Lewin, Alice Amanda. 

MacDonald, Christine. 
MacDonald, Melda Fletcher. 
MacDonald, Vernice Pearl. 
MacGeorge, Helen Madeline. 
MacKenzie, Florence Hamilton. 
McCrea, Catherine Helena. 
McLaughlin, Mary Magdalen. 
Mason, Etta May. 

Milton, Margery Blanche. 
Morrison, Esther Hill. 
Morse, Ruby Marion. 
Mulligan, Mary Elizabeth. 
Murphy, Agnes Clare. 

Parker, Caroline Pollard. 
Pawlowski, Anna Mary. 
Perkins, Bertha May. 
Perkins, Marion. 
Perkins, Rachel Emily. 
Price, Mae Irene. 

Quinn, Elizabeth Clotilda. 

Rand, Daisy Sangster. 
Raper, Susan. 
Ricker, Hazel Estelle. 
Robinson, Lucy Cherille. 
Ross, Mary Aitken. 
Russell, Maud. 

Smith, Mary Ann. 
Smith, Robina. 
Sonne, Eleonora Marie. 
Steele, Frances Mitchell. 
Stewart, Stella Louise. 
Stobo, Ada Jean. 
Sweetland, Carrie May. 

Tobin, Mary Cecilia. 
Trull, Laura D. 

Waldron, Gladys Hathaway. 
Welling, Ono Foss. 
White, Josephine Helena. 
Wiggin, Josephine Maude. 
Wood, Sadie Ethel. 

Names of Non-graduate Nurses registered on Examination, Oct. 10, 1911, 

Arnold, Susan Weeks. 
Bowman, Genevieve Esther. 
Carll, Carolyn Young. 
Grill, Lorentzo George. 

Jolly, Roberta Murray- 
Porter, Ella Eliza. 
Snelgrove, Alberta. 
Sweeney, William Shields. 

Respectfully submitted, 

MARY M. RIDDLE, Chairman. 
EDWIN B. HARVEY, Secretary.